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The Best Sleep Solution For Neck and Back Pain – Icefoam Mattress

The Best Sleep Solution For Neck and Back Pain – Icefoam Mattress


Sleep is essential for your body to recover after a day of household or office chores. Sleeping on an uneven mattress that causes discomfort is not good. You need a bed that offers extra comfort and the latest technology at a comparatively affordable price if you desire a peaceful night's sleep. 

Nowadays, manufacturers build mattresses using new technologies that have yet to be present in the market. Icefoam mattresses have fantastic technology that helps relieve neck and  lower back pain. Due to its in-built advanced technology, this  orthopaedic mattress  offers unimaginable comfort levels. The Icefoam mattresses are  ortho mattresses  that help people with orthopaedic conditions like back pain and aches.

Read on to learn more about the comfort and advantages of sleeping on an  Icefoam mattress.

What is an Icefoam Mattress?

  • The design of the  Icefoam mattress  ensures that the user has maximum breathability. 
  • It separates the heat and moisture within the bed to provide maximum comfort. 
  • This bedding incorporates cooling gels, so it can remain calm even in extreme heat situations due to its ability to promote airflow. 
  • As a result of the mattress's cooling technology, you can enjoy a good night's sleep. 
  • Check out Doctor Dreams Icefoam mattresses and get an idea of how the beds and designs incorporate this new technology.

Advantages of Icefoam Mattress

You may be wondering why you should try Icefoam mattresses, a type you may need to become more familiar with. The following are several benefits you can get from buying an Icefoam mattress: 

  1. Comfortable While Sleeping 

A memory foam mattress such as Icefoam allows you to sleep comfortably without being interrupted by any noise or disturbance at night. The material is superior-quality foam to ensure you can sleep peacefully without interruption.

  1. Offers Temperature Optimisation

Sleeping on some  mattresses  causes us to sweat because they retain body heat, and sleep is interfered with during the summertime when it becomes intolerable. Icefoam mattresses do not have body heat during rest, and their role in regulating our body temperature keeps us comfortable throughout the day.

Icefoam mattresses have infused cooling gels that help them regulate their temperature based on the surrounding conditions. Cooling gels make sleeping on your  bed  more comfortable and convenient by keeping your mattress cooler during the day and the hot summer months.

  1. Provide Ortho Mattresses Comfort and Support

Icefoam mattresses also offer  orthopaedic mattress  support and comfort. People suffering from body aches and  neck pain  can easily adjust the foam according to their needs for maximum comfort. It is made of soft foam and is easily adjustable according to the requirements. Those suffering from orthopaedic ailments will find Icefoam mattresses incredibly comfortable, making it an absolute must-buy if you have anyone in the family with orthopaedic conditions.

  1. Provides the Ratio of Softness to Support

Icefoam mattresses offer a high ratio of softness to support, making them suitable for people with lower back or  neck pain. People suffering from orthopaedic conditions can also benefit from this  bedding.

  1. Highly Durable

Mattresses should last at least ten years when considering a purchase. Icefoam mattresses are incredibly resilient and show signs of wear and tear gradually compared to other products. Icefoam mattresses maintain their quality for nine to ten years.

  1. Reduces The Effect of Rolling Together

It is common for people who share a bed to experience the roll-together effect while sleeping. Human weight causes the mattress to sink. Depression forces the second person to roll onto the bed, leaving no space between them. Sleeping on an Icefoam mattress is more comfortable, lessens the roll-together effect, and is less disruptive.

Why Icefoam Mattress for Neck and Lower Back Pain?

  • A regular mattress can cause lower back and spinal pain if you sleep eight hours a night on it. 
  • Due to the firm materials of Icefoam mattresses, they are perfect for these situations. 
  • These mattresses may benefit people with stiffness, joint fractures, back pain, spinal injuries and those who have undergone surgery. Hence, these are considered the best mattress for back, neck, and body pain.

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Doctor Dreams Icefoam Orthopaedic Bedding Features

Sleep peacefully with this three-layered Icefoam orthopaedic bedding. In the top layer of the bed is ICEFOAM® which keeps it cool, followed by a layer of memory foam that will adjust to the body and a layer of 100% polyurethane foam for the base. A knitted stretchable fabric encircles the mattress and keeps dust mites, fungus, and bacteria away from its surface, and TENCEL fabric is anti-microbial and fungus-resistant.

The following features make Icefoam the  best mattress for back pain, neck and lower body pain relief while sleeping.

  1. The First ICEFOAM Mattress In India

Max Mattress features ICEFOAM® cooling technology to help you drift off to sleep naturally. Using gel memory foam releases trapped heat to regulate your body temperature—no more steamy nights. Enjoy comfortable and deep sleep every night with this mattress.

  1. Dust-resistant and Cool Tencel

A soft and cooling Tencel cotton fabric is the first layer to contact your skin on the Max. This bed's plush, soft-to-the-touch comfort will keep you up all night. In addition to being dust and microbe-resistant, this fabric keeps you comfortable and safe.

  1. Comfortable Three Layer Foam

Sleep on a supportive, adaptable, and temperature-regulated surface of advanced cooling-gel foam and superior pure PU foam for a more profound, relaxed sleep experience. The Max Mattress is one of Doctor Dreams' most advanced mattresses due to its three-layer comfort system. 

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An advanced technology-built Icefoam mattress is an excellent choice to wake up every morning without back or neck pain. It is becoming increasingly popular among different sections as these mattresses offer several benefits at a reasonable price, which you want to take advantage of. 

You can choose from various high-quality Doctor Dreams mattresses with features like five-zone orthopaedic support. Besides allowing you to sleep comfortably, these mattresses aid in reducing back pain, improving posture, and improving long-term health as well. Visit  Doctor Dreams  today and buy Max Icefoam  mattresses online  for a peaceful sleep from tonight.

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