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6 Calming Paint Colors For Bedroom

6 Calming Paint Colors For Bedroom

Bedroom colors that promote sleep

If you feel tired even after a good night’s sleep or stay anxious in bed even after installing an aroma diffuser, then along with the queen size mattress and light, the bedroom colours could be affecting your sleep. To get back your long and restful sleep, here are some best bedroom colours for sleep to choose from. These calming paint colours for bedroom are known to calm the body.

Colour choices are crucial when decorating any room, but it becomes even more important in your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you wind down after a tiring day at work and feel rejuvenated in the mornings. You invest in costly pillow and queen size mattress options for your bedroom. Colours and accents play a major part in your bedroom decor, and this should be a large part of your home decoration. Bedroom colours and your mood go hand in hand and set the perfect tone for a good rest at night. While some colours could be subjective, others impact each of us similarly. Here are six calming bedroom colour ideas. Explore them now to feel more zen.

1. Lavender

The purple and the light blue tone of lavender make your sleep relaxing and regal. However, it makes sure that you do not feel overwhelmed. A lavender art or a soft lavender background does the trick. Like the pretty blooms, lavender offers a calming effect in your bedroom and a dreamy colour scheme that impacts your sleep mood. The undertone of this colour promises you a great night’s sleep and a refreshed morning. Purple here stimulates creativity and makes you active, so you may want to avoid the harsh and strong shades of purple. If you wish to complement your lavender walls, choose off-white, grey or smoke. The muted version of lavender also adds plushness and royalty to its subtle beauty.

2. Yellow

The soft yellow shade stands out as a soothing colour. The soft variation of yellow is believed to be one of the best colours for your bedroom that creates a peaceful vibe. Yellow is also known to encourage relaxation and stimulate your nervous system. However, stay away from the vibrant yellow shades that trigger energy. Such strong yellow colours ruin the tranquillity and offer a disturbed sleep pattern, ultimately spoiling your sleep. So stick to a calming yellow for better sleep. You cannot go wrong with the buttery yellow shade as these easily blend with any shade of the furniture. Yellow in the bedroom indicates optimism, happiness, cheerfulness and joy, and these are the energies that you wish to sleep with and get up with each day.

3. Pink

Pink is tricky, but the right shade is soothing. The underlying red tone of pink is not preferred since these are bright and disturbing. Also, avoid painting just a single wall with pink, which does not serve the purpose. Sharp colours on your bedroom walls are not recommended. Instead, use soothing pink shades that are relaxing and create a calming effect in the room.

4. Orange

We also like the soft shades of orange. Orange depicts happiness and warmth, and we are not talking about the bold and darker shades of orange here. The lighter orange tone is warm and does induce sleep - instead, you can go with beige, tan and the calming beach essence. You can also choose terracotta and a brownish-orange hue. Beige is a soothing colour spectrum, and if you have a stressful and busy schedule, this is a great colour for a relaxing sleep. Beige is muted and perfect for your bedroom.

5. Blue-grey

The blue-grey is also a favourite for the bedroom colour ideas. These are quiet but strong and are suitable for organised and clean spaces. However, the dark blues overwhelm the space, but blue-grey offers a relaxing environment. Sea blue is an ideal option for bedroom colours since it effectively transports you to calm waterside sceneries and creates a serene environment. The softer blue colours create finesse. The hue creates a serene and subdued atmosphere, and it also works with a variety of furniture themes. Blue-grey is soothing, chic and smart, making it an additional choice for an elegant bedroom. Just make sure that the undertone is the same. A cool grey with a cool blue or a warm grey with a warm blue blend well. Check out this colour for your bedroom, and you are sure to like it.

6. Green

Green represents nature and gives a feeling of tranquillity and rejuvenation. The green colour is associated with renewal and good luck, and this colour enhances the look of your bedroom. You can add some leafy pots in your room to make the bedroom even more soothing. Green is a sleep oasis. You can choose from sage green, mint green, pickled green or emerald green. All of these green shades have their unique charm and are perfect to choose for your bedroom wall colour.


A bedroom makeover includes comfortable furniture and a queen size mattress that you feel is essential if your mind is always struggling to rest. A brilliant bedroom colour offers rest and also calms your mind. It gives your room the initial look and improves the way you feel. The fast-paced world today ignores the importance of sleep. However, we need a sound 8 hours sleep for our mind and body to function well. Stress and work deadlines make it difficult to sleep, and on top of it, if your bedroom is not well designed, it hampers sleep even further. The first step to a calming sanctuary is to choose the right kind of colours. This does affect your sleep quality. However, you also need to follow a proper sleep schedule and work on good sleep habits for a peaceful slumber. A well-chosen colour pallet for your bedroom solves all your sleep woes. Select from the about choices and buy a bedroom wall colour of your choice.

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