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Save Your Wooden Furniture From the Shocks of Monsoon With These Tips and Tricks

Save Your Wooden Furniture From the Shocks of Monsoon With These Tips and Tricks

The calming pitter-patter of the monsoon rains brings with them a relief. The leaves shine, flowers bloom, and everything feels surreal around us when nature showers us with splashes of calming water. Our heart starts to play an exciting song, making us want to dance. And, with some chai and pakora in hand, the season becomes much more exciting and lovely. 

Sitting beside the window or balcony, sipping tea, indulging in some hot pakoras, and gazing at the raindrops falling on the ground is what anyone needs during the season. But, the season of rainy beauty can be a bit tough for our favourite  wooden furniture  like beds, chairs, etc., which takes away a bit of the season's excitement. But do not worry; the blog will renew that excitement with tips and tricks to save your precious furniture.

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How to Shield Your Wooden Furniture from Monsoon Rains?

When you  buy bed online, you feel a different energy and excitement. Because  wooden furniture  is susceptible to water damage, you should take special  furniture care  during the monsoon. You wouldn't want your  wooden furniture  to be harmed by the seasonal rains because it is also expensive. So, here are some tips for keeping  wooden furniture  safe during the monsoon:

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Avoid Placing the Wooden Furniture Near the Walls

Even when there are no obvious leaks, damp walls harm your furniture. Therefore, keep furniture like  bed, mattresses, closets, and wooden bookcases and showcase units away from the walls. To keep it safe, maintain some space between the furniture and the walls, especially the  wooden furniture  in the bedroom and living room.

Move the Wooden Furniture Away from Windows and Balconies

Your priceless  wooden furniture  may get wet from the water coming in via your windows and balconies. Therefore, keep  wooden furniture, including  bed  away from the balcony, windows, and doors. Additionally, keep your wooden window frames dry by clearing away rainwater puddles.

Oil Your Furniture to form a Protective Layer

Your  wooden furniture  may swell because it will accumulate moisture during the monsoon. It generally happens in the doors and drawers of your  wooden furniture. The greatest defence against this is to oil your furniture or spray-on wax it to prevent moisture absorption and weight increase.

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Apply a Lacquer Coating

You might greatly benefit from polishing your furniture, including your  bed, once a year or right before the monsoon season. To prevent the tiny pores on your furniture from filling up with moisture, you can apply a coat of lacquer to fill them. Your wooden living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc., can live longer by receiving a coat of lacquer.

How to Dry Your Wooden Furniture After Rain

Here are some suggestions for drying furniture after rain damage, in case you are late to take the essential safety measures for your furniture.

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe any water spills off of your furniture. You might put on a glove to prevent stains when cleaning the water off the furniture.
  • Keep your furniture pieces like  bed  with water damage outside for fresh air and to get dry.
  • Check the corners of your furniture with a vacuum cleaner for any remaining rain particles.
  • Keep your wet cabinets and drawers open to air dry.
  • Dehumidifiers should be used to dry the wet furniture.
  • If the  wooden furniture  you own has upholstery, let it outside to dry or sprinkle some baking soda on it to get rid of odours.

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How to Keep Outdoor Wooden Furniture Dry During the Rainy Season

Cover with Tents or Covers

Use tents or waterproof covers made especially for outdoor  furniture care. To stop water from leaking, ensure the covers are big enough to cover the furniture and fasten them securely.

Move to a Shed

Move the furniture to a covered patio, porch, or shed during the rainy season. This offers additional defence against rain and dampness.

Apply a Water Repellant

Apply a sealer or finish that repels water to the  wooden furniture. This develops a shield that helps stop moisture absorption.

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Regularly Clean the Furniture

Regularly clean the furniture of dirt, leaves, and other debris to keep it looking good. Wipe off the surfaces with a moist cloth and a mild soap solution to stop the mould and mildew from growing. Before covering the furniture, make sure it is thoroughly dry.

Inspect Regularly

Check the furnishings from time to time for any indications of deterioration or damage. To stop future moisture entry, fix any cracks, splits, or peeling finishes as soon as possible.

Some Extra Tips on How to Keep Your House Dry

  • Apply water-resistant paint to the walls.
  • Add rubber mats to the entrances.
  • Clean up water spills.
  • Spray disinfectants onto moist corners.
  • Keep damp furniture and clothing outside frequently to dry.

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With the tips and tricks shared above, you can have  furniture care, including the  bed, safe from the splashes of monsoon and ensure that they retain the memories of this season and make you cherish them later.

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