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Choose IceFoam Mattress to Experience Cool and Comfortable Sleep

Choose IceFoam Mattress to Experience Cool and Comfortable Sleep

Many people face the problem of night sweats that lead to sleep disruptions. But, an  Icefoam mattress  can easily solve this problem. Its advanced cooling technology allows you to have a comfortable night's sleep. This  mattress  provides maximum breathability, which helps to segregate the heat and moisture on the mattress. The cooling gel option of the mattress also allows you to spend a comfortable night due to the cooling capacity, even in extreme heat. The  mattress  also allows to optimise the temperature according to your current environment. Apart from the perfect cooling technology, Icefoam also provides some other benefits. If you want to enjoy all benefits, you can  buy Icefoam mattress.

Use Icefoam Mattress to Alleviate Night Sweats

An  Icefoam mattress  can give you a comfortable night's sleep due to its advanced cooling technology. The mattress will help you in the following ways to alleviate night sweats.

  • Adjustable Option
  • The cooling gels of the Icefoam allow you to adjust the temperature according to the surrounding environment. Cooling gels also help your mattress to stay cool throughout the day. Therefore, you can use this mattress even in extreme heat. If you often wake up at night suddenly after sweating on summer days, an Icefoam mattress can be your ideal companion.

  • Releases the Heat
  • Many ordinary mattresses trap the heat instead of releasing the heat. But, Icefoam mattress releases the absorbed heat. When the heat is released, the mattress cools down by allowing you to have a comfortable sleep. Heat-releasing capacity is one of the highlights of  Icefoam mattress. The mattress can release heat only because of its advanced cooling technology.

  • Prevent Sleep Deprivation
  • On summer days, you wake up suddenly because of sweating. Since an Icefoam mattress keeps you cool, you will get relief from sleep deprivation. The sweat will no longer disturb you; you do not have to wake up at night. Therefore, you should  buy mattress  that can help you to sleep without any disturbances. Icefoam can be one such mattress that will help you to sleep conveniently.

  • Help You to Stay Fresh
  • Since Icefoam will help you to stay cool throughout the night, you feel fresh while waking up in the morning. Due to the fulfilment of your sleep, you will feel active, which will help you to do your daily affairs effectively. It can have a significant impact on your life and career.

  • Promote the Airflow
  • The improved airflow option will allow the air to pass through the mattress. The easy airflow will help to release the heat into the air instead of trapping the heat. It will help you to get a relaxing sleep. The softness of the mattress will also make you feel comfortable while sleeping. The softness and cooling technology will provide you with convenient sleeping opportunities.

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  • Absence of Heat Elements
  • Unlike regular mattresses, Icefoam does not contain heat elements. Due to the absence of heat elements, Icefoam never makes you feel hot, even during extreme summer days. Besides saving you from the summer heat, Icefoam keeps you dry in the winter. Temperature optimisation allows the body to take the temperature as per requirement.

    Causes of Night Sweats

    You may sweat at night for many reasons. Some of these reasons are the following:

  • Bedding
  • Bedding  plays an essential role while increasing or reducing your sweating at night. Take care of the complete set-up of your bed. Your sheet, pillow  and mattress play a significant role in causing you to sweat at night. Therefore, you need to opt for bedding designed to regulate the temperature. Apart from choosing a mattress with advanced cooling technology, you can get temperature-regulating  bedsheets  and pillows. A cotton bedsheet is the best example of regulating the temperature. The breathability of linen also makes a linen bedsheet a suitable option for regulating the temperature.

  • Medications and Some Illness
  • Some prescribed medications may cause you to sweat at night. Such medicines come with some side effects of causing sweat. Like medication, some health conditions also may cause sweating. Anxiety disorder, sleep apnea, and some neurological conditions may cause you to sweat at night. Viral fever also causes sweating at night. In such a situation, a temperature-regulating mattress and bedding can help you to control the sweating. Sometimes, severe body pain may also cause stress. 

  • Diet
  • Some types of food can also cause sweat at night. Food with spice and high fat can cause you to sweat. Therefore, avoid such foods before  bed  at night. Consumption of alcohol can also cause perspiration because alcohol affects your body temperature. So, you must very careful while taking food and the amount of alcohol before going to sleep.

  • Stress During Sleep
  • High-stress level often appears in the form of sweat. When we are in stressful conditions, we notice sweating. If you experience stressful dreams and nightmares, you may sweat quickly. Rapid breathing and difference in heart rate may also cause sweating. The difficulty in sleeping can also increase your stress level. 

  • Uncomfortable Sleeping Position
  • Sweating may occur when you sleep in an uncomfortable position. You may have to sleep in an discomfort for many reasons. The mattress may have a significant impact on your sleeping position. You will have difficulty sleeping if you do not have a comfortable mattress. Therefore, choose a  mattress for good sleep  to maintain a comfortable position.

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    Icefoam mattresses can be helpful in alleviating night sweats due to their premium cooling technology. Besides its cooling technology, Icefoam contains all the features of an orthopaedic mattress. Therefore, you can also use this mattress for arthritis or other body pain. Icefoam is very useful in providing good body support. This mattress also helps to resist allergy due to its anti-microbial Tencel fabric. The high-quality material also allows you to have the best experience while sleeping. If you want to  buy Icefoam mattress, you can visit  Doctor Dreams. You can also check out other type of  mattress online  at the website.

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