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Sleep is Essential for Stronger Immunity

7 Reasons Why Better Sleep is Essential for Stronger Immunity

Sleep is the most important and widely neglected pillar for building a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep daily is essential in maintaining overall health and well-being. But in today's hustle culture, there are infinite distractions that cause you to sacrifice your precious sleep but not enough measures to help you with it. So here we are to make you more aware of the age-long secret to stronger immunity and how you can incorporate tiny changes in your busy schedule to ensure a night of deep and sound sleep.

In terms of an overall healthy body and mind, sleep is as important as regular exercise and eating a well-balanced nutritious diet. As a result, it's crucial to make a conscious effort in this direction. 

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Why getting enough sleep is essential for your health?

  1. Better concentration and improved productivity: Several studies have linked problems regarding concentration, productivity, and cognition with the lack of sleep. We all have been there when tossing and turning all night long makes up cranky the next day and affects our ability to work.
  2. Lower risk of heart disease: Getting adequate rest each night allows the body to regulate its blood pressure, substantially reducing the chances of heart disease and other sleep-related conditions.
  3. Maintaining weight: Sleep deprivation may not directly impact a person's weight, but it affects the desire or ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which directly relates to weight gain. 
  4. Greater athletic performance: Maintaining a healthy sleeping routine can also result in better mental functioning, more energy, and better performance intensity for athletes since the body heals itself during sleep. And it is as important as having enough nutrients in your diet.
  5. Stronger immunity system: Researchers suggest that better sleep quality can aid the immune system in fighting off infection. Since the body repair, regenerate and recovers when it sleeps. People suffering from different back issues and joint pains are often recommended to use memory foam mattresses or orthopedic memory foam mattress.
  6. More social and emotional intelligence: Lack of sleep can interfere with empathy and the ability to recognize people's feelings and expressions.
  7. Improved mental health: Researchers have studied the relationship between sleep and mental health for a long time and it has been substantiated that people with adequate sleep experience improvement in their mood and mental well-being. Lack of sleep hampers a person's ability to understand and deal with emotions.

Essentials every person needs for a deep sleep

  • A comfortable mattress is a necessity for quality sleep, and it is recommended to replace a mattress every 7 to 10 years. In contrast, if you find yourself tossing and shifting around the bed all night long or waking up in pain, it's probably time for you to get yourself a memory foam mattress.
  •  Always choose sheets and blankets made from natural fibre such as cotton and linen to stay comfortable and cosy. As bedding made from polyester fabrics are not breathable and trap excess heat.
  • Aromatherapy for sound sleep: For people struggling with getting sound sleep and health concerns such as anxiety and depression, this may promote relaxation and an environment for deep sleep. In aromatherapy, an aroma oil diffuser can be used with a wide range of essential oils based on your needs to calm your nerves and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  •  Memory Foam Mattress: This is essentially vital for people with back pain as it moulds around your body, providing a soft and cushiony surface and is built to conform to the body's natural shape.
  • Provides good support while sleeping without giving a bad posture and backache.
  • Orthopedic memory foam mattress: Orthopedic memory foam mattresses were specially curated to solve back pains and other spinal issues, from chronic pain to slip disk. They provide good support with a firm surface without bad posture and backache.

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Building better sleep habits for Stronger Immunity 

It is important to note that sleep requirements vary from person to person, depending on various factors. More than the quantity, the quality of your sleep matters. As we age, our need for sleep typically decreases. For example, the recommended amount of sleeping hours for an adult is normally 7 or more. Whereas for an infant, it is somewhere between 12 to 16 hours and gradually decreases with age. Here are a few habits you can incorporate into your daily routine :

  • Try sleeping in a quiet, dark, and cool space with no interference, as the presence of any natural or artificial light can hamper your sleep. So make sure to close the curtains.
  • Going out in nature and exercising regularly can significantly improve mood and clears your mind.
  • Try digital detox a few hours before hitting the bed. The constant urge not to miss out on social media has inversely affected our lives and sleeping patterns. Try to make it a habit to disconnect from the internet a few hours before your sleep time and instead indulge yourself in other activities.
  • Try using an aroma oil diffuser for essential oils to create a relaxing environment around you.
  • Try to avoid consuming coffee or tea around nighttime. As caffeine keeps you awake, you will sleep faster and better.
  • Noise cancellation is another element that contributes to consistently good sleep. A white noise machine or medical earplugs can help block out sounds.

So Wake Up!

To say the least, maintaining consistent sleeping habits, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can help boost your immune system to keep you healthy. So turn off those gadgets, take a nice warm bath with the goodness of essential oils in aroma oil diffusers and tell your body it's time to rest. 

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