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waking up on the right side

Here's how waking up on the right side will change your life!

Do you remember that time when you woke up on the wrong side of your king-size bed online and slammed into a wall? Whatever be the cause of the difficult start, the day was probably not going to get any better. Starting your day on a positive note can brighten your entire day and help you perform noticeably better. A bad start to the day can make it difficult to clear the clouds for the rest of the day, making work and healthy interactions even more difficult.

There is evidence that how a person feels when they begin their day significantly impacts how their day unfolds.
But first, buy yourself a comfy mattress and make your mornings even more magical and satisfying!

 Here's what your mornings should actually feel like:

A good morning routine will make you feel calm, alert and energized. Starting your day on the right foot creates a sense of happiness that you can carry throughout the day. Your morning routine should include not only getting ready but also making time to feel joyful and mentally and physically prepared to face whatever the world has in store for you. 

  • Healthy Dose of Optimism

 Spend a few minutes each morning reading a few pages of a book that makes you happy, listening to a podcast about wellness or health, doing a short meditation, saying some positive affirmations aloud, or writing your thoughts down in a notebook.  

  • Establish Daily Objective

 Happy people frequently have a sense of purpose. They aren't aimlessly wandering through life; they work every day to progress and complete their tasks. Setting priorities for yourself and striving to meet milestones feels satisfying. 

Further, discover how waking up on the right side each morning has numerous benefits and is backed by various theories:


 Body's Energy Activation

  • The morning is a critical time to set the tone right for the entire day.
  •  You are already behind if you begin your morning on the wrong foot.
  • There is a lot of latent energy in your body when you sleep. To activate that energy and balance its flow in the body, turn to the right and then get out of bed. 

    Scientific Reasoning 

    According to science, it is believed that the body has two magnetic fields surrounding it, one going from your head to the feet and the other vice versa.

    • The first magnetic field is the foundation of our existence, and the second  defines our strength and force.
    • When you wake up on your right, you strengthen the second field, which increases the flow of energy in your body.

      Ayurvedic Ideology

      Ayurveda recommends waking up on the right side. This can protect you from a variety of health problems.

      • A key concept in Ayurveda is that the right side of the brain controls creative activity, while the left side controls logical, verbal activity. 
      • If you wake up on your right side, you will begin your day peacefully and stress-free. That is why you should always wake up on your right side.

      An ideal morning routine according to Ayurveda is as follows :

      • Wake Up Early in the Morning
      • Wake up on the Right Side 
      • Say a Prayer before Leaving the Bed
      • Clean the Face, Mouth, and Eyes
      • Drink Water 
      • Scrape your Tongue
      • Clean your Teeth
      • Gargle
      • Apply Oil to the Head & Body
      • Bathe
      • Exercise and Pranayama
      • Meditation, and you are ready to start your day! 

        Significance of Surya Nadi

        Surya Nadi is one of the three main energy channels in the body, according to yoga. The term is derived from the Sanskrit words Surya, which means "sun," and Nadi, which means "channel" or "flow." Surya Nadi gets its name from its association with solar energy.

        • The Nadis begin in the root chakra and run the length of the spine, passing through the chakras or energy centres.
        •  It is thought that clearing blockages from the Nadis promote physical, mental, and spiritual health by allowing the life force energy known as prana to flow throughout the body.
        • Surya Nadi is located on the right side of our body, according to Aryan belief. When you wake up, tilting your body to the right activates this reservoir of energy and even boasts one's digestive processes. 

          Mood Booster

          Remember the last time you ordered a mattress online and found it extremely comfy and sleep-inducing? Imagine, if you had made a wrong choice, wouldn't you feel extremely dejected?

          • Waking up on the right side of your bed each morning supports your brain and heart function well and thus, makes you less susceptible to anxiety and depression.
          • Waking up on the right side each morning can make you feel better to kickstart a day. You are instantly ready to start your day with a sense of calmness and relief.
          • It is thus recommended to make new habits and teach them into your daily routine.


            A good night's sleep is critical for avoiding several health issues that arise over time. If you do not sleep well and are not in the proper position, you will experience severe body, neck, or spinal pain. To tackle sleeping issues, you sleep on time, and on the other hand, to support your back, you prefer an orthopedic memory foam mattress. Similarly, It is just as important to wake up on the right side as sleep well in the right position.

            Wrap Up

            Do you wish to make additions to your existing sleep essentials to make your mornings even brighter? Explore our range of sleep-supporting mattresses, bedding, and other sleep essentials so that the next time you wake up, you feel fresh and energized! But, don't forget to wake up on your right side first!

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