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How often should you wash your mattress protector?

How often should you wash your mattress protector?

How often should you wash your mattress protector?

A good quality mattress guarantees good sleep. But the experience can turn into a disturbed sleep if the mattress is not maintained properly. Yes, even a mattress requires dusting, cleaning and washing at regular intervals. This increases your mattress life and ensures good health for everyone in the family. Though mattresses are protected with bed sheets and covers, many germs, allergens and dust mites develop over time that is not visible always with a naked eye. So, it is advisable to have a round of sponging or washing every one or two months for the mattress protector.

What is a mattress protector?

Mattress protectors are thin covers that go over your mattress like a fixed sheet. Mattress protectors help to extend the life of your mattress and should be cleaned often. Here’s how often you should clean it and how you should go about doing so.

When to wash your mattress protector?

Many people cover their mattress with the mattress protector and forget about it for months, but the fact is that the mattress cover needs to be washed at least in a gap of two months. Sweat, food particles, spilt beverages and dust particles in the atmosphere settle on the protector forming a layer of dirt that further invites germs and mites.


If you don’t wash it timely, you may suffer from skin allergies caused by dust mites, pollen or even your pet’s dander can make your skin sensitive to rashes and itchy skin.

How to wash a mattress protector?

You can wash the mattress protector in the washing machine in cold or lukewarm water on a gentle wash setting. Avoid using harsh or rough detergents while washing. Never put it in the tumble dryer, let it dry in the sun or indoors where it is warm.

Benefits of mattress protector available online

When you are finding a mattress protector online, do visit Nilkamal Sleep for a collection of comfortable bedding accessories and home essentials. Check the fabric, size and ease of maintenance while buying a mattress protector.

Nilkamal Sleep mattress protector is custom-made using microfibre and tencel fabric, that not only shields the mattress but also retains moisture in it. Being water and stain-resistant, it is easy to wash and maintain the mattress. Sizes available for Nilkamal Sleep mattress protectors - Queen- 152cm X 198cm, King-182cm x 198cm.


After washing the mattress protector, correctly place the cover back onto the core of the mattress. This is will cover the mattress evenly from all sides and keep it clean for a longer time.

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