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Care Tips For Ensuring Long Lasting Appeal Of Your Striker Metal Bed

Care Tips For Ensuring Long Lasting Appeal Of Your Striker Metal Bed

A  striker metal bed  is popular. This stylish, elegant, and sturdy  bed  enhances the aesthetics of any used bedroom. Offered in two timeless colours, this  modern bed  is cohesive with any décor theme. The  striker metal bed  is available in various sizes, such as a  single metal bed  and a double  metal bed.  You can  buy bed online  in your preferred size and colour. 

As your  striker metal bed  is the focal point of your sleeping haven, you want to preserve its exceptional appeal for a long time. Read the care guide for expert tips for maintaining your  striker metal bed  for a long time. 

Expert Maintenance Tips For Striker Metal Bed

The  striker metal bed  is a sturdy and durable  modern bed.  This robust  metal bed  is constructed from premium metal and has an anti-rust finish. However, even a sturdy  metal bed  requires regular upkeep to maintain its appeal. 

Here are the best  Striker metal bed  maintenance tips for regular cleaning:

Regular Dust Cleaning

Dust and grime can be very damaging, especially when left to accumulate. In fact, dust and grime gathered in the nooks and crannies of your  metal bed  can turn to rust aided by environmental or other moisture. Rusting happens when the iron of the  bed  reacts with the moisture and oxygen in the air. Though the  striker metal bed  has an anti-rust coating, dust scrapes off the finish to expose the metal when dust gathers. So, to avoid dust from gathering, regularly clean your  metal bed.  To do so, use a nylon brush or a microfiber cloth. Don’t use a brush with harsh bristles, as it will scratch your  modern bed.

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Detergent For Stains

You should always clean your  striker metal bed  with a dry brush; however, sometimes, it can have tough stains or dirt marks. Don't use harsh cleaners to clean the stains or dirt marks. Use a simple solution of everyday detergent with lukewarm water. Mix a bit of detergent with water in a mug or tub and dip a soft cloth in it. Use the cloth to clean the stains. In case of tough stains that are resistant to cloth, use a toothbrush. However, remember to rub the toothbrush gently. Then, wipe the detergent solution with another cloth dipped in clean and cold water. After cleaning the stains, take a clean and dry towel and remove all the moisture. Ensure the  bed  surface is absolutely dry.

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Away From Heat

Metal can get damaged when exposed to heat. It quickly gets heated up, damaging the protective finish or the paint. So, keep your  metal bed  away from any heat source, such as room heaters and direct sunlight.

Avoid Abrasive Things

Your  metal bed  is sturdy and tough. However, abrasive objects can scratch it, damaging its looks. So, avoid cleaning it with abrasive objects or chemicals and accidentally scratching it with sharp objects.

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Prevent Rust Formation

Rust is better prevented than cured. Though it may seem rust is inevitable with a  metal bed.  The best way to keep rust at bay is to avoid moisture. So, immediately wipe away the moisture with a dry cloth in case of accidental spilling or during cleaning. During humid months, be extra vigilant. Keep your bed away from the window to avoid contact with rain.

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Immediate Rust Removal

With its anti-rust finish, it is hard for your  striker metal bed  to get rust. However, it may get rusted when not properly taken care of. When such a thing happens, ensure to take care of rust immediately. The sooner it is taken care of, the sooner you prevent it from spreading. Here are some easy ways to remove rust from your  bed:

  • White vinegar has an intrinsic acidic nature. Mix it with common salt and apply the mixture to the rusted area. Leave the paste for 10 minutes and then wipe it off.
  • For slight rusting, make a mixture of lemon and salt. Apply the mixture to the rusted part. Leave it for a few hours. Then wipe off.
  • Take a small piece of aluminium foil. Dip it in vinegar or water. Then, rub the aluminium piece on the rusted part. Then, watch as the rust vanishes.
  • Gently brush off the rust with sandpaper or a wire brush.
  • Apply wax paste to prevent the spread the rust.

All of the above methods clear the rust. To clean the paste, use a tough cloth or pad.

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Covered When Unused

Metal rusts regarding moisture and oxygen, both available in the air. When you use your  metal bed  and clean it regularly, it doesn’t get rusted. However, when you are away, your  single metal bed  is not in use, and it doesn’t get cleaned regularly, exposing it to damaging substances. So, when you are not using your  bed,  ensure to cover it up to prevent exposure to air. Use a tarp or any other waterproof material to cover your  bed.

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Regularly Check Joints

Regular cleaning is an excellent way to lengthen the appearance of your  metal bed.  However, along with the good looks, you must also ensure your  bed  stays durable and sturdy. For this, also check the joints, bolts and nuts regularly. Otherwise, you will hear your  bed  squeak or shake. For this, tighten the bolts and screws with a screwdriver. Then, to prevent dust from accumulating in the gaps of the joints, clean them with a brush and then oil them or spray a lubricant. Lubricating the joints will prevent any squeaks, and your  bed  will be stable.

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Regular care and maintenance of your  striker metal bed  is the best way to ensure its appearance and structure stay the same for a long time. Use these tips for the upkeep of your metal bed and enjoy the everlasting appeal of your  bed.  To  buy bed online,  visit  Nilkamal Sleep.

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