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Essential Tips to Choose the Best Mattress for a Hot Summer

Essential Tips to Choose the Best Mattress for a Hot Summer

Are you residing in a warm or humid locale and having trouble sleeping at night? Summer can be a struggle for people who cannot bear those warm summer nights. Disruption and discomfort can peak during the summer if you do not have breezier beds. Does your mattress offer a balance of bounciness and contouring and aid your sleep during hot summer days, like latex foam? If yes, you have made a good choice and can benefit from latex's comfort, resilience, airflow, and support. If not, it is time to switch to a long-lasting  latex mattress  to combat hot summer nights. But to reap all its benefits, you must consider some factors before buying the  best latex mattress. This guide will help you choose the perfect  latex mattress  and ease your night sweats in the summer.

The market is bewildering, and with an array of latex mattresses available online and offline, you may find it overwhelming to choose the most appropriate one. Consider the below  mattress buying guide  and make it a checklist before you buy:

Guide to Buy Mattress this Summer

  • Check the Latex Origin

Latex can be organic or synthetic, depending on the raw materials used in the extraction process. The rule of thumb is to check the foam's origin and categorise whether it's all-natural, synthetic latex, or a natural/synthetic blend. All-natural latex is a desirable alternative where the sap of rubber trees is the raw material, whereas synthetic latex uses monomer polymerization containing extra artificially created chemicals. All-natural is good because of its chemical-free property, hypoallergenic property, and ability to stop mould formation. Another benefit includes its ability to absorb moisture, regulate temperature, and improve breathability. 

Synthetic latex is cheaper but often prone to skin allergies for some people, especially those with sensitive skin. The blend uses natural and synthetic latex, giving durability, firmness, and less cost. Check various  mattress  certifications to see if they go through international testing standards such as Oeko-Tex, LGA, Eurolatex, or Morton Thiokol to check their durability and elasticity scores, ensure the absence of harmful substances, and ensure a safe sleeping environment. The natural latex foam scores on health benefits, while the synthetic and blended ones score on budget friendliness. Buy mattress online  which offers an  ECOAIR LATEX MATTRESS  with an ideal softness-to-support ratio for this summer.

  • Check the Manufacturing Process

Latex foam manufacturing differs from one another, which affects the feel and sleeper preference. There are two such processes, such as:


The manufacturing process results in a softer-feeling  mattress. Talalay is an expensive processing method because it involves filling the mould with latex, vacuuming, and freezing, resulting in a stable and durable bed.


The Dunlop manufacturing process mimics the traditional practices without the freezing part in Talalay but is baked/frozen, giving more firmness to the bottom and edge of the bed core. It results in a much firmer-feeling mattress and a supportive one the size of a single block. For a soft feel, adding a topper of low-density material helps.

If you prefer budget-friendly manufacturing, opt for a mattress from Dunlop at an economical  latex mattress price. If your  bed  preference is a soft and plush finish, talalay forms a great top layer. Irrespective of the manufacturing process, all-natural latex is the most desirable compared to other mattresses overlaid by PU, memory foam, innerspring, etc. PU/memory foam can emit an unpleasant chemical odour. Buy the best-quality latex mattress from Doctor Dreams, and to get an advanced cooling effect, use a  360-degree deep-pressure sleeping pad  and sleep like a baby even during hot summer days.

  • Check on the Use of Pinhole Technology on Your Mattress

Hot summer days need a breathable bed, and pinhole technology gives excellent airflow and can keep you cold, allowing moisture to escape easily. Also, another purpose it serves is to fine-tune the firmness level of the foam. The comfort level and firmness are directly proportional to the number of pins and their arrangement on your mattress. You can test your bed to feel the comfort level in different zones, experience the support, and then decide whether to go for a variable pin arrangement or a uniform arrangement. Doctor Dream's ECOAIR uses breathable pinhole technology and can amp up your comfort to the next level using pinholes. Buy an ECOAIR bed and top it up with  Phase Change Material Duvet, and sleep peacefully with temperature regulation in place.

  • Feel the Firmness of the Bed Before Buying

Check the different mattresses and feel the firmness—do you experience a more sunken or firm mattress feeling? Make a personal decision on what comforts you and can give you a good night's sleep during the hot summer.

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  • Choose Between Single and Multi-Layered Mattresses

Multi-layer mattresses come with a sturdy removable cover and offer more benefits than single-layer mattresses. Stacking the soft layer on top and the firm layer at the bottom can maximize the support base, making multi-layered beds beneficial. If you make a personal decision to buy the best multi-layered latex mattress online, buy ECOAIR, which comes with Tencel fabric, PU foam, and natural latex with a soft outer cover this summer, and pair it with a  cuddle pillow  with neck support for a sound sleep.

  • Always Check the Terms of the Warranty for Your Mattress

If you want to buy the best-quality bed online or offline, a warranty is a must. A reputed manufacturer provides a high-quality, all-natural latex bed with a warranty.

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To summarize, follow our  mattress buying guide  and choose an all-natural latex mattress with sufficient pinhole usage, certifications, and a warranty. Summer calls for open-cell structure mattresses to increase airflow and reduce heat. Latex is the perfect option for pressure relief, breathability, and staying away from allergies and mould. You can always choose the firmness level, single or multi-layering, and latex processing method (Dunlop or Talalay) according to your preference. Make your online shopping easier with  Doctor Dreams  for the  best latex mattress, which offers a free trial, easy EMI options, and free shipping. Do not forget to check out their snuggle pillows, impressive bedding essentials, and aroma diffusers to illuminate your bedrooms.

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