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Trendy Metal Bed Frames to Select FromNilkamal Sleep

Trendy Metal Bed Frames to Select FromNilkamal Sleep

Modern or contemporary, artistic or traditional, a theme for your bedroom should complement the bed design. It should exude a cosy feel at all times within the room while looking aesthetic. You can try  metal bed frames  to add a hint of class and comfort to your decor. A suitable mattress can then be chosen based on your preference and is easily available online on Nilkamal Sleep by Nilkamal. 

Select a  metal bed  with or without a headboard and several other designs based on your preferences from the online collection at Nilkamal Sleep. Simple designs in a metallic finish are available at attractive prices. Read further to learn how to choose a suitable bed. You can scroll through and find out the pros and cons. 

What Do You Want Your Bed to Look Like?

What are some points to be considered before buying a metallic frame bed? Are there many designs to choose from? These are the obvious questions that come to mind when buying a suitable bed. The size of the bedroom is the first consideration since the bed you choose has to fit within the room and not wat up too much floor space. For example, for a  king-size bed,  the room size must measure at least 12 feet (length) into 12 feet (breadth). The bed measures about 6 feet (length) into 6 feet (breadth). 

The next step is to consider the size of the bed about the number of  persons sleeping on the bed.  There are different sizes in  metal bed frame  varieties, such as single, double, queen and king sizes. Whilst a single bed is for one person, a double bed, as the name suggests, is suitable for two persons to sleep comfortably. A  queen-size bed  is for couples who sleep with their kids or need plenty of leg room. On the other hand, a king-size bed is for families with 2, 3, or 4 persons sleeping on the bed. 

Various Designs in Metallic Bed Frames

After evaluating the size of the room and the size of the bed preferred, you can now consider the different designs available. The collection is vast with modern or traditional designs and some in between, and you may spoil one for choice. Some practical options to consider are listed as follows.

  • Modern Metallic Bed Frame Design

It is a low platform bed available in a single bed size in an iron platform shape. The low platform makes the bed appear larger and imbibes a modern look to the room. A headboard and a footboard offer easy convenience for decorating the bed. The straight metal lines on the footboard and headboard give an industrialist appearance to the  bed.  Iron tubing material is used for broader support and robust bed build. 

  • Traditional Metallic Bed Frame

It combines different styles, all built into a classic bed frame in metal. The bed frame has a large headboard and a slightly smaller footboard below. The headboard and footboard have a curving design on the upper frame that offers a warm homely look to the bed. You may use the bed to suit traditional, crude, commercial or diverse styles. Steel tubing is used to construct the bed along with solid iron material. It is an ideal bed for those who wish to decorate it with large decorative pillows like Boudoir and Euro shams. 

  • Artistic Arched Decorative Bed Frame

The bed is designed with an artistic arched shape with oval motifs joined to each other. The motifs are present on the headboard and footboard of the bed. The massive headboard and footboard give solid stability to the bed. Also, the platform is slightly raised, making it robust and sufficiently poised. It is made with a wrought iron metal frame that offers durability with an anti-rusting technology. 

  • Basic Metallic Bed Frame

This bed does not have any headboard or footboard and thus has a fundamental design. A ten-inch raised platform allows air to pass through for better circulation within the room easily. The space underneath may also be used as storage for any items that you want out of the way. The cost of this bed is reasonable due to its basic design. Also, no headboard or footboard makes it simple, and the design makes the bed structure durable with minimum maintenance. Explore Striker Metal Frame + Plus Memory Foam Mattress

  • Canopy Bed Frame

This bed has a canopy frame with support from the corner poles. The high canopy allows curtains or netting material to be added to the frame for an aesthetic appeal. The powder-coated iron used makes the bed durable and sturdy. There is a slight platform for easy air passage below for improved airiness within the room. You can decorate an industrial design bed with lacey curtains and frilly pillow covers. Adding decorative pillows like Euro shams will spruce up the bed's look and give it an artistic look if required. 


Choosing the ideal bed,  whether metallic or wooden, means it has to support the weight of the person using the mattress. A poorly-built bed is not durable, so one must ensure that the bed will be strong enough to bear the weight of the sleeping individual. A squeaking problem often arises with metallic beds, so choosing the right size is essential to avoid this issue. Whether a canopy bed, basic bed, artistic arched, traditional design or a modern frame, you can select the bed frame according to your preference. Since you can easily assemble metallic beds, resistant to fire damage, pests and high humidity levels, they are the beds to opt for. The downside is that if low-quality metal like iron, steel or wrought iron is used, the beds will squeak in time. So it is important to select high-quality metallic materials when choosing a mattress. Check out Nilkamal Sleep for strong and durable collection of metallic beds and buy a bed at the latest.

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