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How Does Vitamin Deficiency Affect Sleep?

How Does Vitamin Deficiency Affect Sleep?

Adequate sleep is indispensable for a healthy body and mind in everyone's life. A good night's sleep gives you the energy to spend the next day actively. Many factors affect our sleep, and one such factor is a vitamin deficiency in our bodies. Some vitamins help us to get good sleep. Due to a lack of these vitamins, the quality of our sleep deteriorates. Besides vitamins, the also affects your sleep. Therefore, you should buy a mattress very carefully. 

The Vitamin that affects our sleep is Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps maintain a good heart rate and helps to control your blood pressure, which leads to good sleep. Vitamin D is found in the sunlight and food, including egg yolk, oily fish, red meat, mushrooms etc. Lack of Vitamin D may lead you to suffer from sleep disorders. 

To keep a good balance between sleep quality and quantity, vitamin D plays a huge role. It means Vitamin D affects how much quality sleep we can take. Those people above 50 years old get affected by insufficient sleep.

How Can You Increase Vitamin D in the Body?

There are many ways to increase vitamin D. These have been described elaborately. 

  • Expose to Sunlight for a While

The sunlight abounds with vitamin D. It is considered the best way to get vitamin D in your body. But you should be careful while being under the sunlight as it may cause harm to you if you stay under the sunlight excessively. More exposure to sunlight may cause dangerous diseases like skin cancer because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are responsible for causing harm to your skin. Therefore, it is always recommendable to take the sunlight at a particular time. Being in the sunlight in the morning is more beneficial as the sunlight at this time is mild.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Besides being in the sunlight, it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet. Include at least one food in your diet plan enriched with vitamin D. Food items enriched with vitamin D include egg yolk, oily fish, red meat, mushrooms, orange juice, milk, etc. You should take dairy products enriched with Vitamin D in large amounts. 

  • Take the Help of Supplements

With the doctor's recommendation, you can take supplements enriched with Vitamin D. There are many supplements available in the pharmacy or the shop of a chemist. Please do not take them without consulting a doctor, as they may have side effects. By applying the methods mentioned above, you can get rid of Vitamin D deficiency and have a good sleep pattern. Apart from Vitamin D, other vitamins affect your sleep. These vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, etc.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C improves our immune system. It also keeps our cardiovascular system healthy. Vitamin C also helps to prevent Obstructive sleep apnea. As per one study conducted in 2009, it has been stated that sleep apnea can be prevented and reduced by taking both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. One of the risks related to sleep apnea is cardiovascular disease. Since Vitamin C helps prevent cardiovascular problems, problems related to sleep can also be prevented.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E protects cells against damage and keeps them healthy. This Vitamin is considered a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E also helps to function our brains in a healthy way. According to research, this Vitamin also protects against memory impairment due to loss of sleep. Vitamin E also helps to prevent sleep apnea.

  • Vitamin B12

Different studies have shown different roles of Vitamin B12 in affecting sleep. One study has shown that a higher level of Vitamin B12 increases the risk of depression, and a lower level of Vitamin B12 is directly related to insomnia. 

Besides the deficiency of vitamins, the mattress and pillow quality also affect having an excellent sleep to a great extent. Therefore, you should always consider some factors while buying pillows and mattresses. Check out pillows from Nilkamal Sleep that help you sleep better.

Factors to consider before buying a mattress:

  • Ability to Bear Weight

While buying a mattress, you should examine its ability to tolerate body weight. It should not compromise your comfort. Mattresses are available in different thicknesses. These are 5”-inch, 6" inch or 7" inch. 

  • Adaptation of Temperature

Some mattresses are efficient in adapting to body temperature. Those mattresses infused with gel layers are capable of keeping your body cool. The lower the temperature, the better your sleep will be.

  • Structure of Cotton

The structure of the layer of cotton also affects your sleep. When the cotton layer is structured in a better way, you will be able to take eliminate the presence of any discomfort and provide posture adaptability. The layer of cotton also affects the ability to breathe properly and in proper alignment with the spine. 

  • Relief of Pressure

While buying a mattress, always look for the transition layer. A transition layer and type of mattress. 

Factors to Consider before Buying Pillows

After the mattress, pillows also play a huge role in a good night's sleep. 

  • Sleeping Position

It would be best if you considered your sleeping position before buying pillows. If you sleep in your sideways, you should buy a pillow that is of medium thickness. Buy a pillow that supports your neck. If you prefer to sleep on your back, you should buy a pillow supporting your neck and shoulder.

  • Mattress

It would be best if you also considered the thickness of your mattress before buying a pillow. If you have a soft mattress, you should go for a thinner pillow. Then you will get a bouncy feel and feel comfortable. Do not use a mattress that is very thick or soft. Your mattress should be suitable for lying down.

  • Size of the Pillow

Before buying pillows, you should consider the size. Pillows are available in many sizes. Although little pillows look good and increase the beauty of your bed, these are not comfortable. Look for bigger pillows that are soft. King size or queen size pillows are also available. But you should prefer medium-sized pillows that fulfil your real need, i.e., place your head comfortably.


Like food and water, sleep is also essential, and deprivation may cause many diseases. Therefore, we should take all the necessary steps to improve the quality of our sleep. Besides maintaining a healthy diet, you should also have a comfortable mattress and pillows. Explore pillows from Nilkamal Sleep that are suitable for sleeping comfortably.


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