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Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Bed

Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Bed

When you go to buy a bed, you may get confused between king size and queen size beds. These are two standard beds people choose from while buying. However, due to a lack of knowledge about the properties of these two types of beds, consumers frequently make purchasing mistakes. Both  queen size bed  and  king size bed  have different features. You will have to know the differences between these two beds if you want to know which bed will suit you. In this article, you will be able to understand the significant differences between king size and queen size beds. 

Essential Differences Between King and Queen Size Beds

The various features of these  beds  can determine the differences between king size and queen size beds. Both these beds have been differentiated based on multiple factors, which have been mentioned below:

  • Dimension

Both king size and queen size beds are different in dimension. However, their dimensions vary from country to country. For example- the measurement of a king size bed is maybe 150 cm x 200 cm in the UK. On the other hand, it may measure 183 cm x 191 cm in Singapore and Malaysia. 

The surface area of a  king size bed  is 6,080 square inches, and the surface area of a queen size bed is 4,800 square inches.

  • Price

Both beds can be differentiated based on price. Since the king bed is more significant in size, its price is also higher. If you have a low budget, you can choose a queen size bed. It is advisable to prefer comfort over cost when selecting something crucial, like a bed.

  • When to Decide Between King-Size and Queen-Size

It would help if you decided between a king size bed and a  queen size bed  based on the size of your room and preferences. If you have a master bedroom and live with your partner and an infant, you should go for a king size bed. It will allow you to sleep comfortably by having ample space on the bed.

If you live only with your partner in a medium-sized bedroom of 10 x 12, you can buy a queen size bed. Even if you sleep alone, you can buy a queen size bed to sleep by enjoying the vast space.

Advantages of King-Size Bed 

  • You can enjoy more space while sleeping on a king size bed. 
  • More storage area inside the bed
  • It will provide good comfort to a couple
  • A suitable bed for a couple with an infant
  • Perfect for a master bedroom

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Advantages of Queen-Size Bed

  • Queen size bed is suitable for a medium size room
  • It is comfortable for a couple or a single person
  • Its compact size allows you to enjoy sufficient space.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bed

Considering some factors before buying a bed is imperative. By determining these factors, you can choose a suitable bed for yourself.

  • Size of Bedroom

Before buying a bed, you should measure your bedroom. It would help if you bought the bed per the space available in your bedroom. Even if you have a lot of room in your bedroom, you will have to consider the remaining space available after placing other pieces of furniture. It would help if you bought a king size bed only after viewing the available space, even after placing the furniture inside the bedroom. If there is less space and your bedroom is medium, you should buy a queen size bed.

  • How Many People Will Use

It would help if you decided on the size of your bed after considering the number of people using this bed. A  king size bed  is suitable for a couple and an infant. You can choose a king-size bed for two people if you enjoy more personal space. If you feel comfortable in less space and like to have a compact size bed, then a queen size bed is perfect for you. Queen size bed is ideal for couples, two same-age kids.

  • Size of Your Body

The size of your bed also depends upon the size of your body, and the height and size should matter when you decide to buy a bed.

  • Sleeping Position

It would help to consider your preferred sleeping position while buying a bed. You can buy a king size bed if you like to keep moving on the bed while sleeping. If you sleep still and rarely move in bed, a  queen size bed  will suit you. It would help if you considered preferable leg positions while sleeping.

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  • The Budget

You should pre-determine how much you want to spend buying a bed. If you have a low budget, you should buy the queen size bed as these are available at a moderate price. But, if you have a sufficient budget to buy a king size bed, you should go for it. If you don't have the  mattress, you should ideally buy a suitable one along with it. You may get a good deal in that case. 

  • The Location of Your House

If you stay in a rented house and need to shift from one place to another, a king size bed may not be suitable because you frequently have difficulty shifting. Since the size of your bedroom will also change frequently, you should buy a queen-size bed that will fit almost any type of bedroom.

  • Storage Capacity

If you prefer to store clutters of your rooms inside your bed, you should consider the storage capacity of the bed. Many people keep additional blankets, bedcovers, and pillows inside the bed to properly arrange the room. A king-size bed comes with a larger storage capacity than king size bed.

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If you cannot decide which type of bed will be suitable for your bedroom, you should consider the factors mentioned above. When you differentiate between king size and queen size beds, you can determine which bed will suit your bedroom. If you are looking for a bed, you can visit  Nilkamal Sleep.

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