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Is it possible to put Doctor Dreams Mattress on any surface?

Doctor Dreams is a low maintenance mattress and it can be put on any surface. Whether it stays on the slatted frame, boxspring bed or directly on the floor it doesn’t make any difference. It is only important to keep the surface clean and dry.

Do I have to flip and rotate my Doctor Dreams Mattress to make it last longer?

Because of the layer structure of Doctor Dreams, it is not recommended to flip the mattress upside down. Even turning the mattress is not necessary but possible, since the comfort zone on the mattress is symmetrical. Even without turning, Doctor Dreams Mattress is especially durable.

How long does it take to adapt to the Doctor Dreams Mattress?

It may happen that your body needs to adapt to a new mattress, which can take from 3 to 6 weeks.

How can I clean my Doctor Dreams Mattress?

Treat your Doctor Dreams Mattress like you would as if your favorite shirt. The upper material of the cover can be washed at max. 60O Celsius, side and bottom material at 40O Celsius. Single spots can be easily removed with warm water and gentle detergent.

I removed the cover to wash it, how can I put it back onto the core of the mattress?

The core of the mattress needs to be located in an optimal position to ensure a functional structure. On the bottom, there is a 17 cm cold foam layer, that works as a supporting base. The cover is placed over the core of the mattress.

What mattresses do you offer?

We offer Max Cool Gel Orthopedic Mattress, Lite Dual Comfort Mattress, and Plus Orthopedic Mattress.

How much weight can the mattress and bed base handle?

The weight the mattress and bed base can handle varies based on the size and type of mattress. Typically, it can hold 500 pounds of weight.

Is the baby mattress cover waterproof?

Yes, the baby mattress cover is waterproof.

Can I get an extra cover along with the mattress?

Yes, you can get an extra cover along with the mattress at an additional cost.

Can I roll back the mattress?

Yes, you can roll back the mattress once you have compressed it.

Which mattress is best suitable for me?

We offer different kinds of mattresses, each with its own benefits. You can explore each type to determine which mattress best suits your requirement.

Which mattress is best for back pain?

The Doctor Dreams Max Cool Gel Orthopedic Mattress and Plus Orthopedic Mattress are especially designed to address back pain issues.

What is the difference between Gel Memory Foam and Latex?

Memory Foam and Latex are compared because they both contain foam layers. However, both the materials have different feels - Memory Foam has slow-moving properties and helps relieve pressure. Latex has a bouncier feel making it good for support for back pain.

I removed the mattress cover. How do I put it back on the mattress?

You can easily put the mattress cover back on the mattress just like you would any cover, for example, a pillow cover.

What is Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress?

A Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress is a mattress with the combination of spring and foam. It is designed for comfort and zero motion transfer.

Does the mattress have a removable cover?

The mattress does not come with a removable cover. A removable mattress protector can be bought separately.

Is the mattress soft or hard?

The mattress is soft.

What is a cool gel mattress?

The Cool Gel Orthopedic Mattress is made with three layers - a green gel foam layer, a memory foam layer and PU foam layer. This mattress is designed for orthopedic comfort.

How firm or soft is the mattress?

The mattress is soft enough to provide support to the back, neck and hips and ensures perfect alignment of the spine and joints.

What are the benefits of choosing a memory foam orthopedic mattress?

The Plus Orthopedic Mattress ensures the perfect alignment of the spine, neck and hips, which allows better sleep. Its PU foam layer ensures the mattress rebounds back to its original shape. It combines the benefits of soft and firm in one mattress.

How long will the mattress take to expand/uncompress?

The mattress will uncompress instantly once unpacked from the box and opened.

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