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All About Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress

All About Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress

The best part of sleeping on a mattress is that there is an even surface to lie down on. Now imagine if that  mattress  can adjust to the contours of your body whilst still keeping the spine intact. A  memory foam mattress  adjusts to the body shape regardless of the body measurements. It remembers the body dimensions and can thus be called a 'memory' foam variety. The mattress springs back to its original shape when the person gets off. It relieves the pain felt within the joints and aches in the body, especially in patients suffering from orthopaedic problems. 

'Ortho' in medicine denotes bones and the body's musculoskeletal system. An  orthopaedic mattress  is structurally designed for exceptional support to the musculoskeletal system of the body. The bones and joints are supported well by the  mattress  regardless of the person's weight and height. Getting complete sleep is one of the priorities for everybody, whether old or young. Besides lowering any pain experienced in the body, it helps the person get a fulfilling sleep pattern. 

Those facing any kind of back problem can get a good night's sleep on  memory foam orthopaedic mattress  varieties. Scroll through the different types of  orthopaedic mattress  available online at Doctor Dreams and  buy orthopaedic mattress  of a suitable type for you and your family. Use a  king size mattress  or  queen size mattress  based on the type of bed you have. 

Read on to learn about the different benefits of an  ortho mattress  and how to choose a  memory foam mattress. Some tips that will enable you to search for the best  memory foam orthopaedic mattress  for pain relief are explained. 

Benefits of an ICEFOAM Memory Foam Orthopaedic Mattress

Some wonderful benefits of an orthopaedic memory  foam mattress  are listed below.

Eases body pain

Sleeping on a good  mattress  variety is essential to get a satisfying sleep. If sleeping on a rough mattress leads to pains and aches in the morning, the entire day will be tiring for the person. Orthopaedic varieties of mattresses are designed in a way to relieve any back pain, arthritic pain, joint pain, body pain, etc. With an even alignment provided in the mattress varieties, the spine is kept intact throughout the sleeping duration.

Firm quality

The firm quality of the memory mattresses contributes to the support provided to the spine of the body when lying down. The firmness is distributed evenly throughout the mattress. This quality does not allow certain body parts to sink low into the mattress. Unlike some mattresses that will create an uneven surface when lying upon it, foam mattress  distribute the weight of the person evenly. 

Quality sleep pattern

Due to the pain-relieving quality of orthopaedic mattresses, one can experience better sleep patterns. Joint pain or pain in the back is expertly handled by the memory foam texture of the mattresses. Fractures in the joints, spinal column injuries, stiff neck problems, etc., are some types of injuries that patients can get relief from and sleep well. 

Keeps the body cool

The problem with some regular mattresses is that they do not allow proper aeration when sleeping. This leads to heat being built up and eventual sweating in  bed. On the other hand, memory foam-type orthopaedic mattresses allow efficient airflow through the mattress pores. This keeps the body cool and does not allow any sweating. 

No roll effect

The roll effect disturbs a person's sleep pattern on regular mattresses, however soft they are. This is seen when the person next rolls over and changes position when sleeping. The hollow space created when the next person in bed rolls over tends to allow the other person to roll into it. This effect is not seen with a memory foam type orthopaedic mattress due to the firmness of the mattress. The comfort experienced benefits from a good night's rest without any disturbance by the person sleeping next. 

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A good mattress must last for at least a decade regarding the money invested. Orthopaedic mattresses usually last for about nine to ten years since they are manufactured with durable materials. So investing in this mattress variety is a good idea which can be practically used at its cost. After all, nobody wants to invest in a mattress that will start showing its wear and tear effects after only a few years. Also, the money saved on doctors and hospitals due to the orthopaedic problems experienced is another investment. 

Straight posture

The extra firmness of the  ortho mattress  varieties ensures that the spine is kept aligned straight in bed. Unlike regular mattress varieties that can cause the body to sag within, orthopaedic mattresses allow the body contours to adjust well to the mattress surface. The body gets moulded into the mattress's firmness so that the person's posture is retained.  

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How To Choose An Ideal Orthopaedic Type Mattress?

The first point to be considered when choosing a mattress is the kind of material desired within. It is essential to select a foam type mattress with sufficient aeration experience, preventing any sweating, especially in hot weather conditions. 

The size of the mattress is another essential point to consider, whether a  queen size mattress, king size mattress  or a  single-size mattress.  Knowing about the other mattress varieties is essential too to making an informed decision.


Knowing about the best treatment for any orthopaedic problem faced by consulting a health specialist is the best way to start looking out for a mattress variety. Problems like spinal injuries, backaches, neck problems, shoulder issues, etc., can be easily treated by using orthopaedic mattresses. Make the best of checking out the features of these mattresses with online shopping from  Doctor Dreams  and  buy orthopaedic mattress  at the earliest. Also, check out the availability of a suitable mattress cover, pillows, bedspreads, etc.

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