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Doctor Dreams - Myths & Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

Doctor Dreams - Myths & Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

4 Myths & Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

There are a few things in life that we can’t help but debate on. Is IOS a better choice or Android? Who is a better cricket player? Is memory foam mattress good or bad? While we can’t comment much on other things, we can certainly help you with the myths concerning memory foam mattresses.

Myth 1 – Buying a memory foam mattress will put a dent in your pocket

Debunking myth number 1 – A memory foam mattress price is quite high. Well, that’s true, but just for some high-end brands. You can easily find a high-quality memory foam mattress at a reasonable price. The life span of a good memory foam mattress is approximately 10 years or more, unlike a traditional mattress, which lasts for 5-6 years or less. Now, decide for yourself, is a memory foam mattress expensive?

Myth 2 – Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like sleeping on a furnace

Debunking myth number 2 – A memory foam mattress is infamous for retaining too much body heat, making it too hot to sleep on. A few years back, this myth was a fact, but not anymore. A technologically advanced memory foam mattress is lighter and porous, making it easy for air to pass through it. A few brands like Nilkamal Sleep also use gel foam layer along with memory foam to manufacture a pleasantly cool mattress, ensuring a restful sleep.

Myth 3 – A memory foam mattress emits a foul odour, which will make you gag

Debunking myth number 3 – A low-quality, chemically-induced memory foam mattress will emit a foul smell, but that is so not true for a high-quality mattress. You should always check, whether your mattress is properly enveloped in anti-microbial TENCEL or at least have a knitted fabric or not to protect it from mites, fungus, bacteria and dust. So, trust us when we say, you do not have to clip your nose to sleep on our comfortable mattress.

Myth 4 – After a few weeks, a memory foam mattress will have more depth than an ocean

Debunking myth number 4 - Memory foam mattress sags after a few weeks. Well some mattresses do compress but not all. A mattress manufactured by Nilkamal Sleep has a pure PU foam layer, ensuring that it regains its original form without any dips or sags. After all, only an ocean should have depth, not your mattress.

Believe in memory foam mattress facts, not myths. Customers can enjoy a price advantage over Nilkamal Sleep range of mattress and furniture as compared to other sources online. Get great discounts, 10 years warranty, 100 Nights Free trial and Free Shipping.

Buy a reasonable, comfortable and doctor approved mattress from Nilkamal Sleep without any worry. Till then, Happy Sleeping!

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