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4 Important Reasons why you need a Memory Foam Mattress

4 Important Reasons why you need a Memory Foam Mattress

NASA developed memory foam in the early 1960s for the test pilots’ safety. It offered cushioned protection to the test pilots during flights and also made the airplane seats comfortable. Since then, the material is used in many products ranging from a pillow, footwear, mattress etc. But in recent times, the most common usage of memory foam is in the mattress, making your bedtime comfortable and relaxing.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has imposed people to stay indoors and therefore a comfortable mattress is a must to sleep peacefully after long working hours. So, how is memory foam mattress better than other mattresses available in the market, Let’s highlight the effectiveness of a memory foam mattress.

Here are the 4 important reasons mentioned in this article why you should opt for a memory foam mattress in daily use:

  • Relieves backache: A memory foam mattress provides excellent support and relieves pressure off the back, thereby providing relief from backache and a comfortable sleeping experience.


Hypoallergenic: Skin is a sensitive part of your body. Dust mites, fungus or bacteria in bed can cause allergies, rashes and itching. However, memory foam’s knitted stretchable fabric keeps these layers settled and protected from allergens.

  • Cooler surface: Thetop layer of the memory foam mattress is infused with a green gel, which keeps the mattress cool and cozy ensuring a peaceful sleep. Nilkamal Sleep multi layered mattress has a Green gel foam on the top that keeps the mattress pleasant throughout the night. It is a great feature for summers and for those having excess heat issues.
  • Spinal support: Human body requires the right support while sleeping. Especially, the neck and back areas are easily hurt if the bedding accessories are not comfortable.If you sleep on your back or sideways, then a memory foam mattress is ideal to support your spinal zone and prevent lower back pain and muscle stiffness.
  • These are the 4 important factors making it evident that a memory foam mattress is a good choice. 

    Memory foam mattress by Nilkamal Sleep brings in twin-layered mattress for ultimate comfort. Layers of thick memory foam contours as per the body shape and helps in relieving pressure points. 

    Know more about the benefits of Nilkamal Sleep memory foam mattress:

    • The top layer is covered with a knitted fabric that acts as a protective shield to resist germs and dust. 
    • Being a dual-layer mattress, it aligns the upper and lower part of your body, causing no discomfort while sleeping.
    • The solid PU foam structure is high tear resistance and waterproof. When it comes in contact with water, the top remains dry as the foam cells are closed and the water cannot penetrate.
    • Beneficial for those who sleep on the side as it enables pressure point relief. Not too soft, not too firm, memory foam is sag-free.
    • The key advantage of limited motion transfer minimizes the effects of movement. This causes no disturbance to your partner even if you toss and turn often.
    • Available at a lower price point as compared to organic mattresses

    Go for a trial! Nilkamal Sleep provides a 100 Nights Free Trial for its range of mattresses. Use the mattress and decide for yourself.

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