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Is memory foam good for side sleepers : Doctor Dreams Guide

Is memory foam good for side sleepers : Doctor Dreams Guide

Is Memory Foam Good for Side Sleepers?

This article throws some light on what kind of mattress is best for you if you are a side sleeper.

Maximum people turn to the side sleeping position, that makes it a common sleeping position for most of us. Side sleepers sleep on either side but not flat on their stomach nor on the back.

Side sleeping is actually one of the most comfortable sleeping positions, especially observed in people who snore. Also, most women, particularly pregnant ladies prefer side sleeping.

However, in the long run side sleeping can become quite disturbing as it creates pressure points which can lead to pain. To alleviate this, sleeping on the right mattress is advisable. So, which type of mattress is the right one for side sleepers?

Clearly, not every mattress is suitable for side sleepers. Be cautious about your sleeping style, posture and comfort while selecting a mattress. A firm spring mattress would be too hard while a soft mattress will sink in too much, not supporting the spine. The best choice is to select a memory foam mattress that provides just the right support and doesn’t cause pain.

Memory foam material was originally developed and used by NASA for the comfort of astronauts. Later, it was introduced as a mattress for the masses.

Sleeping style of a person speaks about his/her personality. Here are different types of side sleepers:

  • Snuggers: Lovable personalities who like hugging or leaning on pillows and soft toys while sleeping.

  • Loggers: They are sociable and easy-going people who keep their arms down close to the body while sleeping.

  • Curlers: Sensitive and tough by personality, these sleepers curl up like a new born baby. If you see they sleep with their knees up till the chest.

  • Dreamers: These people have very strong senses; they feel very deeply. While sleeping, dreamers rest their chin on the hands. The posture gives an appearance of a Thinker.

A memory foam mattress works similar to a sponge. When pressure is applied, the memory foam mattress compresses and goes back to its original shape when the pressure is removed, much like a sponge. It is widely considered as one of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on.

Memory foam mattress by Dr Dreams, brings in twin-layered mattress for ultimate comfort. Layers of thick memory foam contours as per the body shape and helps in relieving pressure points.

Nilkamal Sleep Plus mattress also comes with a PU foam at the base layer of the mattress that rebounds back to its original shape quickly, making it more durable.

Still doubtful about making a mattress choice?

Go for a trial! Nilkamal Sleep provides 100 Nights Free Trial for its range of mattresses. Go for the trial, use the mattress and decide for yourself. Also, get the price variations for different comfort products like nowhere else. Whether pillows, mattresses or furniture, get a discount deal for Nilkamal Sleep sleep range all year round.

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