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What Are The Health Benefits of A Memory Foam Pillow?

What Are The Health Benefits of A Memory Foam Pillow?

When you are browsing the internet looking to select mattresses online, Your main motive is to choose something that maximises your sense of comfort, Providing you with some good night’s sleep. Shopping online for a  mattress  means that you would receive your package in a box that is easier for shipping purposes and would be a great option to increase logistics and reduce the cost incurred without interfering with the quality of the product. With a surge in online shopping across the country, Buying mattresses or beds online has become a sought-after option. Still, you must also be aware of the factors before selecting a bed in a box or online mattresses. Browse for  various beds and mattresses available with unique designs and advanced comfort features at standard prices, available exclusively at Nilkamal Sleep by Nilkamal furniture.

What are Bed in a Box?

Manufacturers and e-commerce vendors have to ship huge mattresses or beds, which is not an easy task. Hence, to make the packing and shipping process easier for large mattresses and beds, without any kind of interference from third-party organizations, vendors and e-commerce dealers resort to selling mattresses and beds in a box, which is why you can experience doorstep and hassle-free delivery of your mattresses and beds within the prescribed time limit. But some factors have to be kept in mind while  selecting mattresses  and beds online.

The mattresses must be machine pressed, which requires manual work, to be fitted in a box. The structure of mattresses allows them to be machine pressed. Bed in a box also come with a removable zip cover, which prevents mattresses from extensive stitching, which could result in damage. Shipping can be rough, so a  mattress protector  like a removable zip cover is necessary helps to prevent the internal layer from any damage. Mattresses may take a long time to come to their actual shape since it is compressed and packed in a box, and most dealers prefer to sell mattresses in a ‘bed in a box’ since it is convenient and cost-effective. Buy mattresses in different sizes, with varied designs  at an affordable price, exclusively available at Nilkamal Sleep by Nilkamal Furniture.

Various Advantages of Keeping Mattresses in a Box

Having mattresses packed in a box have a particular set of advantages attached to it, which are:

  • It is easier for logistical purposes since mattresses are compressed and fitted in convenient packaging, reducing third-party costs and getting shipped to you without much hassle.
  • The  removable zipper cover  attached to the bed is washable, preventing any harmful dirt or dust from seeping toward your mattress. Although the bed would require regular washing, you can place your bed towards the sun from time to time to ensure it remains of sound quality.
  • Bed-in-a-box mattresses are considered to be cheap since they don’t have extra features to increase the durability of the product, which helps in cutting down costs to a large extent.
  • Bed-in-box mattresses usually come with a trial period, which enables the consumers to reassure themselves that there are zero compromises on the quality of the product. Shop for  amazingly curated mattresses that provide you with the plush of luxury and comfort at steal deal prices, available exclusively at Nilkamal Sleep by Nilkamal Furniture.

Disadvantages of Keeping Mattresses in a Box

Despite its own set of advantages, there are lots of disadvantages also attached to keeping mattresses in a box, which are:

  • The rolling and folding of the mattresses to compress them may damage the material, mainly when the raw material or fabric used is of substandard quality.
  • Most mattresses come with a zipper cover to protect them. There is no other kind of  mattress protector  used to dispel any additional quilting in the upper comfort layer of the mattresses.
  • Since bed-in-box mattresses are cheap, there might be instances of usage of inferior quality material in the production process, which would alternatively affect its durability.
  • If low-quality materials are used to develop mattresses, there are chances that it might be low in terms of comfort level, and constant usage of such beds might result in frequent body aches and pains.

Our Tip:  it is always recommended to select luxury mattresses if you are looking for something durable that provides you with a premium level of comfort. Check out a  wide range of bed options with unique designs  exclusively at Nilkamal Sleep By Nilkamal Furniture.

When Should You Buy a Bed in Box Mattresses?

You can select a bed in a box  mattress  when you have clarity of thought and requirements related to the following factors:

  • If you have a tight budget, try upgrading and going for luxury mattresses since there should be no comprises on comfort even if you have to spend a few bucks more.
  • When relocating within a brief period, mattresses in a box could be ideal in this situation since it won’t let you compromise on  comfort.


New mattresses could bring about a change in sleeping patterns or the extra amount of comfort and luxury you were missing previously. Getting a bed in box mattresses would be a specific upgrade, and you can  shop for  luxury mattresses, orthopaedic or any other kind of mattresses available online, with a large variety in terms of designs and patterns that meets your requirements at prices according to the industry estimates, exclusively from  Nilkamal Sleep  by Nilkamal Furniture. You can order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery within the prescribed time.
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