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Mattress Matchmaker: Find Your Perfect Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Mattress Matchmaker: Find Your Perfect Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Health experts opine that achieving 7 to 8 hours of sleep is one of the significant ways to enhance and maintain your overall health. Investing in the  best mattresses  is essential to enjoy undisturbed sleep, as it delivers superior comfort and unmatched support to relieve the pressure from all joints. Buying a  mattress  is a perfect investment, as it helps you sleep better and improves your mental health. If planning to replace your old  mattress,  you can go for the  best mattress brands  to stay assured of its quality and comfort, as it is offered with advanced features and equipped with the latest technology. 


If you are planning to achieve a healthy lifestyle, getting your regular dose of quality sleep is essential. Choosing the  best mattress brands  is essential to ensure that your body gets enough restorative sleep to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. With an array of  mattress  options available in the market, choosing from the  best mattresses  can be challenging. When embarking on a journey to  buy mattress online,  spend a couple of minutes considering your sleeping needs and preferences. Ensure factors like firmness level and your favourite sleeping position are also taken into account to narrow down the  mattress  options. Read on to get an idea about some of the best-selling mattress brands that can elevate your sleeping experience. 

What Features Should You Look for When Choosing the Best Mattresses?

To stay assured that you are choosing the  best mattresses,  look out for the following features when you  buy mattress online.

Temperature Regulating Properties

Whether it is a  comfortable mattress,  a  memory foam mattress or  orthopedic mattress,  check if it is equipped with the latest temperature regulating feature. The temperature maintained by your  mattress  plays a vital role in influencing your quality of sleep. If you have the habit of waking up feeling very hot or sweating profusely in sleep, then it will be impossible to sleep for long hours. Choose from the  best mattresses  with advanced features like open-cell foam, gel-infused foam, stay-cool Tencel top cover fabric or moisture-wicking properties that will help you sleep cool. 

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Motion Isolation Technology

If your sleep is affected when your partner tosses in his sleep or changes sleeping position, then it indicates you need to choose from the  best mattresses.  When you  buy mattress online,  look for the  Couple Pro mattresses  offered with zero partner disturbance features or backed by no partner disturbance technology. The motion isolation feature of the mattresses protects you from getting disturbed when your partner moves in sleep. 

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Height of the Mattress

If you are aiming to buy the  best mattresses  that don’t compromise on comfort or body support, make sure that you choose the right height to enjoy long hours of undisturbed sleep. When planning to  buy mattress online,  look for the  best mattress brands  that are 6 inches or above in height. However, avoid choosing a mattress that is more than 10 inches in height, as it might not offer the required level of support or comfort. Plus, taller mattresses might make the process of getting in and out of your bed a tedious task.  

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Body Conforming Support

The  memory foam mattress  you select must offer enough support to help you wake up without any pain. If you are in search of a  comfortable mattress,  look for its body-conforming support level to stay assured of relieved joint aches and pressure points. The  best mattresses  offer body-conforming support to provide exceptional spine-to-neck while lowering the pressure points to relieve pain. Also, check whether the edges of the  mattress  you choose are sturdy to prevent it from sagging in the long run. The edge support determines how strong the bed is to prevent you from falling when moving to the edge, especially when sleeping with your partner.   

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Top Mattress Brands To Buy In 2024

We have compiled a list of some of the  best mattress brands  loaded with exceptional features to enhance your sleeping time while creating a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Plus Memory Foam Mattress  is a two-layered  mattress  that is a blend of convenience and comfort for modern-day sleepers. The PU foam at the base rebounds to its actual shape, and the memory foam layer on top supports excellent spine alignment. Some of its special features are: 

  • Advanced memory foam for support 
  • Body conforming comfort 
  • No Partner Disturbance Technology 
  • Heat regulating top fabric 

Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

To achieve a peaceful sleep free from back pain and joint and body pain, it is essential to choose from the  best mattresses.  The top layer of the  orthopedic mattress  keeps it cool as it is equipped with the proprietary Icefoam cooling technology and memory foam infused with cooling gel to release and regulate body heat. The  Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress  is offered with special features like: 

  • Triple foam layer for exceptional comfort 
  • Premium adjustable memory foam support 
  • High-grade PU foam for support and comfort 
  • Soft knitted Tencel cotton top layer 
  • Cooling gel-infused  orthopedic mattress

Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

This multi-layered  comfortable mattress  is specifically designed with a combination of pocket springs and a soft foam layer to ensure complete body contour with excellent support and bounce. The  Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress  ensures an optimum sleeping experience with advanced zero motion transfer for enjoying undisturbed sleep when your partner moves. The top features of one of these  best mattress brands  are: 

  • No Partner Disturbance 
  • Soft foam layers 
  • Hybrid spring placement 
  • Anti-sag support for side walls 
  • Placement of more pocket springs per foot 

Ecoair Latex Mattress

The  ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress  can take care of your relaxation needs, as it maintains the right amount of softness and support to give you a cosy sleep each night. This  mattress is crafted with natural latex material to create a good balance between bounce and softness. Its features are: 

  • Good breathability with pinhole technology 
  • Soft PU foam for ample support 
  • Cooling Tencel fabric layer 
  • 100% pure latex  mattress 
  • Hypoallergenic 

Summing Up

Whether it is a simple yet  comfortable mattressmemory foam mattress,  or  orthopedic mattress, you can  buy mattress online  within your budget to sleep well. To choose from the  best mattresses,  it is important to  buy mattress online  from a reputed brand like  Nilkamal Sleep.  It ensures that it is durable and focuses on balancing comfort and support along with zero partner disturbance technology. You can choose between a latex mattress, pocket spring mattress, or cooling mattress based on your sleeping preferences. 

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