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Drama Queen: Why Queen Beds Are So Popular Nowadays?

Drama Queen: Why Queen Beds Are So Popular Nowadays?

The  queen size  choices offer the ideal balance of comfort, affordability, and convenience. The proportions of queen bedding would provide adequate room for couples to cuddle and have their private place. In nearly nine out of ten random rooms in contemporary homes, a queen-size bed is neatly positioned for one side, whereas the opposing wall is ornamented with a wardrobe and a vanity desk. Also, with the area, they offer good value.

What are queen beds?

Common mattresses that can accommodate at most two individuals include queen bed sizes. Various  double bed mattresses  are available in the market to suit a queen bed size.  Explore  Doctor Dream  mattresses for your  queen bed size.  Queen-size bedding is perfect for shared spaces and more extensive living areas (like master bedrooms). Given below is necessary information on queen size bed.

What Are a Queen Bed's Dimensions?

The standard queen dimensions are 60 inches by 80 inches, or 5 feet by 6 feet, 8 inches. Due to their size, queen beds seem to be the most common bedding alternative. People who live in apartments and other small spaces often prefer queen-size beds.  Buy  Doctor Dreams  bed options.

Why is a queen-size bed necessary?

  • It improves room aesthetics: Queen-size beds have a variety of backrest patterns that liven up your bedroom's decor.
  • For a pair, it is adequate: Just one size separates them from the  double bed mattress.  Queen-size beds  provide the ideal area for couples to rest peacefully, measuring 5 feet in breadth and 6.67 feet in length.

Why else do Indians choose queen-sized beds?

It has a reasonable price: Queen beds size  are much more common in Indian homes due to their affordable price and attractive design.

  • Fit in small spaces: Queen-size beds  require the appropriate floor surface to accommodate additional bedroom furnishings. Queen-size beds have elaborate designs, but they don't have any extraneous frills that take up extra floor area. Queen-size beds are substantially smaller as a result, and it thus has a competitive advantage over larger king-size ones. 
  • Given storage options: Queen-size beds  include pneumatic storage space, enabling the user to support many objects that are not necessities for everyday use. Storage facilities are now a required addition besides mattresses

Why is it simpler to use a queen-size bed?

  • They are simple to put back together: Queen-size beds are designed to be quickly dismantled and rebuilt, requiring a contractor's aid.
  • These are more portable and lightweight: These little furniture pieces are significantly smaller than king-size mattresses, making them simpler to move, hoist, and store.
  • Queen-size beds, cushions, and sheets are much more prevalent: The accepted size in the business is queen. Because of this, the market has plenty of mattresses, pillows, and bed linens in their precise sizes. King-size beds have far fewer possibilities, which one must make do with.  Check out  Doctor Dreams  double bed mattresses for more comfort.

Five things to think about before purchasing a queen bed

While buying queen bed size,  take into account the following aspects 

  1. Inhabitants: If you want to use the bed solo, a smaller bedding, such as a single XL or half bedding, should suffice. Nevertheless, you might consider getting the more oversized queen-size bedding when sharing the bed with a spouse, a kid, or a canine. Consider an even more oversized bedding, such as a king-size or Californian king, if you want to share the bedroom with more than one individual or canine.
  2. Sleeping preferences: Everybody has a varied choice for the amount of room they like to sleep in. Individuals who already are over 6 feet, 2 inches and those who need more space to move around or straighten out while they sleep should go for queen-sized mattresses (or bigger). Try getting a king-size bed rather than considering the queen-sized one to fit two or several individuals with bigger bodies or who like more room while resting.
  3. The size of the room: Queen-size beds are frequently suggested for rooms that are at minimum 120 inches by 120 inches in length. Purchasing a queen bed for such a tiny room might take up additional space to make moving bedroom furnishings difficult. 
  4. Frames dimensions: Some queen bed frameworks are 3 to 5 inches broader than the mattresses to provide proper support. Panel bed platforms, sleigh beds, solid wood platforms, footboards or headboards (mainly embroidered headboards), trunk beds, upholstery beds, wingback beds, hefty bed frames, and station bed frames are just a few examples of bed frames that take up a lot of space or add greater apparent weight. If you have limited space, you might purchase a platform for your queen bedding nearer to the bedding size, such as a thin steel frame, a rail frame, or a limited-size wood slat structure.
  5. Guests' bedrooms: A  queen-sized bed  is a great option for guest bedrooms since it fits easily in a small space and is big enough to hold a range of guests, including individuals, partners, and those who wander around while they rest.


Whenever it comes to bed size, there isn't just one ideal option because it depends on the person's preferences, available room, and personal preference. Nevertheless, the size best fits your body shape, and room size is advised. Capacity would not be an issue because the proportions of a queen-size bed can readily work in the ordinary Indian household; instead, the decision comes down to preference.

The most common option for customers is a  queen-size bed  since it has enough area for two individuals to sleep comfortably, is long enough for an individual of medium height, and yet leaves room in the bedroom.  Explore Doctor Dreams  if you wish to buy beds or mattresses of any size.

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