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aroma diffuser faq

How do I use an aroma diffuser oil?

An aroma diffuser oil contains healthy essential oils that are meant to be inhaled.
While you can smell it directly from the bottle, it is recommended to add it to a diffuser or humidifier so that it can spread to your entire bedroom.

Which essential oil does this product contain?

This wonderful aroma oil is made with an essential oil blend of lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, jasmine, and vanilla.
So, order it and experience this diffuser oil’s benefits today.

What are essential oils?

They’re natural and healthy elements that are extracted from plants and flowers.
Indulging in aromatherapy with essential oils before bed can put you in a serene state of mind and make falling asleep a lot easier.

Where should I store the aroma diffuser oil?

Knowing how to store essential oils is extremely important since a hot environment can break them down.
Hence, a cool and dry place creates the ideal temperature conditions for essential oil. Find an airy space and store it there.

Does this product have any health benefits?

Through the usage of our diffuser oil, you will experience better quality rest. This can positively impact your health.
So, get your daily dose of aromatherapy with essential oils by ordering this product today.

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