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Importance of Choosing Orthopaedic Mattresses

Importance of Choosing Orthopaedic Mattresses

Athletes who sustain injuries with their sporting activities are also among those who have long-term effects. Seniors with various joint pains need special remedies without any side effects. 

You must pay attention to the pain when it is still in the beginning stages to avoid the long-term effects. Getting an  orthopaedic mattress  and sleeping on it will help control the pain and relieve it. Learn about the benefits of sleeping on this mattress and procure it from Doctor Dreams. The  orthopaedic mattress price  varies according to the size and make. Buy the mattress at the latest and be free from that nagging pain soon. 

What is An Orthopaedic Mattress?

The term 'orthopaedic' means relating to the body's bones, spine and muscles. Hence an  Orthopaedic mattress  refers to a mattress that gives support to the various joints of the body. Since the spine, neck and other bones are adequately supported, the body's posture is well maintained. So, this mattress is preferred by those with joint pains recovering from surgeries and seniors with arthritis and related illnesses. 

Benefits of orthopaedic mattresses

Once the benefits of sleeping on an orthotic mattress are experienced, no longer will one resort to sleeping on any other  mattress  variety. The significant benefits of an orthotic mattress are listed below.

1) Decreases back pain

The outstanding satisfaction of sleeping on this mattress is that back pain is eased incredibly, and any  joint and spine stiffness is relieved  smoothly along with any aches. The different joints in the body are soothed from pain like the hips, shoulders and knees, and pressure points in these locations are comforted remarkably. Since the mattress structure conforms to the sleeper's body shape, the spine is protected from curving in any harmful manner. Especially for those individuals who suffer from joint-based illnesses like arthritis or spondylosis, a mattress is an ideal option. Sleeping hours are considerably increased, and quality sleep is now easily attained. 

2) Better posture

With the regular use of an orthotic mattress, the posture of one suffering from bone or muscle-related illnesses is improved. Sleeping on this mattress will ultimately straighten the gait and increase the comfort level of those with difficulty walking. Aches or pain of any type is decreased with everyday use of this mattress. 

3) Cools the body

The orthotic mattress is constructed so that the foam structure has an open cell pattern. This allows the air to pass through and thus cools the body down. No body heat is retained within the mattress, and the advantage of sleeping with minimum pain in the body also boosts the sleeping pattern. One can experience the cooling effect of the mattress in any weather, whether hot or cold. This is especially beneficial in humid weather as the additional body heat built up when sleeping quickly dissipates. 

4) Improved spinal alignment

The alignment of the body shapes the spine significantly with the orthotic mattress when sleeping is remarkable. The body's shape emerges into the softer part of the mattress. The lighter body parts are well supported, and the heavier parts have a firm base to adhere to. A transition layer within the mattress for zonal separation aligns the spine naturally. This is proved by the long-term improvisation of the gait of a person who uses this type of mattress. 

5) Top-quality sleep

Sleeping on an orthotic mattress imparts  improved sleep patterns with time.  Since problems like pains and aches are tackled with regular usage of these mattress varieties, more profound sleep is induced. You can now experience good quality sleep by resting on such a mattress, which is especially beneficial for those who need to be very active the next day.

6) Uniform dispensation of weight

The weight of the body gets distributed evenly throughout the mattress when rested. This relieves the pressure felt on the heavier body parts like the hips, back and shoulders. The body relaxes and allows one to sleep without any disturbance. Since the orthotic mattress is firm in the centre and softer towards the lower foot and top head regions, there is a more levelled weight distribution. Especially since the head and foot parts of the body are lighter than the torso itself, the weight gets balanced evenly.

7) Super comfortable

The elevated comfort experienced when sleeping on an orthotic mattress is highlighted when the results are shown. Acceptable sleep durations and decreased pains or muscle ache only point to the fact that this mattress variety is the one to sleep on. With more comfort comes improved sleep timings, and with better sleep comes a healthy body. If you want the utmost comfort, look no further and invest in an orthotic mattress from Doctor Dreams today. 

8) Durable design

An orthotic mattress is  ergonomically designed  to lower the pressure felt on the body when rested upon. The unique layers of foam and high-quality materials used to construct the mattress make it durable for seven to ten years at least. 100% Polyurethane foam is a lightweight yet durable material used in mattress varieties. No springs are involved in the construction of this mattress, so there is no wear out of springs or creaking resulting from long-term usage. 

9) Minimum motion shifting

With an expertly designed layered body, the orthotic mattress is tremendously helpful when having a fidgety partner in  bed.  The tossing movements from the person sleeping beside are minimized as the motions do not get transferred easily. 


The best bedroom or weather to sleep in can be utterly useless if the sleeping surface is uninviting to a person. Especially for a senior person who has trouble falling asleep due to pains and aches in different body parts, an orthotic mattress is immensely beneficial. The mattress relieves pressure experienced in the joints and heavier body parts. An overall medium softness provided in the mattress brings about good quality sleep and a well-rested body.  Check out  the orthotic mattress types available on  Doctor Dreams  online and make your purchase today. The  orthopaedic mattress price  depends on the mattress's measurements and thickness.

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