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Orthopaedic Mattress: The Secret To Restful Nights and Pain-Free Mornings

Orthopaedic Mattress: The Secret To Restful Nights and Pain-Free Mornings

Restful sleep is necessary for relaxing and rejuvenating your body. Good sleep quality is also essential for alleviating body aches and pain. As you sleep, your tired body relaxes and rejuvenates for the next day. Whatever body aches or muscle stiffness you experienced during the day vanishes. However, all this happens when you sleep on a good  orthopaedic mattress.  A good  orthopaedic mattress  alleviates your aches and body pain and provides optimal support to ensure you enjoy a restful night of sleep. Let's learn how an  orthopaedic mattress  helps you sleep better and wake refreshed. 

What Is an Orthopaedic Mattress?

An  orthopaedic mattress,  as the name implies, is a specifically designed  mattress  for spine and joint support. Minimal physical activity and extended sitting on chairs daily lead to back, neck, and shoulder pains. Minor back pains are generally ignored, but one day, they become severe, and an orthopaedic visit is necessitated. Among medicines and lifestyle changes, an orthopaedician recommends using an  orthopaedic mattress.  Therefore, it is popularly used by people with musculoskeletal issues such as back pains, joint aches or other muscle/ligament issues. However, with rising lifestyle issues, everyone can use an  ortho mattress  for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

The best orthopaedic  foam mattress online  is the  Nilkamal Sleep mattress.  Nilkamal Sleep mattress  is the first one in India to use the innovative ICEFOAM cooling gel technology. This cooling gel memory  foam mattress online  regulates your body temperature, ensuring you sleep in a cool and comfortable environment. Constructed with a triple-layer structure, this  orthopaedic memory foam mattress  combines supportive PU foam and adaptable memory foam with the cooling-gel foam layer. Altogether, the three foam layers of this  orthopaedic memory foam mattress  transform your sleep quality exceptionally. You sleep on a comfy, supportive, temperature-regulated, and adaptive  mattress.

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Many Benefits Of Orthopaedic Mattress

Here are the many benefits of the  Max ICEFOAM orthopaedic memory foam mattress:

Back Pain Relief

An  ortho mattress  helps relieve back and joint pains due to its superior lumbar support. The  orthopaedic mattress  is firm, so you don't sink into it while sleeping. This ensures the natural alignment of your spine and optimal support to your back. As it supports your back, it also releases the excess pressure from it. Since the extra pressure on your back is the leading cause of back pain, an  ortho mattress  alleviates it, resulting in reduced back pain.

Improves Body Posture

Good posture is necessary for maintaining a proper spine and bone structure. Improper posture can lead to aches and joint pains. You can keep the right body posture during the day; however, controlling your posture as you sleep is difficult. And, improper posture during sleep, even though you control your posture during the day, can impact your body structure. An  orthopaedic mattress  with superior support can ensure proper posture while sleeping. It's firmness offers the adequate support to your body to maintain your natural posture.

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Freedom Of Movement

A soft  mattress  restricts your movement as you sleep. You sink into a soft  mattress,  and that limits your movement. So, you find it difficult to switch sides or shift on your  mattress.  However, an  ortho mattress  is firm; therefore, you don't sink into it. Its even  mattress  surface lets you move easily. So, you enjoy easy shifting or switching sides as per your comfort.

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No Body Stiffness

Many people wake up with body aches or stiffness. And that ruins their day. When you wake up tired and ache, your whole day goes for a toss. Either you take pain meds or are irritated due to aches. It is because of sleeping on a soft or unsupportive  mattress.  When you sleep on an unsupportive  mattress,  and your body sinks into it rather than staying on top. This constrains your body, and your muscles and joints become stiff. Then you wake up with aches and body stiffness. However, an  ortho mattress  is firm and hard. So, it doesn't allow you to sink in, resulting in you waking up without stiffness.

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Regulates Body Temperature

Certain  mattress  types retain body heat as you sleep on them, resulting in you feeling sweaty or hot, disrupting your sleep. During hot months, it can be unbearable to sleep on those mattresses. However, an  orthopaedic mattress  doesn't trap body heat. It regulates temperature, so you sleep cooly and comfortably even during hot summer.

No Roll-Together Effect

Most people who share their  bed  complain of the roll-together effect. The culprit here is a soft  mattress.  Sleeping on a soft  mattress  causes depression in the mattress, wherever the weight is the most. This causes the other person to roll into that depression, with no space between them. An  orthopaedic mattress  is firm, so there is no depression or roll-together effect. So, you sleep peacefully with your partner.

Optimal Mattress Durability

You may wonder why your perfect  mattress  is now causing back aches or pains. It happens as your once supportive  mattress  has lost its structure over time and is now sagged. Every  mattress  experiences wear and tear with time, causing it to lose its comfort and support.  Nilkamal Sleep mattress  retains its full functionality for much longer than any other  mattress  as it is made of premium materials. So, you can experience restful sleep with no aches for several years on an  orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

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Better Sleep Quality

Your sleep quality is optimised on an  ortho mattress . With its superior comfort and firmness, an  orthopaedic memory foam mattress  contours your body and supports it in your natural alignment. You sleep with your joints well supported and your pressure points alleviated. Plus, along with being firm, it is also soft and comfy. So, with a more comfortable and supportive sleeping environment, you sleep soundly and wake up pain-free and rejuvenated.

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An  orthopaedic mattress  is the perfect  mattress  choice for everyone, especially for people with back pain or trouble sleeping. The excellent support and comfort an  orthopaedic memory foam mattress  provides will ensure you sleep peacefully and wake up fresh. Visit  Nilkamal Sleep  to purchase  orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

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