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A Comprehensive Guide On 2022's Most Popular 6-inch Mattresses

A Comprehensive Guide On 2022's Most Popular 6-inch Mattresses

Comfort and a good night's sleep are associated with mattresses. To determine how comfortable a mattress will be, consider its height, properties, and thickness because factors definitely contribute to good sleep. Too thick or thin mattresses can lead to discomfort. There are several things to look out for when searching for 6-inch mattresses, and this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of them.

Can 6-Inch Mattress Provide Adequate Support?

Yes, definitely! When layered with high-density support, memory or comfort foam, a 6-inch  mattress  can provide adequate support for most people. If you are looking for a  good mattress for back pain? We can say you are doing right.

Are 6-Inch Mattresses Comfort Enough To Sleep?

Six-Inch mattresses provide enough comfort to have a sound sleep. You can have them as a single or  double bed mattress. Getting the proper layers is key to making six-inch mattresses comfortable. Low back pain can occur if your mattress does not provide enough support, and too much support will make the mattress feel stiff and firm if it is not balanced with enough comfort. The layers of a thin mattress must be balanced carefully.

Popular 6-Inch Mattresses To Buy Online In 2022

  1. Latex Mattress

Combined with soft foam, it provides maximum comfort and support. A pinhole design enhances breathability, while a Tencel cover provides a cool and comfortable feel. Latex mattresses  provide you with the most comfortable bounce and softness. 

  1. Orthopaedic Mattress

The orthopedics mattress provides joint support and is a  good mattress for back pain. Orthopaedic mattresses are typically recommended for people with neck or spine pain, those recovering from injury, seniors, and athletes. It keeps you comfortable and relieves pressure points, so you don't get pain build-ups. 

  1. Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

You'll enjoy the best sleep of your life every night with the  hybrid pocket spring mattress. A multi-layer  6 inch mattress  design provides extra comfort to this type of mattress, comprising soft foam, edge foam and a spring support system. 

  1. Lite Dual Comfort Mattress

A 6-inch dual-layered mattress made from soft, comforting materials ensures a peaceful night's rest. A dual-layered double bed mattress doubles your comfort level. Featuring two layers of foam, the  Dual Comfort Mattress  provides sleepers with two kinds of comfort. On one side, it feels soft and cloud-like; on the other, it feels medium firm and provides firm support. It is perfect for those who want a variety of resting surfaces (soft/firm). 

  1. Memory Foam Mattresses

Using polyurethane, memory foam mattresses  mould to every sleeper's position body heat. The two main types are traditional memory foam mattresses and open-cell memory foam mattresses. Conventional memory foam consists of polyurethane byproducts and closed cells that trap heat. With open-cell memory foam, the heat escapes as you sleep through spongy passages.

A  gel memory foam mattress  is the same as memory foam, except it has gel pods added to the top layers of foam. Your lower back and neck will benefit from these gel pods. Furthermore, they allow the foam to mould back to its original shape more quickly. In addition, to help you sleep cool, the gel also absorbs heat from your body.

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How To Choose A 6-Inch Mattress?

  1. Think of Your Usage

What are your intended method, location, and frequency of use for your mattress? All of us would love to sleep on a premium mattress, and if you're only going to use it occasionally, it might not be wise to spend a lot on a luxury mattress.

  1. Materials Used

Mattress materials vary in their benefits, comfort and levels of support, from high-density and latex foam to gel memory foam mattress categories. The build itself also makes a big difference.

  1. Mattress Price

If you go for a less expensive mattress, you'll get the lowest-quality foam (yellow foam with no support at all). If you buy expensive mattresses, you might have the best mattress, which will justify your spending. 

  1. Warranty

The strength of the company's warranty is a good indicator that it stands behind its products despite its limitations. In addition, it can indicate the quality of the materials used.

Common Types Of 6-inch Mattresses

  1. 6-inch Double Bed Mattress

When toddlers outgrow their cribs and need their bed, this 6-inch mattress provides the perfect transitional mattress. They are also perfect for single adults who sleep alone, especially in dorms or apartments. 

  1. 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress

NASA originally developed memory foam for use in aircraft. There is no surprise that memory foam mattresses rank among the most popular 6" options due to their unique feel, pressure-relieving capabilities, and unmatched comfort. 

  1. 6-inch Foldable Mattress

The folding mattress is one of the most popular 6" inch mattresses. Suitable for space-saving, storing, travelling, kids' sleepovers, and visiting family. 

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How Can You Use Your 6-Inch Mattresses?

You can use a 6-inch mattress as per your choice and need. There are a lot of ways to use a mattress, and some of them are,

  • Use it on a bunk bed of your kids
  • It can be used as daybeds when extra space is needed for sitting and lounging.


Many manufacturers overlook the unique challenges posed by 6-inch mattresses because of their thin build. There is often a compromise between comfort, support, and features in lighter designs. But you can find good 6-inch comfortable and supportive mattresses with  Nilkamal Sleep  online. You can find a nice deal of gel  memory foam mattress  here. Invest in a perfect 6-inch mattress to enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep from today.

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