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Invest In The Perfect Bed This Diwali: A Guide To Help You Choose!

Invest In The Perfect Bed This Diwali: A Guide To Help You Choose!


Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping and dreaming. We all yearn to be cuddled in our comfortable bed at the end of the day. The right  bed  ultimately affects our daily attitude and productivity and helps us begin our day in the right mood after a sound sleep. 

Sleep is more than a quiet escape; it ultimately affects our daily attitude and productivity. For this reason, getting a comfortable night's sleep is just as crucial for our health as eating right and exercising. Beds are an investment in our well-being and not simply another furniture piece in the house!

One of the most important purchases you can make for your home is a  bed; after all, a good night's sleep depends on it. However, with such a variety of beds available in the market, finding the ideal one can seem like a tough task. It can be downright exhausting to navigate the type of materials and marketing jargon, go through all the sizes and characteristics, and choose how much money you should spend.

Everyone has various sleeping demands and different stylistic, financial, and lifestyle preferences. With Diwali just a few weeks away, why not go bed-hunting and make your festivities comfier? Don’t forget to add a  bed cover  also to match your purchase.

While zeroing on your favourite furniture, you need to make some commitments and proper planning to have a long-term effect on you and your family. 

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Points To Remember While Choosing A bed

The long-term utility feature marks them as a commitment too. So, before you delve deep into the world of beds, check out the few things that you need to consider when choosing the right bed for your home:

  • Budget : The pricing thing helps to filter out options.
  • Purpose : Why do you need the bed? For the guest's room or the elderly parents, or your children?  
  • Space : It would be best also to consider space. Check out the area for the right fitting of the bed. 
  • Looks : Keep in mind the aesthetic factor. Beds can make or break the look of a room. Before you choose the bed, visualize it in your room with the colour and everything in mind- the whole picture!  

Types of bed

Continue reading to learn about the many  bed  styles, from storage needs to issues with personal space.

Single Bed

Single beds  are classic, functional, and highly flexible. They are ideal for developing toddlers because they allow for simple customization. For instance, in a shared bedroom, they could be arranged side by side or separated along the walls. They are well-liked in dormitories, hotels, and other places because of their adaptability.

Therefore, you have ample area that might be used better, whether you want to outfit the primary or spare bedroom with a single bed. A single bed can also be utilized as a diwan in your living room, making it the ideal place for reading and sunbathing, particularly in the winter.

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Double Bed

Double beds provide essential space for people who prefer having room to move around, even while sleeping. Also, double beds are ideal for growing children and adults who feel that king-size mattresses are too large.

You might also choose a double bed with shelving or storage along its headboard if you don't have side tables in your bedroom or have too many trinkets.

King size bed

We are confident that you are familiar with the proverb ""To sleep like a king."" You may make sure you and your partner have a restful night's sleep after a long, exhausting day by having a  king size bed  in your bedroom.

A king size bed can also accommodate toddlers or dogs who enjoy slipping in for some late-night hugs. A king size bed will add to the grandeur the room requires to be finished, especially if you have tailored it with just the best design and decor. A stylish king size bed may also greatly generate awe if your primary bedroom lacks that effect.

Queen size bed

The Queen size bed makes for a warm and comfortable fit for two adults, so there's no need to fight over the blanket while you're trying to sleep. It makes it possible to strike the ideal balance between solitude and community. 

The size ensures that the space is adequately occupied without taking up too much room. They are practical and may be utilized for guests, teens, and more. If in doubt, choose a stylish hardwood  queen size bed; you won't be sorry. You may easily and beautifully set up a place that will last by adding lovely linens. Never forget to buy a suitable  bed cover  along with your bed to complete your deal.

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Box Bed

The most fashionable technique to maximize space and utility is box beds. They are an advanced option for people of various tastes, and the added storage is useful.

Their angular frame also gives any space a contemporary edge. When your mind and heart are set on purchasing a box bed, you can also put your fears about a limited budget to rest. 

Bunk bed

Children who share a room choose bunk beds. They leave plenty of room for kids to engage in all activities that satiate their curiosity, including games, research, art and craft, and other pursuits. Even setting up and embellishing a bunk bed is a lot of fun.

These cool little beds have been given many new uses because of the urban lifestyle. They're also becoming popular among adults and are the top options in dorms and hostels. 


Beds are the best investment one could make- not only for comfort but for good health too! A perfect fit and comfortable bed ensures a good night's sleep and, therefore, good health. You can browse  Nilkamal Sleep  to get a bed of choice, as they will spoil you for choices. Follow the guide while choosing your bed for home, and sleep away!


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