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Doctor Dreams Guide on What is a PCM Duvet?

Doctor Dreams Guide on What is a PCM Duvet?

A duvet is a light weight, fluffy bedding that gives good warmth to the sleeper. It is often associated with a comforter, however, the two are not the same. A comforter appears to be flat as compared to a duvet. Many buyers prefer Duvets  over comforters for the sole reason of easy maintenance and flexibility in changing style that can be done through wonderful duvet covers.

Nowadays, PCM duvets are available for use, typically for all season and not only in winters. Phase Changing Materials (PCMs) work to keep the mattress and duvets cool by absorbing excess body heat, keeping the temperature comfortable while sleeping.  

So here is how PCMs work:

  • As you curl up in a duvet to sleep, gradually the body starts releasing heat underneath.

  • PCM duvets react with their in-built cooling intelligence once the temperature reaches a constant level

  • The phase changing materials in duvets start absorbing the generated heat and cools down your bed

  • PCMs work well when in close contact to a body

The temperature control and heat absorbing capacity in PCM duvets is a boon for heat sensitive sleepers. Even though the body temperature fluctuates while sleeping, the PCM elements will flexibly adjust to provide a cooling effect. The cooling gel technology infused in pillows and mattresses also gives a similar benefit as PCMs but is a temporary solution due to its semi-liquid form.

The Development of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

NASA introduced the PCM solution to maintain extreme temperatures in the space craft. Temperature remained in control without the need of major heating and cooling systems. Gradually, PCMs started being used in the textile fibre industry and that’s how bedding/home solutions companies accepted PCMs in their range of sleep mattresses, pillows and duvets.

The elements of phase changing materials used in bedding products is in the form of gels, waxes or polymer chain links. These don’t melt even at a high temperature, keeping the cooling effect constant throughout the sleep schedule.

PCM products are useful and commonly used in <a href="" title="Doctor Bedding Accessories"> Bedding Accessories </a>. Hence, the price range is not highly expensive and falls between low to medium price category.

Nilkamal Sleep PCM Duvets

Nilkamal Sleep by Nilkamal brings a range of home solution products and bedding accessories. The manufacturing is 100% authentic backed by the trust and quality of Nilkamal Group.

Know why should you buy, available at a slashed Nilkamal Sleep PCM Duvet available at a slashed price 

These duvets are available in both single and double size

  • The PCM quality used in bedding accessories is set to absorb the heat and sweaty temperature

  • The PCM quickly reacts with a cooling effect, retaining the quality of sleep

  • Made of soft and breathable microfibre, the fabric remains long-lasting even after several washes

  • PCM duvets work well in all season and climate

  • Product Size - Single: 152cm X 240cm, Double: 220cm X 240cm

Besides, the flexible PCM duvet by Nilkamal Sleep, the brand has an excellent range of mattress, furniture, bedding accessories and home essentials. A 100-night free trial is also applicable on selected products. Visit the Nilkamal Sleep website to get access to the latest customer reviews, size guide, FAQs, store locator and the elegant product range.

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