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Best Fabrics for Sleeping

Get Your Hands on the Best Fabrics for Sleeping

Modern-day living in the 21st century doesn’t adequately value, and embrace the necessity of adequate sleep. The race to earn well to live a comfortable life often comes at the cost of not enjoying the real benefits of quality of life. Getting good rest through adequate sleep is a key aspect of quality of life. Good sleep and rest help improve concentration, productivity, and the body’s immune system, and maintain or reduce weight. Good fabric for bedsheets is as important for good sleep as a good mattress is. Most often, the bedsheet between the mattress and you can be the real reason for your inability to have good quality sleep. Besides the mattress, the quality of fabrics in the pillows, bedsheets, and bedspreads for your king-size bed, and pillowcases, determines the quality of sleep one experiences, and how refreshed one feels after waking up in the morning. Bedding fabrics that are adequately breathable and don’t trap heat, enables the body to self-regulate temperature resulting in a restful sleep experience. Explore now the cool and comfortable range of bedspreads and blankets from the renowned brand-Nilkamal Sleep. 

Picking the right material fabrics:

The importance of picking the right material fabric for bedding- bed sheet, bedspread, and blanket, is more often given a go by. The quality of the sheets can make a crucial difference to a night of good sleep and rest. The body naturally expands heat during the night, so it’s important to choose the right material sheet that doesn’t absorb or trap the heat. When sheets trap heat, the body temperature goes up making one sweat and eventually wake up with discomfort.  

Cotton or Linen: Natural fibers like Cotton or Linen dissipate the heat while absorbing any sweat moisture. For hot nights during summer, naturally breathable cotton fabrics with thread count 200-400, would be ideally cool, soft, and smooth.  

Micro-fiber: The opposite is true for cold wintry nights. Using microfiber blankets that breathe but retain some body heat, helps have the much-needed warmth during cold winters. Microfiber bed sheets are inexpensive, easy to wash-n-care, and available in several colors and styles.  

Choosing season based fabrics:

Changing the bed fabrics (bed sheets and blankets) as per change in season – hot summers or cold winters is the smartest way to manage and ensure to use of the right material bed fabrics for the particular season. In other words, cotton sheets in summer and microfiber sheets in winter are simple and practical solutions, to enjoy good quality sleep amid changing seasons. It also helps remain comfortable and adds to the décor of the home. 

Frustrated of wrapping yourself in a blanket that sometimes is either too cold or too warm. Time to switch over to a Duvet- an ideal solution for cold wintry days. Check out the Cloud Comforter Duvets from the renowned Nilkamal Sleep brand. It offers an excellent range of Duvets. 

Cloud Comforter Duvets, are developed using soft microfiber that promotes decent airflow throughout your bed. Thus, one gets the complete body cover needed without feeling too congested. The ‘Phase Change Material’ (PCM) has heat absorption and dissipation properties, helping regulate body temperature according to weather.  So, the next time your deep sound sleep is unlikely to be interrupted because of shivering or sweating. They come with the added advantage of being durable too. Regular cleaning and maintenance are done through machine wash without any risk of damage. 

Let technology assist good sleep and protect the bedding fabric that helps good sleep:

Rapidly evolving technology has brought about a paradigm change to bedding products – be it mattresses, bedsheets, or blankets.  

Weighted Blankets:

Technology now enables weighted blankets to be used for a comfortable and cozy covering for the body. Weighted blankets provide a cozy sensation of being hugged. The glass bead technology with glass beads uniformly across the lengths along with the soft filling helps soothe and calm the nerves. This helps wind down mentally and physically by falling asleep, naturally easing stress and anxiety. Sleep can be therapeutic too. Check out and buy Nilkamal Sleep Weighted blankets range. Suitable for both back and side sleeping positions, the pressure therapy soothes and provides a calming and relaxing condition that aids restful sleep.  

Mattress Protector:

Mattresses are vulnerable to dust, moisture mildew that can damage it. A Mattress protector helps protect the mattress from these natural factors thereby ensuring your mattress is clean and safe. Typically these Mattress protector covers are made up of water-resistant and stain-resistant material Tencel fabric. The Mattress protectors themselves need to be washed once every 3-4 months, to ensure hygiene and protection. It can easily be machine washed. 

Safely protect your mattresses and pillows from the vagaries of weather and accidental stain. Buy from the range of Nilkamal Sleep Tencel Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector, from Nilkamal. 


It is indeed refreshing and satisfying to learn that wise and smart choice in the quality of Bedding determines the quality of restful sleep that one can experience. The fabric quality of bedsheets, bedcovers, and blankets is equally important in aiding a person to enjoy adequate sleep. Technological advancement in bedding products, now provides the added conveniences of Weighted blankets-that help provide soothing and therapeutic sleep after stressful days; and Protective covers for mattresses and pillows in ensuring hygiene, care, and ease of maintenance. Also, the eye mask from Nilkamal Sleep is a game-changer for people who find it hard to fall asleep. Leading this leap in convenience and technology in Bedding fabrics (and Mattresses) is the Nilkamal Sleep brand from Nilkamal. 

Check out and buy Nilkamal Sleep' range of Bedding fabrics and Protectors for your home, make a smart switch to restful and quality sleep, and enjoy an improved quality of life. 


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