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Nilkamal Sleep complete Guide To Ecoair Latex Mattresses

Nilkamal Sleep complete Guide To Ecoair Latex Mattresses

Sound sleep is essential for our well-being. Therefore, it's no surprise a lot of emphasis is laid on quality mattresses. After all, a good  mattress  is equivalent to good sleep. And the latest vogue of the  mattress  world is the  latex mattress. However, not all latex mattresses are the same. There can be natural latex or synthetic latex mattresses and good-quality latex or low-quality latex mattresses, as good-quality or natural  latex mattress price  is higher than low-quality  latex mattress price. So, most people often choose the low-quality one compromising on sleep and other benefits. Ecoair latex mattress  is one such latex mattress made from natural latex and is economical in price. Considering all the benefits, sustainability, comfort and durability, it is a sound investment to  buy Ecoair latex mattress. Here is the complete guide to Ecoair latex mattresses with all the specifics and benefits. 

What Are Ecoair Latex Mattresses?

ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress  is a natural  latex mattress  offered by Nilkamal Sleep. It is made from organic latex sourced from selective rubber trees to provide a soothing and comfortable sleep. To offer you ultimate restorative sleep, it has a natural Tencel cover and a triple-layer mattress comprising organic latex foam, PU foam and soft foam layers. 

The soft Tencel cover fabric is cool and cosy to sleep. This mattress's 100% natural construction is completely free of harmful chemicals with the ultimate softness-to-bounce ratio. Advanced pinhole technology promotes easy breathability to make the mattress cool and comfortable. The soft foam and PU foam layers let you sleep in softness and provide sufficient support to your body. Ecoair latex mattress  is suitable for people of all ages with its orthopaedic-like support and comfort. 

Key Features Of Ecoair Latex Mattresses

Here is the ultimate guide with all the key features of ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses and will answer why you should  buy Ecoair latex mattress. These features will make you understand why the ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are a good fit for your family, and it's a good choice. Let's know them.

Natural Latex

The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are made from all-natural latex. The latex is collected from quality rubber trees, ensuring superior quality. Natural latex is more breathable and comfortable and has no harmful chemicals. Also, as they are made from natural latex, they are devoid of heavy metals, toxins, and volatile organic compounds and have fewer allergens. So, you can sleep peacefully, knowing you are sleeping on a healthy mattress. 

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Healthier Sleep Quality

With their ideal bounce, softness and body support, ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses induce natural sleep. Their body support and firmness help you sleep in good posture with reduced pressure on your spine and other joints. They also use advanced pinhole technology that promotes breathability and enhanced airflow throughout the year. So you sleep in comfort without feeling hot or crampy. All these features combine to improve your sleep quality, and you wake up fresh with reduced body aches. All these enhance your sleep quality and allow you to enjoy a healthier sleep experience. 

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More Sustainable and Durable

Made from natural latex, these mattresses are more sustainable and require minimum care and maintenance. They naturally resist mould, mildew, dust and other mites and bugs. Also, they don't harbour bacteria and viruses within their multiple layers. And have no harmful chemicals. With their enhanced airflow, they are ideal for all weather. So, concerning other mattresses, they are more sustainable and last much longer. They can even last upto 15 to 20 years. Once you purchase ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses for your home, you will be tension free for many years. Therefore, they are a good investment as you needn't purchase new mattresses every few years. 

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Body Contouring

The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses have three layers of foams-latex foam, soft foam and PU foam. Together these layers ensure when you sleep on these mattresses, you get cooling comfort and the perfect body support to relieve pressure points. These mattresses are the ideal combination of softness, comfort and firmness. These mattresses contour to your body shape and sleeping posture and bounce back to their original shape after you get up. Their softness lets you enjoy a comfortable sleep. And at the same time, their firmness ensures you sleep in the perfect posture to wake up fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are resilient to sagging and softening over the years. So, over the years, you won't experience lumps or lack of support in these mattresses. 

Size Availability

Nilkamal Sleep understands everyone doesn't have the same bed size, and even in the same home, there are different bed sizes. Therefore, the ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are available in various sizes- single(72" x 36"), double (72" x 48"), queen (72" x 60") and King (72" x 72"). You can choose the mattress size as per the size of your bed. With all prominent sizes available, your whole family will enjoy healthy sleep. 

Suitability To All

The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are suitable for all ages and all types of sleepers. From babies to aged people, they are equally comfortable and supportive of all age people. They are made from organic latex with no harmful chemicals, so they are safe for babies and kids. This makes them perfect for sick people and the elderly as well. Their natural buoyancy and resilience make them suitable for all types of sleepers. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper or sleep in multiple positions, you will sleep on them peacefully. 

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The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are the perfect combination of softness and firmness with excellent body support. With so many great features, they make the ideal mattress for every home to enjoy a healthy sleep. Enhance your sleep quality by purchasing  Nilkamal Sleep  ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses today. 

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