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Looking For Metal Beds? A Guide To Help You Find The Best

Looking For Metal Beds? A Guide To Help You Find The Best

Sleep is essential to rest and to support physical and mental development. Inadequate sleep hampers health and can lead to chronic diseases. While sleep must be given the top priority, at the same time, one must make no defaults while choosing the best mattress and bed frames (sleep companions ) to enjoy one's slumber party.

It is no secret that most Indian homes either have wooden or metal bed frames. Wooden beds are a great option due to their versatile style, texture, and comfort. However, metal beds are putting in tough competition with their unmatched sturdiness and durability. If you know your tastes and preferences, choosing a perfect  metal bed frame  wouldn't be difficult. One can easily rely on metal beds as they uphold an ability through which they can flourish in any environment, be it modern or traditional. Easily elevate your room by spicing up that plain mattress with one elaborate  metal bed design  crafted by mixing the finest metals we know. Still confused about whether a  metal bed  is a correct choice for you? Read through further, and we will leave you convinced that buying metal bed frames is one of your best decisions.

Pros of metal beds

  • Offers outstanding durability and sturdiness

The sturdiness of metallic  beds  is indisputable as metal, by nature, is very strong. Metallic bed frames can withstand heavy weights and movements and hence are ideal for families with kids who enjoy jumping on beds before they are off to sleep. They hold nil or negligible chance of breaking or becoming brittle and last longer than wooden bed frames.

  • A wide variety of designs

Due to the flexibility of metal, it can be moulded into any design and structure according to one's liking, which also makes crafting headboards and footboards possible. One can settle for a basic black or white frame to get a subtle, minimalistic, modern look. In contrast, others can choose from a contemporary, traditional rustic look or be creative and choose from intricate and sophisticated fairy-like designs. 

  • Cost-effective

It is comparatively easy to mould and put together metal structures while constructing a bed frame; as a result, they are relatively cheaper. Apart from its pocket-friendly nature, it requires very low maintenance as it can easily withstand humidity or high temperatures. It is also resistant to fire and not susceptible to pests and bedbugs. As a result, metal beds  are very economical.

  • Easy cleaning and fixing

It is difficult to remove stains from cloth-based or  wooden bed  frames. On the other hand, a metal bed frame can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Even if metal frames start rusting, all you need to do is apply a fresh coat of paint, bringing back its liveliness and lasting for a very long time.

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Cons of Metal Bed

Just like every coin has two sides, metallic bed frames inhibit certain backdrops. Like they can rust over time, metallic beds are bound to get creaky if they are poorly constructed or welded. Thus it is practical to choose a suitable furniture manufacturer with a sound reputation for a noiseless sleep experience. You can look for a suitable  mattress  also along with the bed.

What are Metal Striker beds

The metal striker beds offer a minimalistic style which helps to give a modern cum classy touch to your bedrooms. They are very strong and can easily bear the weight of mattresses. These bed frames come in two simple colour variations: white for simplicity and black for bold, and thus they can easily adapt to any bedroom decor. The additional perk of these striker beds is their raised platform, allowing better air circulation within the room. The space underneath can also be utilized as storage for any excess items that you want out of the way. Apart from keeping the insects, fungi, and odour from dampness out of the bay, the anti-rust solution coat over the metal prevents it from rusting. Thus these metal striker beds enjoy longer lives than other metal beds.

Size of the Metal Bed Frame

Before you start your search for bed frames, put much thought into the size of the frame. The structure should fit into the room easily, and there should still be adequate space to move around comfortably. For this, the length and width of the room where the bed will be placed shall be taken into consideration. Metal bed frames are available in three basic sizes: king size, queen size, and  single metal bed.

 If the room is small with a single adult or child to sleep on, a  single metal bed  is a smart option. If you wish for a comfortable bed space wherein you can spread and easily move around, a queen-size  metal bed design  will be your best call. This bed can easily accommodate a couple, two adults, or a family with one child. And when you are a family of 4 with two kids and own a huge bedroom space, don't hesitate to purchase our grand king sized bed.

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A bed that offers elegance, durability, easy mobility, and economical is undoubtedly the best bed to buy. Now that you have spent your valuable time reading through this blog and learned what benefits a metal bed has, then spend your valuable money only on metal bed frames from  Nilkamal Sleep  that are built to last. We assure you that you will be left with no regrets. 


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