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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress for Different Climates

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress for Different Climates

Falling asleep on your  mattress  that is very hot or too cold can be a challenging task. Are you spending several nights tossing and turning in your bed, trying to catch some sleep due to rising or falling temperatures? You need to remember that various types of mattresses can cater to your resting needs for different climates. Taking frequent bathroom breaks, twisting and turning, too much sweating and waking up from sleep every now and then can lead to problems in your sleep pattern. 

It will also hinder your personal and professional life, as you will have fatigue and feel restless. When you sleep on a very cool  mattress, then it can top to the development of medical conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. This is why you must buy the  best mattress  to feel well-rested even in different climates without tampering with your sleep pattern. When you  buy mattress online, you can get access to various types of mattresses that can cater to your individual sleeping demands to help you have long hours of rest.

What Is the Link Between Mattress and Climate?

To sleep well in a hot or cold climate, it is essential to own the  best mattress  that is crafted with the right type of foam and  bedding  material to prevent you from experiencing joint pain or sleeping hot. Some materials used in the  mattress  can influence its breathability factor and heat retention prowess. So, when choosing the perfect mattress for all climates, pay attention to the materials used to develop it, their properties, and how they react with your body temperature. Every mattress material tends to have a different level of breathability and comfort. 

Types of Mattress That You Should Look Out For 

Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress 

The  Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress  has three different layers with Icefoam technology-powered top layer to maintain a cool temperature even if sleeping during a hot summer night. The  orthopaedic mattress  is designed with PU foam and memory foam to lend your body a good amount of support and contours the joints perfectly. The cooling gel of this  memory foam mattress  prevents issues like sleeping hot by maintaining a healthy body temperature while keeping off the trapped heat. 

The upper layer of the  best mattress has a cooling Tencel cotton cover that assures long-lasting sleeping hours without any disturbances like mites, dust or microbes.  Buy mattress online to enjoy a good night’s sleep during the summer, as this orthopedic mattress  maintains a suitable temperature-regulated sleeping surface. 

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Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress 

The  Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress  is a cut above the rest in eth industry, as it is a perfect blend of both soft foam and pocket springs to assure elevated comfort while enjoying a deep slumber with zero motion transfer. This spring mattress  has ultimate, sturdy side walls with an anti-sag feature to last longer than its traditional counterparts. 

The top layer of the spring mattress  is crafted with a sustainable cotton quilt backed by a second layer of soft foam backed by temperature-regulating technology that controls body heat. The support system of the  best mattress featuring a high-density innerspring adapts to your body weight to deliver maximum comfort. 

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Ecoair Latex Mattress

The  Ecoair latex mattress is an excellent option to stay well-rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated in all climates. It is designed with natural materials that are free from toxic chemicals. This  mattress is created to give the user the right balance of bounce and softness to enjoy sound sleep as soon as they lie down. When running your fingers through the soft foam of this best mattress, you will find it has excellent breathability powered by superior pinhole technology. 

As the zipper cover of this best mattresses washable, you can maintain it like new in all seasons. It is designed using PU foam to provide impeccable cushioning support to the elderly and kids while assuring an overall comfort similar to an orthopedic mattress

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Plus Memory Foam Mattress

The  Plus Memory Foam Mattress  offers two layers of the latest memory foam covered by premium-grade fabric that is a soft touch to pamper you when sleeping. The base layer of the  best mattress  features pure PU foam that achieves its actual shape even after using it diligently. The top layer of the  mattress  comprises memory foam that aligns the natural curvature of your spine with preventing joint aches and maintaining your posture. 

Plus, it has no partner disturbance and assures top-notch orthopaedic support, giving you more reasons to  buy mattress online. This  memory foam mattress  maintains your comfort even when sleeping on your back or side. 

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Lite Dual Comfort Mattress 

It is the  best mattress  featuring two distinct layers merged to assure long-lasting comfort and excellent sleep output while creating a soft lying surface on either side. You can turn the sides to match your sleeping preferences to enjoy relaxed and refreshing sleep during the monsoons and summers. It is created with a PU foam layer that quickly recovers to retain its original form, while the plush soft foam on the top aids in excellent relaxation by supporting body moulding. Choose the  Lite Dual Comfort Mattress  to enjoy several hours of restorative sleep to stay productive all day, even during monsoons. 

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Monsoons are the perfect time to enjoy long hours of sleep on a warm and cozy mattress, wrapping a  comforter  around you, while summers demand a cool surface to enjoy a restful sleep. Choose from any of the best-selling mattresses listed above to enjoy ache-free sleep even on a hot, sweaty, or chilly rainy night. The mattresses offered by  Nilkamal Sleep  are specifically created for the Indian climatic conditions to assure their customers several hours of undisturbed sleep even during hot summers and cool monsoons.
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