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Handy Guide With Effective Tips To Buy Affordable Mattress Online

Handy Guide With Effective Tips To Buy Affordable Mattress Online

One crucial home essential decision for everyone is buying the perfect  mattress. A good  mattress  is the essential key to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. But, with a variety of mattresses available, buying a suitable  mattress  seems like a daunting and laborious task. There are so many materials, types and what not to consider. So, how to decide which  mattress  is more suitable than the other? And, when you go by the popular choice, the  mattress price in India  overshoots your budget. So, how to tackle this  buy affordable mattress  conundrum? Easy. Read ahead. We have laid down the essential criteria point-by-point to help you  buy affordable mattress  suited for you. Browse the extensive mattress collection by the  best mattress brand in India. You can  buy mattress online  of your preference within your budget. 

Effectual Steps To Buy Mattress Online 

There are no complicated things to consider when you want to  buy mattress online. With some simple considerations, you can make a judicious choice and  buy affordable mattress  as per your unique requirements. Let’s start:


Mattresses come in various types of firmness- soft, firm, medium and medium-firm. Deepening your needs, sleeping position, sleeping habits and body type, you can pick the mattress with the appropriate firmness. A heavy body person requires a firmer  mattress, whereas a lightweight person may find a soft,  lightweight mattress  more appropriate. 

The different types of sleepers as per sleep position are:

  • Side Sleepers- Side sleepers are people who sleep on their sides. A  mattress  that has soft to medium firmness is good for side sleepers. 
  • Back Sleepers- Back sleepers sleep on their back, so require a  mattress  with medium firmness. Even if a mattress is too firm or soft, it may disrupt the proper spine alignment. 
  • Stomach Sleepers- A firm  mattress  is the best for a stomach sleeper. It doesn’t allow the body to sink deep into the  mattress
  • Combination Sleepers- For people who keep changing their positions through the night, a  mattress  with medium firmness is suitable. It supports the body in various positions. 

When choosing firmness, factor in your weight and sleeping position. The  mattress price in India  differs as per the firmness levels. 

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Construction Features 

Most mattresses come with specific construction features like their firmness levels. These features enhance your sleeping experience. Considering these features as you plan to  buy affordable mattress  can make your purchase more satisfactory. They are:

  • Motion Isolation- When you sleep with your partner, the other can feel their movements when you move or change position. This can disrupt sleep. So, when you want a sound sleep,  buy affordable mattress  with a motion isolation feature. A foam mattress is known for its motion isolation. 
  • Edge Support- Most people can’t sleep comfortably as they feel their mattresses compress at the sides. This can be especially irritating for people who sleep at the edge. Latex mattresses  have better edge support than foam mattresses. 
  • Mattress Height- Most mattresses come with a standard height. You may want a taller mattress for more comfort, as a higher height means more layers. However, do remember the  mattress price in India  increases with height increase.  

Mattress Size

Mattress size  is among the essential things to consider when buying mattresses. Depending on your bed size, you need to choose the  mattress size. Otherwise, your  mattress size  will be bigger or smaller than your  bed  and won’t fit. 

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When looking to  buy affordable mattress, it’s best to decide your budget to avoid overspending. Search mattresses online as per your budget. Remember, a high  mattress price in India  doesn’t necessarily mean the  mattress  will suit you. Buy mattress online as per your requirement. 

Trial Period & Return Policies

Sometimes, a mattress is quality can only be judged after sleeping on it for a few days. So, buy affordable mattress  from a brand that offers trial periods and a return policy. And the  best brand of mattress in India  to do so is  Nilkamal Sleep. So, buy from the  best brand of mattress in India  and sleep comfortably. 

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Ease of Maintenance

Though you use bedsheets, your mattress can still get spots or dirt marks. So, look for a  lightweight mattress  with removable covers, especially when you have kids. The zip covers can be removed, washed and put back on. And your mattresses look new again. 

After reading our  buy mattress online  guide, let’s know the prominent types of mattresses available. This will make it convenient to  buy affordable mattress  as per your choice. Here they are:

  • Memory Foam Mattress- Nothing is better than a  memory foam mattress  for pressure relief. It conforms to your spine form, relieving the pressure and stress from it and other stress spots. This mattress is best for side sleepers, people with back pains, or people sleeping with their partners, as it is apt in motion isolation. 
  • Latex Mattress- Made from natural latex derived from barks of rubber trees, a latex mattress is an organic mattress. It is firm, robust, breathable and has excellent bounce-back capacity. Good for people who prefer firm mattresses that do not sink in. 
  • Spring Mattress- Identified with its spring coil construction, a  spring mattress  has great firmness with rebound capacity. When it comes to  buy affordable mattress, a spring mattress is a popular choice. This mattress is best suited for belly or side sleepers as its hard surface keeps the alignment of vertebrae in the proper position. 

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All mattresses have their unique features. So, when you  buy mattress online  choose as per your requirements and budget. The mattress buying guide will help you  buy affordable mattress  suited to your sleeping needs. You can buy a comfortable mattress within your budget!
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