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Best Winter-friendly Mattresses: Memory Foam Vs Orthopaedic Mattress

Best Winter-friendly Mattresses: Memory Foam Vs Orthopaedic Mattress

Do the cool and chilly nights make you toss and turn in your bed restlessly? When it comes to the issues related to changes in temperature, the best option would be choosing the best  mattress  that can keep you comfy and warm throughout the winter. Choosing between an  orthopaedic mattress  and a  memory foam mattress  can be challenging, as you need to consider some of the special features like temperature control, spine support and more to win against the chilly winter night. A detailed analysis of  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress  throws light on the special features of each for making a well-informed choice. 


The cold nights are here to stay for a while, and winter is the time to evaluate your sleeping needs in terms of warmth and comfort. It also means that it’s time to rethink your  mattress  choice, as it can influence your overall well-being and sleep quality. So, which is the best one for this cool season? What factors must be considered while making a comparative analysis of  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress  to find the best one among them? Read on to learn how every factor of each  mattress  plays a pivotal role in identifying your best sleeping mate this winter before proceeding to  buy mattress online.

Memory Foam Vs Orthopaedic Mattress: Who Is Your Winter Friend?

As a responsible buyer, it is essential to perform a comprehensive analysis of  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress  to zero in on the most comfortable and supportive one that will make you crave to hit the  bed  every night. Keep reading to understand which one of the two appeals to you the most. 

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Plus Memory Foam Mattress

The  Plus Memory Foam Mattress  is thoughtfully created with PU or polyurethane foam of high density along with viscoelastic foam to make it a durable choice. The trait of the  best memory foam mattress  is to soften down when you apply pressure or when it comes in contact with your body temperature to help you sleep snugly. Read on to learn about its special features to know how it ranks in the analysis of  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress

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Good Relief from Pain and Pressure Points

When using the  best memory foam mattress,  you will not feel any pain from the pressure points located near your lower back and shoulders, as it gently eliminates the accumulated pressure. This  mattress  is designed to offer comfort for a sound sleep each winter night. It doesn’t matter what type of sleeper you are; this memory foam exudes enough comfort to get an undisturbed sleep. 

Spine and Neck Support

The  memory foam mattress  offers good support to your body by adapting to your sleeping style when you are sleeping on your back, side or stomach. So, the natural alignment of your neck and spine is maintained perfectly to keep your body posture perfectly straight. So, chances of waking up with a sore neck or pinching back can be ruled out, thanks to the advanced memory foam core.  

Plush Foam Layer Support

Choosing the best foam  mattress  with premium foam layers with excellent thickness and high density will help in achieving optimum support as well as comfort. The  memory foam mattress  is designed with soft foam layers to conform to your body curvature to relieve those pressure points. When you  buy mattress online,  choose the one with heat-regulating properties and zero partner disturbance feature to enjoy undisturbed sleep on a cold and chilly night. 

Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

An  orthopaedic mattress  is specifically designed to provide excellent support to aching joints and relieve pressure points. Choosing the  best orthopedic mattress  will help you wake up every day without facing issues like stiff back, neck pain and lower back pain. As winter is the time when your spine and bone joints stiffen up, causing severe pain, opting for the orthopaedic one  is a wise choice. If you are facing arthritis or chronic back pain, then this foam one is an excellent choice to improve your sleep quality without feeling the effect of dipping temperature. Read on further to understand some of its amazing features to make a highly informed decision when buying the best foam one. Plus, these features will help you know which one is the best among  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress

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Optimum Spine Alignment

An  orthopaedic mattress  helps you enjoy restful sleep in winter while adapting to your body shape. So, the pressure points near your hips, back, shoulders and neck are relieved. You will wake up feeling fresh and ache-free on a chilly day in winter. The multiple foam layers of the orthopaedic  mattress  transition gently to distribute your body weight evenly. The softer parts of your body are cradled with ample firmness, while the heavier parts receive excellent support. The combination of pure PU foam and advanced memory foam prevents your spine from acquiring an imperfect shape while you sleep. So, you need not have any concerns about postural defects when sleeping on the  best orthopedic mattress.  The triple-layered foam of the orthopaedic  mattress  helps you achieve therapeutic sleep. 

Maintains the Right Sleep Temperature

An  orthopaedic mattress  designed with the proprietary Icefoam cooling technology ensures that the excess body heat is not trapped and is evenly distributed. The cooling gel memory foam in the  mattress  ensures your body temperature remains under control by maintaining a desirable sleeping temperature. As the cooling gel in the memory foam  mattress  adjusts the heat of the sleeping surface based on the environmental temperature, you will have a cosy sleeping time on the  best orthopedic mattress.

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Dust and Microbe Resistant

As the  orthopaedic mattress  is designed with a plush Tencel cover with cooling ability, you can enjoy a deep sleep every night. Suppose you are prone to allergies and seasonal flu during winter. In that case, you will benefit from the microbe-resistant and dust-repelling prowess of the Tencel cover of the  best orthopedic mattress.  The hypoallergenic property of the topmost cover of the foam one keeps mould, mildew, mites and pet dander away, making it a notable choice in  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress  analysis.

Concluding Thoughts

When comparing  memory foam vs orthopaedic mattress,  it is clear that from helping you get good quality sleep to alleviating back pain, an  orthopaedic mattress  is essential to stay pain-free and active during the winter season. It is optimised with Icefoam technology to maintain a desirable temperature even on an extremely cool winter night by regulating your body heat.  Memory foam mattress,  on the other hand, is designed with superior quality memory foam at the core to optimise comfort even during winters while assuring no partner disturbance. Since both are designed to deliver comfort during winter, you can choose any one of the two from the website of  Nilkamal Sleep  today to  buy mattress online  that meets your sleeping needs.  

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