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Foam Mattress To Experience The Best Sleep

Different Types of Foam Mattress To Experience The Best Sleep

People value comfort above all else in their lives, specifically regarding sleep. It is important to have the greatest mattress for sleeping to calm the minds and bodies after a long day. Choose bedding that is suited for your body shape and needs. There are two types of mattresses available: coir mattresses and foam mattresses. Foam is also superior to coir in other ways. The high-density foam may contour your body, calming and relaxing it. You can  check out  mattress online at  Doctor Dreams  to get the best quality and top prices.

Types Of Foam Mattress

Before purchasing the proper mattresses or furnishings, there are seven main types of foam mattresses on the market. As a result, these are the types:

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

 This mattress is named  memory foam  because it conforms to your figure and reacts to pressure and temperature before gently rebounding whenever the stress is released. NASA came up with this idea in 1966, and its original goal was to increase the safety of aeroplane cushions. It is currently frequently utilised in the business world.

Due to the obvious impression of melting into the mattress, the  memory foam mattresses  are now commonly liked. According to WebMD, added suppleness is also a plus since it comforts sore joints. According to the National Sleep Foundation, memory mattress protectors can help persons with back discomfort sleep better.

  1. Gel Mattress

Although gel-infused mattresses were originally produced in 2006, they didn't become widespread until 2011. The 'Third Generation Mattress' is a foam padding and gel hybrid. It is widely recognised and favoured over reminiscence mattress protectors because it eliminates the most frequent complaint about memory foam mattresses:  high temperature.

  1. Latex Mattresses

If you care for the planet, you'll like latex mattresses manufactured from organic ingredients. Because of its quality and protection, they have a large consumer base. They produce the same "capsizing in" feeling as memory foam, which is fast to rebound again. Latex, derived from a rubber plant, is used to make them. They are also recyclable because they are made without additives.

  1. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are the most popular choice since they combine the best of all worlds.  Hybrid mattresses  combine coil spring mattresses and latex or memory foam, as the name implies. Steel coils, either solitary or coupled, and the suppleness of memory foam or latex materials that would produce an immediate rebound and tenderness and hardness combined are often found in the inner construction of these mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are the epitome of the personalised experience, and it's a mash-up of everything excellent.

  1. Mattresses with Pillow Tops

Mattresses with a pillow top are often referred to as 'Euro-top' mattresses. The cushioning on this style of mattresses is still several inches in diameter. A pillow top mattress, coupled with just a coil, brings relief due to the available cushioning. You can reap advantages varying from coolness to rebound, sturdiness, and additional relaxation depending on the type of materials you choose for your pillow top. Cotton, fibre films, memory foam, foam, latex, and woollen are among the materials available.

  1. Mattresses Made of Polyurethane Foam

 Poly Foam, often known as polystyrene foam, is the marketplace's most affordable form of memory foam. Polyfoam is made mostly from petrochemical products, and several spring mattresses manufacturers are documented to employ it in the upper layer. That's not because the materials are of poor quality; it is the most cost-effective alternative.

Because polyfoam has little density, it's easy to compact and transport a mattress. The main disadvantage is that this pressure affects the mattress's lifetime. You may prevent this issue by choosing a Poly Foam with a high density. 

  1. Orthopaedical Mattress

Orthopaedical mattresses are the ideal answer for people suffering from back pain. Even as the name implies, orthopaedic mattresses were created with back pain and other spinal concerns in mind. It's made to provide a solid sleeping surface, and this mattress offers a backrest and joint pain treatment. In the 1950s, this mattress was created and produced for the first time. This mattress can also aid in back posture correction. Explore  Doctor Dreams  to find the perfect orthopaedic mattress.

What Are The Difference Between Them?

There is a lot of difference between a foam and a spring mattress, and deciding which one to have might be difficult. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the consumer's priorities. The contrasts between both become obvious in the following categories.

  • Cost: If you're on restricted resources, both springs and mattress pads are affordable. However, specific construction styles come at a higher price.

  • Durability: Foam mattresses are often thought to be more sturdy and long-lasting, reflected in their lengthier guarantees. While spring mattresses will last a lot longer, their comfort might deteriorate with time, even as springs are less regular and much more susceptible to stabbing and drooping.

  • Support: A memory foam mattress is recommended for those who suffer from severe back discomfort. The spine's natural curve is supported by memory foam, which maintains the spine aligned. 

  • Quality And Price Range: As coil mattresses have remained there for decades, there's usually a larger selection in the marketplace. They can provide a greater range of sensations, hardness levels, and supports than contemporary foam ones, all at a lower cost.

  • Fragrance: Foam mattresses have been claimed to have a disagreeable, synthetic odour at first. While it normally fades after unpacking, it might make the first night of resting on one seem strange.


Mattresses can only help you in so many ways, most of which are indirect. However, sleep is an important element of your overall health. Buy from  Doctor Dreams  mattress online to assist you in becoming healthy. Furthermore, because sleep is such a broad topic with so many variables, it's better to simultaneously address your lifestyle difficulties and the sleep surroundings with premium mattresses.

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