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Tips to Keep Your Mattress in Top Shape During Winters

Tips to Keep Your Mattress in Top Shape During Winters

As the winter season starts approaching, one thing that nags everyone's how to maintain the mattress. 

Even if you buy best mattress online, the season may prove to be harsh on the mattress. Right? But no need to worry. The blog is here to let you throw all that worry. The blog will discuss some common issues that ruin the quality of your mattress. We will also go through some  mattress care tips  and tricks to keep your mattress clean during the whole chilly season. With these tips, you can be confident that the harshness of the season will not be very harsh on your mattress. 


Nothing is cosier than a warm, comfortable bed when winter approaches and the chill sets in. But as the temperature drops, our mattresses start to show unique issues that may shorten their lifespan and compromise their comfort. These issues are quite worrisome as these can really affect the quality of the mattress as well as the quality of your sleep. This blog will discuss frequent problems with winter mattress care and offer some  mattress care tips  on keeping your bed a haven of warmth and cosiness.

Common Mattress Maintenance Issues You May Face

Before digging into the solution, let us first learn about the challenges our mattresses face during the shivering season. 

Sensitivity to Temperature

Have you ever felt that during the winter, your mattress suddenly starts to feel firmer than usual, which results in an uncomfortable sleep? Well, this is quite common in winter, especially with foam mattresses. Additionally, your mattress may also start feeling cold when touched, giving you cold chills. In that case, cover your mattress with warm comforters, bedsheets, and more.

Lack of Ventilation

 During the winter season, we usually keep the windows closed to stop the breezy air from giving you chilling sensations. However, lack of ventilation results in moisture buildup, leading to an uncomfortable sleep experience. This results in an unpleasant odour and an uncomfortable feeling.

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Tips for Keeping Your Mattress Comfy and Cosy

Purchase a Mattress Protector

When it comes to spills, stains, and allergies, the best mattress protector is your best bet. It establishes a shield between your mattress and possible irritants like spills and dust mites. Select a hypoallergenic and waterproof mattress protector to ensure your mattress stays fresh and clean all winter long. This makes sure that you do not need to wash your mattress every now and then, as the protector will prevent dirt and stains from seeping into the mattress.

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Turn Over Your Mattress

 Consider rotating your mattress every few months to prevent consistent wear and tear. These easy  mattress care tips  keep the supporting qualities of the mattress intact and help avoid sagging. 

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

 It's common to keep windows closed in the winter, which lowers airflow in your bedroom. Consider opening a window for a brief period each day to let fresh air in and help avoid moisture accumulation. Another way to control humidity and stop the formation of mould is by using a dehumidifier.

Clean and vacuum the area

 Vacuuming your mattress on a regular basis will help get rid of allergies, dust, and debris that build up over time. Spot clean any stains as soon as possible with water and a light detergent. Refrain from using too much water, as this might seep into the mattress and cause mould problems. With these  mattress care tips,  you will be able to maintain a hygienic mattress.

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Put a mattress topper on

In addition to providing an additional layer of relaxation, a mattress topper shields your mattress against deterioration. It serves as a cushion, reducing body impact and avoiding direct contact with the surface of the mattress. 

Keep Your Bedding Clean

 Ideally, you should wash your  bedding,  such as  sleep snug,  the mattress covers, pillows, and sheets every one to two weeks. Maintaining clean bedding helps to keep allergies, perspiration, and grime off of your mattress. For a comfortable and hygienic night's sleep throughout the winter, use the best mattress protector as per the size of your bed, be it a king size mattress protector or queen size mattress protector. Make sure that the  mattress protector  is breathable and hypoallergenic.

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Spot Clean

 Imagine you are sitting on your bed, wrapped in your cosy blanket, sipping hot chocolate or tea and suddenly, the cup slips from your hand. Make sure that you spot-clean the drink immediately before it gets absorbed into the mattress. Do not let the chilly feeling of winter stop you from cleaning immediately, as if it gets absorbed, you will need to spend much more time cleaning it. Also, it may develop a bad odour when left uncleaned, so make sure you follow these  mattress care tips.

Deodorise the Mattress

 We all keep the windows closed during the winter season therefore, there are chances that your mattress develops an unpleasant smell. But no worries, you can deodorise your mattress regularly to keep the smell at bay. Keep it near a window to get some sunlight. If that is not possible, sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and keep it like this for some. For the time being, rob someone else’s room or make your couch your buddy.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

 While you have maintained a clean mattress, you should never overlook other bedding pieces like  pillows, Cloud Comforter,  waterproof mattress protector and  Premium Pure Cotton Fitted Bedsheet.  and more. Completely clean all the bedding pieces and your mattress will remain clean and fresh the whole winter. Keeping your bedding clean will not only ensure that your room feels cosier but also make sure that no dirt or mildew makes it home in the mattress and ruins its comfort and durability.

Wrapping Up

It is common to face various issues with your mattress during the winter season. But do not worry; with some precautions and  mattress care tips,  you will be able to get rid of these issues. By using a mattress protector like a king size mattress protector or queen size mattress protector and toppers, cleaning the bedding and mattress every now and then, avoiding stains and spills, and maintaining proper ventilation, you will be able to maintain the comfort and quality of your mattress during the whole chilly season and make it your cosy haven. So, follow these  mattress care tips  and enjoy the cosiness of the winter to the fullest. Check out the collection of  mattresses  from  Nilkamal Sleep  and buy best mattress online.

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