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Are Memory Foam Pillows Better than Regular Pillows?

Are Memory Foam Pillows Better than Regular Pillows?

Are Memory Foam Pillows Better than Regular Pillows?

Having a right pillow is important for a good night’s sleep, isn’t it? Good pillows not only provide relaxation but also the right level of alignment to the neck. Some like hard and flat pillows while others enjoy sleeping on soft and fluffy pillows. So, the pillow choices are varied, which one is suitable is a subjective choice. Here are some trending pillows in demand nowadays:pillow

  • Memory Foam Pillows: This belongs to the firm pillow category, though it softens due to pressure and heat while sleeping. It is a popular choice of pillow currently because of the right support it provides to the neck and head area, letting you wake up without any sprain. The best part of memory foam pillows is that it doesn’t go flat like regular pillows, this reduces the scope of changing sides or pillow flipping. Memory foam pillows are good for those who have neck and back .

  • Regular Pillows: These are traditional pillows made of quality fibre material. No doubt these are comfortable and offer the desired support, but do not contour to your body like memory foam pillows. Prolonged used of fibre pillows can make it compressed and flat, causing neck pain. It requires air fluffing often to retain the softness whereas memory foam pillows bounce back to their original shape once the pressure is released.

Buying a Right Pillow – Foam Pillows or Regular Fibre Pillows

Reading online reviews and taking suggestions from your people is not enough to shortlist a right pillow. Consider your sleeping position, lifestyle, health issues or allergies, if any, to make an ideal choice that remains consistent in quality and durability for a longer time. Both basic pillows and memory foam pillows give a distinctive feel. So, at the end it entirely depends on one’s personal choice of comfort, either can be a great choice for a cosy sleep.

Nilkamal Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Nilkamal Sleep is a brand that understands the significance of comforting bed accessories. Pillows are an integral part of a bedding console and to provide maximum comfort Nilkamal Sleep brings an innovative range of memory foam pillows:

  • Memory Foam Pillow: The  Nilkamal Sleep memory foam pillow is available in three variants - Regular, Slim, and Contour. These are designed with a cooling gel technology that gives utmost comfort to the neck and spine, combined with a cooling effect. Some remarkable features of Nilkamal Sleep memory foam pillow are its natural anti-allergic properties, zipper cover for ease of cleaning, heat and moisture resistant and anti-bacterial properties.


    Slim, Regular and Contour Size: 60cmx38cmx10cm

    Price: Rs.1999, all inclusive

  • Bread Memory Foam Pillow: It is an absorbent pillow made up of plush Tencel threads and microfiber filling. The bread foam pillow is designed uniquely with twelve individual pockets that resists from forming lumps. Overall, Nilkamal Sleep memory foam pillow offers a cooling effect, good support and pressure relief.

    Dimension: 60 X 40 CM

    Size: 23”x15”x5”

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Pillow


  • The memory foam adjusts as per the body heat and pressure. It returns to its normal shape once the pressure is lifted.

  • Provides excellent support to the head, neck and shoulders in the sleeping position

  • In some cases, memory foam pillows prevent snoring. The neck and spine remain in proper alignment that opens air passages and reduces snoring.

  • Provides relief from pain causing pressure points

  • Memory foam pillows are made up of breathable fabric that promotes airflow and keeps the pillow cool while sleeping.


  • The comfort of a memory foam pillow may differ from one manufacturer to other. Hence, it is better to check the comfort level of different brands before buying.

  • Some manufacturers who still follow the chemical process to produce memory foam, leave a pungent odour while packaging. So, you may get the same odour during unwrap at times. So, check for the ones that are organically produced.

  • Those who are sensitive to allergic reactions should avoid memory foam pillows.

Pros and Cons of Regular Pillows


  • Fibre pillows are light and soft

  • Ranks high in durability

  • Inexpensive pillow as compared to other latest pillow types

  • Commonly used in many households


  • Requires air refill often, otherwise it goes flat

  • Absorbs body heat and makes the pillow warm, not a good option during summers

  • Lacks consistency in terms of support during sleep

So, it is not about inexpensive or expensive pillows. The one that gives maximum comfort with undisturbed sleeping is a good choice. Check the dimensions, product description, price and benefits of the chosen pillow type, before you order online.

Nilkamal Sleep memory foam pillows are fit for long term use and priced well to suit different budget types. All the specifications related to pillow shape, pillow height, usage and filling is given in detail on the website. Also, read the customer reviews for more clarity of the pillow quality.


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