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essential oil faq

What is the purpose of a pillow spray?

The essential oil pillow sprays exist to put you in a calm state of mind.
It uses a mix of essential oils to disperse a flowery fragrance that reduces stress and prevents sleepless nights.

How to use this pillow spray?

Using our night mist spray is the simplest task ever.
After you make your bed, sprinkle the liquid on your pillow once. After that, let the aroma settle in for a few seconds and you’re done! If you want a stronger scent, then sprinkle another round, but don’t overdo it.
You’ll find the pillow spray guide/instructions written beside the bottle as well.

Which essential oils and flavors does this product contain?

This pillow spray for sleep is made using a blend of serene natural ingredients.
It contains elements such as lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, jasmine, and vanilla, which are the best essential oils for sprays.

Is this safe for children?

Yes, you can use this mist pillow spray for your kid’s bedroom as well.
It’s also paraben-, sulfate-, and silicone-free and contains no trace of alcohol.

Can I spray this on my body?

We advise against using this product directly on your body.
It’s designed to be sprayed on your pillow, but stay carefree as it’s completely harmless.

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