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While Working Night Shifts

How to Sleep Well While Working Night Shifts

Many essential services like Hospitals, Fire Services, and Police Depts are required to work 24 hours to ensure critical services are available round the clock. The global IT and ITeS industry has further revolutionized the concept of people working in different time zones to render services and earn good profits. This has brought about increased working hours at night- or night shifts. Although by itself not a problem, sustained night shifts can cause avoidable health problems to young and working people. 

Those working night shifts should take enough measures and discipline to get adequate sleep and mental and physical rest to ensure they recoup their energy for the next day and stay healthy and productive. Thanks to modern technology, people can use equipment, and aids like a good Mattress and blankets can help them sleep faster and experience uninterrupted, restful sleep during the daytime. Explore the Nilkamal Sleep range of bedding products, Orthopedic mattresses, regular blankets, and Comforter blankets to help you experience restful daytime sleep and stay productive and healthy.   

Effects of Night shifts:

People working night shifts for a while can suffer from health issues. Night shifts compel the body to operate on a schedule against the natural Circadian rhythms. It is possible to retrain the body to sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. There can be health issues if the training is not done properly or not done at all. That said, it is good to be aware of some of the health issues that people on night shifts have to contend with: 

  1. a) Interference with natural sleep rhythms
  2. b) Suppressed Melatonin – the sleep hormone
  3. c) Change in metabolism
  4. d) Increased risk of obesity and diabetes 
  5. e) Deprives body of Vitamin D deficiency 
  6. f) Increased risk of heart attacks
  7. g) Increased risk of gastrointestinal problems
  8. h) Increased risk of workplace injury 

Managing Night shifts and their effect on health

By necessity or choice, Night shifts are here to stay. Therefore, people and societies have to adapt and manage their lives to help them stay healthy and productive. People in night shifts have to be disciplined to cope with and minimize the negative health effects of night shifts. Along with this approach, modern technology also provides specifically designed bedding products that help have a restful sleep during the daytime, recoup energy to be ready for the next night shift, and stay healthy. Check out the scientifically designed Orthopaedic mattress and comforter blankets from Nilkamal Sleep, and enjoy the sleep benefits experienced by people in night shifts.  

Ways to help get better sleep after a night shift

Modern technology provides simple measures and aids that can help people get better sleep after night shifts. They include:

  1. Make the bedroom reasonably dark conducive to good sleep
  2. Avoid light exposure before sleep, esp Television, Smartphones, and Tablets
  3. Practice Sleep hygiene or have a pre-sleep routine
  4. Go straight to bed after night shift work
  5. Don't carry work home
  6. Make use of an Orthopaedic mattress,Blanket, andComforter blankets, which are known to help get sleep faster, facilitate uninterrupted sleep, and provide relief from body aches and pains.

Let us analyze the sleep-aiding scientific benefits of usingOrthopaedic mattresses,Blanket, andComforter blankets:

  1. i)Orthopaedic mattress:

An Orthopedic mattress is a special type of mattress made to offer support to the joints. Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for:

  • people who sleep with pain
  • athletes who are actively recovering from injuries
  • senior citizens and other age people who need good sleep and rest after longish hours at work or working at odd hours

Salient features of Orthopaedic mattress:

  • Twin layered Orthopaedic mattress combines with latest memory foam technology to provide good support to the back and body by conforming to their contours
  • Shape conforming foam promotes deep sleep by facilitating optimal spine-neck-hip alignment
  • The breathable top layer allows air to pass through the mattress, taking away body heat and keeping the body cool
  1. ii) Blankets and Comforter blankets :

Good blankets are equally important for the body to feel cozy and comfortable, fall asleep faster and enjoy deep sleep. 

Salient features of Blankets and Comforter blankets:

  • The Phase Change Material (PCM) of Nilkamal Sleep blankets is designed to adjust to the body’s comfortable temperature by absorbing excess body heat and dispensing when required
  • Provides sleep-conducive microclimate
  • The soft and breathable microfibre material of the blanket ensures that it remains soft after several washes.


As night shifts are an essential part of the working life in societies, people must be aware of the effects and manage them smartly to ensure they get good sleep and remain productive and healthy. By adopting simple measures, discipline, and availing of sleeping aids that modern technology provides, people with night shifts can manage their work and overall lives sensibly. Buy Nilkamal Sleep sleep science-based Orthopaedic mattress and Comforter blankets to stay healthy and enjoy fulfilling jobs. Act now, shop online from the comfort of your home, or visit the Nilkamal’s Nilkamal Sleep exclusive showrooms.


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