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Investment With Ortho Mattresses

Make A Worthy Investment With Ortho Mattresses


Sleep is indispensable to all living beings. To enjoy a peaceful slumber, you need to lay down on a quality and comfortable mattress. You need to assess your sleeping habits and need in detail before deciding to buy a mattress. You can buy a mattress online India suited to your body requirements.

The three-layered orthopaedic mattress is manufactured with a state-of-the-art technology to indulge your body with comfort and a relaxing sleep. This topmost layer of this mattress, made of green gel foam maintains its coolness at all times. The middle layer, made of memory foam magically adapts to your body contours. The third layer, made of a 100% Polyurethane (PU) foam aids in regulation of temperature and offers many sleep benefits. These features make the purchase of this mattress a worthwhile investment. You can buy this ortho mattress from India’s most trusted brand, Nilkamal Sleep where quality and comfort takes precedence over everything else.

This three-layered orthopaedic mattress is encased with the highly absorbent and breathable TENCELTM fabric. The cool fibres of this fabric prevent you from the discomfort of very warm temperatures which tend to make a person sweat excessively. The TENCELTM fabric is dust and bacteria-resistant. This light-weight, knitted fabric is of a stretchable texture which protects the mattress from unwelcome dust.

You can purchase a wide variety of mattress online India, some of which include:

  • Air Knetted Fabric
  • Cool Gel Foam
  • Tencil Fabric
  • Memory Foam
  • PU Foam with CNC Cut

Each of these come with their distinct properties. The right type of Ortho mattress assures you of the most desired comfort you may not be aware of. Given below are a few tips on how to buy mattress:

  • Check the firmness and density of the ortho mattress
  • When you buy a matteress online (india), read the entire description carefully and go through some reviews uploaded by buyers of the same product.
  • You can visit the website and upload a query.
  • You can inquire about customisation, if required.
  • You can also request a call-back and speak to their customer service personnel who will answer all your questions with regards to durability, price, shelf life and comfort levels.

The Nilkamal Sleep website has all the necessary information you may want before you purchase an ortho mattress. Once you are satisfied with the answers to your query you can place an order online and avail of the multiple comforts of a quality mattress from Nilkamal Sleep.

Understanding the importance of investing in a quality mattress

You may get pleasantly surprised when you understand the numerous benefits of an ortho mattress. Some of these are:

  • A quality and comfortable mattress is worth investing in as it provides your body with much desired relaxation.
  • An orthopaedic mattress is immensely healing for individuals who have undergone a spine or any other back surgery.
  • An ortho mattress becomes a cure-all for individuals with chronic back ache or even neck pain.
  • An ortho mattress comes with three distinct layers. The base is made of a special PU foam, the middle layer consists of a memory foam and the top layer is of a gel foam. Together, these offer immense relief to your entire body.
  • The firmness of this mattress provides ample support to your hip joints and ensures you do not experience any pain when you sleep. You can be rest assured of your body being aligned and in good shape at all times.
  • The number of hours you sleep on an orthopaedic mattress at night can rejuvenate you and boost your energy levels upon waking up.
  • The Nilkamal Sleep ortho mattresses unlike their counterparts, are reputed for providing immense relief and support to your back and body weight.
  • An ortho mattress is water-resistant and a high-density foam mattress.
  • These mattresses are of a very light weight, easy to maintain and last you for at least seven years.

The above benefits truly make investing in an ortho mattress worthwhile. The benefits of an ortho mattress are innumerable. You can find these in various sizes like king, queen, and even the single size. These mattresses prevent your body from spontaneous curling while you sleep and are known for their posture-correcting qualities. They are designed exclusively to address your back and spinal problems. Digitisation makes us spend long hours of seating as we work on our computers. This often results in developing various kinds of body ailments. A good ortho mattress from Nilkamal Sleep is a one-stop solution to all such ailments. You can explore the entire range and make a suitable choice to meets your requirements.


A comfortable and quality mattress should be of the highest priority. It is wise to invest in a quality mattress online (India) to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you buy a mattress at a low cost, it may fail to provide you with comfort, disturb your sleep patterns and leave you feeling exhausted and irritable the following day. Buy a mattress that can guarantee you total relaxation at all times. E-commerce has made it online shopping very easy and you can visit the website of Nilkamal Sleep to choose from a range of ortho mattresses. The comfort of these mattresses in unparalleled by all standards and it is really worth the investment.

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