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The Difference Between Full-size And Double-size Mattress

The Difference Between Full-size And Double-size Mattress

Terms like full-size mattress and  double-bed mattress  are frequently used interchangeably. Although the terminology used when looking for a new bed can be enigmatic, as all of these designations refer to the same mattress size, which is 54 inches by 75 inches.

Children and single adults alike frequently select double mattress sizes. Additionally, it takes up less room and is less substantial than queen and king-size beds. Together with single beds, double mattresses were among the first mattress sizes to be standardized, making them a standard bed size among mattress producers. Mattress producers started referring to single and double beds as twin and full beds when they added more common mattress sizes, such as queen and king beds. One of the most popular double bed mattresses is currently a  memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are made to adjust to the curve of your body and offer additional support. 

What Is A Full Bed Mattress?

The standard dimensions size of a full-size mattress is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. Full beds are midway in terms of other common mattress sizes, not too big or too tiny. If you want a new mattress, we advise ensuring your room is at least 10 by 10 feet in size to suit a full-size bed's measurements. In this manner, you will have enough space for the mattress, its base or bed frame, any additional furniture in the room and enough area for movement. A full-size  mattress  is a popular purchase among consumers who desire a lot of comfort for a reasonable price.

What Is A Double Bed Mattress?

The standard dimension of a double bed is 54 inches broad by 75 inches long, making it the same size as a full mattress. The only mattress sizes available at the time were single and double until mattress makers began standardizing mattress sizes in the early 1900s. The word "double" seems to imply that the bed is twice as big as a single bed; however, this is untrue. Double-size beds are slightly wider than single-size, although double and single mattresses are 75 inches long.

Dimensions Of A Double Size Mattress

It is said to be 54 inches broad by 75 inches long and is the size of a double bed mattress. These mattresses are 16 inches wider than twin-size beds yet have the same length (75 inches). A double bed is an excellent option for kids and teenagers who have outgrown their twin mattresses. Growing children want lots of space to spread out and feel comfortable when sleeping, so this could be a perfect fit. 

A double bed mattress could be more comfortable than  single beds  for single sleepers who want a larger bed but have a smaller bedroom. Most standard-sized bedrooms, even those 10 feet by 10 feet, can comfortably accommodate these mattresses (100 square feet).

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Why Purchase A Double Mattress?

Double beds have various advantages for single sleepers, even if larger bed sizes are better suited for couples. 

  • Limited Space : When looking for a new mattress, you should consider your space. A queen or king mattress might not be the best choice for a small studio apartment or a house with compact rooms. However, a full-size bed fits most rooms without making them feel crowded. A double bed gives lone sleepers more room to spread out without giving up much living space.
  • Adaptable : They can be used by kids, teenagers who are growing up, and solitary adults. They are easily accessible online and fit well in most areas. Additionally, double bed accessories like foundations, linens, and comforters are simple to locate.
  • Cost-effective : They are affordable when furnishing a child's or guest's room. Also, double-size bedding and mattress foundations cost less than queen and king-sized ones.
  • Portable : King- and  queen-size bed  can be bulky and challenging to move. A double-size bed might be the best option if you intend to move soon. Double beds are generally compact and light, making them simple to transport in a van or small moving truck.

What Distinguishes A Full XL Bed From A Queen-Size Bed?

A standard queen-size bed is supposed to be 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, and a complete XL mattress is 54 inches wide by 80 inches long. Although the length of these two sizes is identical, a queen is 6 inches wider than a full XL.

Is It Possible To Fit Queen Sheets On A Full Bed?

No, a full-size bed cannot accommodate queen-size linens. A full mattress is narrower and shorter than a queen bed. On a full-size bed, sheets made for a queen will not fit snugly, leaving extra fabric on the side. As you move around during the night, this material may bunch up, which can be uncomfortable and interfere with your sleep.

Should I Get A Full Or Queen Bed?

A full  bed  is a fantastic choice if you are a lone sleeper searching for a more opulent sleeping area. However, a full XL or queen size bed might be more comfortable if you are above 6 feet tall—most couples like the queen or king-sized beds. Even for couples, full-size mattresses are excessively tiny and constricting. Your body type and if you intend to co-sleep with children will ultimately determine the ideal bed size. For most couples, queen-size mattresses work well, but individuals who prefer to share a bed should choose a king-size bed.

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Are Double Beds Too Small For Adults?

Double beds can be fantastic depending on the adult's body type and height. A double bed should be cozy for you if you're under six feet tall. If you are taller than 6 feet, your feet may protrude over the bed's sides or scuff the footboard.


Although the word "double" would lead one to believe differently, full or double beds are not twice as big as twin or single mattresses. Despite being the same length, a full-size mattress is 15 inches wider than a twin-size bed. The difference between a full mattress and a  double-bed mattress  is small. You can check out  Nilkamal Sleep  for various double bed mattresses and  memory foam mattress  online.

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