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Features that can Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Mattress Types and Features that will help you get better sleep

Many points are considered while thinking about why a person sleeps after a long time. This has got to do with adolescents and evening people who think they can be productive at night. It is significant for people to explore now to find the chronotype in order to have solutions for relief from lack of sleep. People can chalk out about a mattress in a market to know if it provides relief to some people who sleep less.  

The following about some springs that can be of help to parents, teenagers and older adults:

  • Hybrid 

Ease of movement across the surface is guaranteed for adolescents. The comfort layer comprises wool that creates a soft, plush surface, and latex in the springs extends moderate body contouring. The hybrid springs bring a balance between contouring and support appreciated by side and back sleepers. This is comfortable for sleepers who run hot, wool does not trap heat, and air circulates within the bed owing to coils.     

  • Innerspring 

The comfort system of it features a layer of adaptive foam and without sinking too much. Stomach and hips of teenagers get a fine support due to the presence of innerspring coils. Thick foam layers are suitable for optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief. Side sleepers with soreness in the shoulders and hips can opt for such springs.   

  • Latex 

Such springs are a choice of eco-conscious individuals besides senior citizens. It comprises a flippable design, and on each side lies a distinct feel. The designs with zoned layers provide augmented bodily support., and ventilated latex layers having small perforations let airflow throughout the springs.

  • Memory Foam 

A best gel memory foam mattress is a better option for senior citizens as it is firmer and cools down the surface temperature. The springs are infused with memory foam and inserted both at the top and below portion of the springs. It is equipped with green gel technology which is organic without any volatile component inside. The rebounded foam makes it bouncier and has a lesser response time.     

  • Memory Foam Twin Mattresses 

This is a cosy blend of firm and plush meant for tiny tots to move around in it. Parents need not worry about the transition of their tiny tots from a bed into a twin. It is equivalent to softer mattresses as it easily conforms to the shape of their bodies. It holds in motion and isn’t as noisy as mattresses with coils.   

  • Gel Memory Foam Mattresses  

Neck, shoulder, back and hip receives relief from pain by ergonomic mattresses. These gel mattresses ensure break-free sleep for the comfort associated with them. Spine of parents and couple are balanced and stays in its natural shape. It has a zero-partner disturbance facility that doesn’t disturb a partner when someone turns and does movements in the bed.

The Sleepers and The Springs

Check out for some mattresses in Nilkamal Sleep that endear themselves to different types of sleepers:

  • Back Sleepers 

They can have unnecessary tension at the shoulders and lower back. The softest and the firmest mattresses are suitable preferences for a back sleeper. Hybrid mattresses will help to lift and set the spine in a neutral alignment.  

  • Side Sleepers  

Deep pressure relief at the shoulders and hips is a requirement of side sleepers. A soft bed comes in handy for such a category of sleepers as they exert much force on their joints in the night. A number of mattresses claim to bring forward relief from shoulder and hip pain but memory-foam mattresses are right known for deep-body contouring.  

  • Stomach Sleepers  

They are just the opposite of side sleepers, and their requirements are ultra-firm mattresses lifting hips in line with shoulders. A bed with super supportive foundations with thin comfort layers that cushions firmness. They suit hybrid and innerspring mattresses that mix well with coil sections and pillow tops.   

  • Combo Sleepers  

It is a popular sleeping style and the mattresses need to be able to provide back, side and stomach comfort. A typical balance in medium-firm mattresses is struck between pressure relief and support which goes well with combo sleepers. Buoyant latex and hybrid mattresses are the matches for such sleepers to adjust positions with ease.

Technology and Springs 

Technology has begun a transformation in the market of mattresses in India. Some technologies have been developed to increase a man’s productivity and improve health. 

  • Hybrid Version  

It is a hybrid version of two reputed mattress technologies, memory foam and innerspring. All categories of sleepers can go for them whether the sleepers are sideways, flat on the back or on the tummy. Memory foam gives out pressure relief while innerspring provides sound sleep.  

  • Owner can Control  

The temperature and the elevation of the springs can be controlled by remote control. During different temperature needs with a partner, it allows varied temperature. If the owner is too exhausted, it can also massage the person.  

  • Blends with Body Temperature  

Some mattress absorbs excess body moisture and reduces humidity. The 3D cover in it manages the micro-climate whenever a person sleeps.  

  • Watches Your Back 

Flanging and Hoggering technology associated with some mattresses work with a person with a specific back ailment. The back and spine get support and a person can maintain a comfortable posture. 

  • Organic  

There are mattresses available for consumers made of organic materials – bio-cotton and eco-latex. They are anti-microbial, dust and mite resistant.


Buy mattresses online for consistent sleep for brain function and physical health. Get a sleep free from soreness and stiffness the next morning. 

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