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Second-hand Mattress For Your Home- Know Why It Is A Bad Idea

Second-hand Mattress For Your Home- Know Why It Is A Bad Idea


Many people buy second-hand home products due to various reasons. Either they have budget constrain, or they like to save money. With frequent work transfers, people sometimes prefer to buy things second-hand in the new city and sell their old stuff when they move. It's logical to save money when the second-hand stuff purchased is in good condition. Sometimes instead of selling, people give their used products to their friends or relatives. You may have or might be considering buying a  used mattress. Or get a  used mattress  as a gift from your family or friend. However, you should never purchase a  second hand mattress

It is true purchasing a new mattress can be expensive. Therefore, to get something you want at a reduced price or for free is highly tempting. But even though you find it tempting, want to save money, or don't want to offend your family, don't use a  second hand mattress. Using a  second hand mattress  is a terrible idea. 

Why Never Use a Second-hand Mattress?

Getting stuff for free or at a bargain price is always alluring. You may have seen enticing advertisements of a  hotel mattress for sale  or a  refurbished mattress  at throw-away prices. But to  buy mattress online  that has already been used by someone or is refurbished is a terrible idea. Undoubtedly, the adverts for a  hotel mattress for sale  or a  refurbished mattress  for sale are genuine. Many hotels, when changing their décor or after a specific time, discard the old stuff and purchase new ones to provide the utmost comfort to their customers.

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Similarly, some brands clean or refurbish their dirty mattresses or mattresses returned by customers for some issues. Now, these brands and hotels sell these refurbished or second-hand mattresses at low prices. But, apart from the advantage of money saving, you to  buy mattress online  of such origin is not a judicious choice. Let's know why you shouldn't  buy mattress online  that has been used before by someone:

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Shorter LifeSpan

When you  buy mattress online  from a reputed brand, you know it will last several years. However, purchasing a  second hand mattress  will only be useable for a few years. Someone has already used the  used mattress  for a few years, so its life span has been shortened. And you may never know for how many years it has been used. So, you can get a mattress that may last a couple of years or less. You save money in the present but spend a larger amount in the future to  buy mattress online  again. Therefore, calculate the price of a new mattress with its several years of usage and then decide whether it's expensive.

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Hygiene Issues

Someone has used the old mattress you are planning to buy. So, there are high chances it has accumulated dust, bacteria, mould, mites, or bed bugs over the years. Even if your  used queen mattress  sports a new cover or feels comfortable, you will never know what hygiene issues it packs inside it. Mould, bacteria, bed bugs, or dust mites are hardly visible outside. You will only discover them after days of usage. Sometimes, their presence is known in the form of allergies, coughing, irritated skin, or other reaction triggered by their presence. As the used mattress's background is unknown, so is its cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, chuck the temptation of saving money on that  used queen mattress  and  buy mattress online  for hygienic and healthy sleep. 

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No Warranty

When you purchase a  used mattress, there is no warranty in case of defects or other issues. Sometimes the previous owner sells their mattresses when the warranty expires. Or even if the mattress is still in the warranty period, you can only avail it if it is non-transferable. Even if you buy a  refurbished mattress, the brand may not offer a warranty or a partial one. Warranty on mattresses is essential as it assures you that the mattress will last for a period. So, even if there is some issue with your  used mattress, you can do nothing about it without a warranty or buy a new mattress. 

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No Returns

When you  buy mattress online  from a reputed brand, you get the option of return if you don't find the mattress comfortable or satisfactory. Most brands even have the option of a trial period with a hassle-free return to ensure your satisfaction. However, you don't get these facilities when you buy a  second hand mattress. You cannot use it for some days to check its comfort or return it when unsatisfied. 

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Outdated Technology

With each passing year, newer technologies in mattress construction are introduced. There is no issue if the  used mattress  is a couple of years old. After all, you only  buy mattress online. Sometimes a new mattress is launched. But, if the mattress you bought is from many years back, you will need more than the optimal comfort and support you need. Sometimes, the technology or construction of a mattress has a shelf life. So, even if you purchase a  used mattress  looking good, it may not offer the comfort you need. 

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The desire to save money by purchasing a  used mattress  looks good. However, in reality, it is a bad choice. When you buy a  second hand mattress, you compromise on the comfort, support, and hygiene. Plus, there are no warranties with a possible health risk. So, consider your new mattress an investment which will repay you with good health and long-term usage. Buy mattress online  at lucrative prices from  Nilkamal Sleep  for holistic well-being. "

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