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Why Is An Adjustable Bed Your Answer For Improving Your Sleep?

Why Is An Adjustable Bed Your Answer For Improving Your Sleep?

Sound sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind too. You are irritated and grumpy the whole day when you wake up stiff, tired, and sleep-deprived after a restless night. You cannot concentrate on your work, physically and mentally tired; you want the day to end so you can sleep and rest your aching body. However, the next day is similar to the previous one. You again wake up tired and stiff after tossing in bed for hours. It could be due to many reasons. However, one of the most common culprits behind restless nights is your  bed. The fixed flatbeds don’t offer the option of adjusting as per your comfort for a better sleeping position. An  adjustable bed  is perfect for your sound sleep and a well-rested body. Sleeping on an  adjustable bed  offers you the luxury of adjusting its position for the best position as per your comfort. So, you can adjust it to relieve pressure off your lower back, support and lift your legs to relieve tension from your spine, and stay relaxed the whole night. You can check out the  adjustable bed online  to purchase the best adjustable bed. But first, let’s read ahead to learn about the  best adjustable beds  and their various benefits.

What are Adjustable Beds?

An  adjustable bed  is simply a  bed  with a motorized base with which you can adjust the head or foot or both head and foot areas for the best ergonomic support for blissful sleeping. The joints and the motorized base of the adjustable bed make it vastly different and better than an ordinary bed. Adjustable beds primarily have two major components- the sleeping surface and joints. The  mattress  rests on the sleeping surface. The joints help the base move freely into different sleeping positions. The customization of sleeping positions makes the adjustable beds superior to flat beds in improving your sleep. An adjustable bed is also called an  electric bed, folding bed, adjustable frame, or adjustable mattress. The  best adjustable bed are remote-control-operated with handy pre-sets for easy operation. However, there can be a few models that can be operated via a mobile app. The  adjustable frames  let you customize the beds not only for sleeping but for reading in bed, watching tv, or just working in bed. Therefore, your adjustable bed transforms into a recliner and back to  bed  with just a touch of a button. And its zero-gravity effect, where both your head and feet are elevated, is exceptionally relaxing. The best part is that they are suitable for all age groups. Some king-size  adjustable frames  come with the split option, so you and your partner have the freedom to adjust your side of the  electric bed  independently without disturbing the other. 

Benefits of the Adjustable Bed

Modern adjustable beds are stylish, long-lasting, comfortable, and beneficial. Purchasing an adjustable bed is a significant investment you make for your health and improved sleeping experience. Apart from a good night’s sleep, here are some other benefits of an adjustable bed:

Healthier sleeping posture

You are conscious of your sitting and standing postures. And ensure, throughout the day, to sit and stand correctly for a good posture. However, for a good night’s sleep, it’s essential to have a good night posture. Having a good sleeping posture is vital for your health too. When you use an adjustable base bed, it supports your spine’s natural curvature while sleeping. This is especially important if you are a stomach sleeper, as it reduces the chances of stiffness, scoliosis and strained muscles when you get up in the morning. It is proven that if you are not comfortable sleeping or physically discomforted, it will result in interrupted deep sleep. So, for uninterrupted deep sleep through the night, you need to maintain a healthy sleeping position and an adjustable bed ensures that. 

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Less strain on the heart

Traditional flat beds can only sometimes evenly distribute body pressure over the whole bed surface area. When you lie on a flat surface, you can pressurise your heart into working harder to pump blood into your bloodstream while taking in oxygen. With an adjustable bed base, you can adjust the bed’s angles. So, it promotes easy breathing, improves blood circulation and thereby reduces the strain on your heart. 

Easier recuperation

Sleep is not only meant for your body to rest and recuperate from the work and tribulations of your day. But it is also for your mind to rest and recuperate for the work of the next day. For people who have to do a lot of physical work or suffer from bodily discomfort or specific injuries, an adjustable bed is a perfect solution to help them recover. If you have issues such as asthma, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, cramps and heart abnormalities, then you can significantly benefit from the customised relaxation offered by an adjustable base.  

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Reduces snoring

If you snore, adjustable beds can help you reduce your snoring. As your body is angled into a more upright position during the night on an adjustable bed, your nasal passways become unobstructed. So it becomes easier for you to breathe. The elevated position allows better airflow into your nose, aiding in reducing snoring. 

Multipurpose usage

Your adjustable bed can be used for so much more than sleeping. It offers various positions, so you can use it for lounging as a recliner, adjust it for reading, watching television, or working on your laptop. All you need is to click a button to transform it into any upright or lying position you want. When used as a recliner, your head and back are relaxed against the soft mattress surface rather than a hardboard or firm wall. 

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Modern adjustable beds are an excellent investment for your home. They are multifunctional, long-lasting, and offer many health benefits besides sound sleep. Check out the  adjustable bed online  at  Nilkamal Sleep   for your home.

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