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All You Wanted To Know About The Single Bed

All You Wanted To Know About The Single Bed

Made big enough for one person, a  single bed  is sometimes called a twin bed. Typically, in India, it would measure 6ft x 3ft and can fit snugly into smaller rooms. Commonly crafted from materials like wood, metal, or a combination, they are available in several unique designs. These include versions with/without storage, with/without headboards, upholstered options, and other convertible designs built to suit various preferences and requirements. 

Benefits of a single bed

One-person beds are great options for:

  • Multi-functional spaces

In regions where real estate comes at a premium, specific spaces may serve more than one need. You may have a bedroom that doubles up as your work nook or a study that doubles up as a guest bedroom. Functional furniture can serve the purpose without hogging the room space at other times. Single cots can work very well for such needs. When coupled with a  mattress  to match, you can be sure that you or your visitor has a great night’s sleep.

  • Reclaiming floor space

Is saving space a priority? Then a single-sized bed with storage would be a great option. Working similar to an Ottoman, such beds enable you to utilize the under-bed space for storing extra  pillows, bedding, off-season clothing, or other  essentials  per your need. You can choose from beds that use hydraulics or simple means to lift and open the storage space underneath. The hidden compartment helps to keep your spaces clutter-free while having everything necessary within arm’s reach.

  • Updating children’s bedroom

If your little one is ready for a promotion from the ‘kids bed’, having a compact yet large enough bed can do the trick. A standard-sized bed for one can be an option that can be the final step to their dream of a ‘big bed’. Great for older kids, this bed for grown-ups can be a great fit for a teenager’s room, giving them ample space for other activities- pursuing their hobbies, accommodating other paraphernalia comfortably or simply opening up existing room space. 

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Things you should know about the single bed

If you are considering a single bed for your home, know that:

  • They are not meant only for older children or teenagers

Sometimes these beds are considered options for growing children or teenagers solely at best. If you have doubts regarding their appropriateness for a full-grown adult, think again. At 6 feet and 3 inches, a standard one can fit the average adult (and most room spaces) easily. Also, if you prefer smaller spaces for curling up cozily or want to free up the room space and use it for work or play, a compact yet comfy bed can help you with all these! So, do not be in a hurry to rule out  single beds  just because you are a grown-up. 

  • But they can fit only one adult

If you have a partner with whom you wish to share the bed space, you should consider a bigger double bed. If you are hard-pressed for floor space, you could consider variants with storage. This way, you can reduce the need for extra bedroom furniture and fit a more comfortable bed that accommodates more than one person.

  • You can find many types

You can consider a hoard of other varieties of one-person beds, such as Divan beds, folding beds, day beds and many more. Many of these can be bought at a  single bed price. Diwan cots have drawers built into their frame, giving enough space to store bedding or put away things to keep your room tidy. With one of these, the room feels bigger, and you can be more organized too. 

Whether you enjoy the luxury of space in your home and have a dedicated guest bedroom or a room serving numerous purposes, you may want to consider a Day bed. Sometimes referred to as a sofa bed, these can be used as a couch or modified into a bed. Functioning as a sofa daily and bed at night, this does not need much ‘doing up’ when guests show up either. You need to add a layer of  bedding, and they will be good to go!

Finding a match as per your taste

Whether you are looking to furnish your new home or update your existing living spaces, you may consider a  bed  for several reasons. 

Smaller in construction and functional, affordable options like the  Striker Single Bed   are great for a single person living independently. Measuring 190 cm, x 91 cm can be a great option for a small apartment. Available in a White colour option, it can be pleasing to the eye while also creating the illusion of a larger space. This single bed may also be a good option for the elderly who like to keep it simple or do not move around very much. 

Read, rest or watch TV, set it up for an anti-snore position, experience (near) weightlessness, or lay it out flat as a conventional bed- the  Matrix smart adjustable bed  is the only one of its kind. This futuristic bed comes with five presets that enhance your comfort. Offering optimum back and neck support and varying degrees of elevation, this model comes with ergonomic settings that you can use to your advantage. Measuring 191 cm x 91 cm allows a height adjustment that varies from 43 cm to 59 cm from the ground level depending upon the preset. This adaptive masterpiece can be remote-controlled. Although this recliner bed may not fit the  single bed price  range, it provides several reasons for some extreme self-indulgence!

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The best approach to selecting a bed that’s ‘just right would be to base your decision not just on the design and space constraints but also factors in your health and overall comfort. The quality of your chosen bed directly impacts the quality of your rest. A  single bed  is compact in form and excellent choices for small spaces. 

Visit your nearest  Nilkamal Sleep  store, or better yet, browse through the entire range online at your convenience to find one that fits the bill!

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