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An orthopedic mattress is a good investment.

An orthopedic mattress is a good investment. Here’s why.

Are you looking to buy a mattress? You can start to search online. But wait… the Internet will throw hundreds and thousands of options at you. From memory foam mattress to cotton mattress to orthopedic mattress - you’re going to be spoilt for choice. But more than that, you’ll be left confused.

Which is the best mattress for you and how should you zero in on the right one for you? The mattress you choose should depend on your personal needs. For those suffering from body pain, those who are into sports, or those ageing, there are a lot of options for orthopedic mattresses.

Let’s look at why buying an orthopedic mattress is a good investment and why you should buy it.

For relief from body pain, and better comfort

Orthopedic mattresses are specially designed to support the back and provide relief from pain. These mattresses are usually recommended for people suffering from back pain, recovering from injury, or old people who have age-related back issues.

Orthopedic mattresses support back and spine alignment. They are designed to relieve pressure and hence they help avoid pain buildup. The result: comfort for longer periods and better sleep.

Available in a range of affordable prices

There are different kinds of orthopedic mattresses available at different prices. One can choose an orthopedic foam mattress depending on their need and budget. For example, Nilkamal Sleep offers the Max Cool Gel Orthopedic Mattress and the Plus Orthopedic Mattress. These mattresses provide different kinds of support and comfort required for different health conditions and come at different prices.

Adapts to different temperatures and seasons

Unlike foam mattresses, orthopedic mattresses also address heating and temperature issues. Different technologies and materials are used to combat heating and the effects of seasonal weather on the temperature of the mattress. For example, some orthopedic mattresses are made using a layer of gel foam that keeps the mattress cool. This layer adapts to temperatures of the body and the atmosphere.

Orthopedic mattresses are built to last

A good mattress is an investment, and should last for years. Moreover, mattresses are also about comfort. Once a person finds comfort in a mattress, they don’t want to change it often, unless absolutely necessary.

Orthopedic mattresses have multiple layers and hence have more density, which increases their life. These mattresses are made with advanced technologies and hence are much more durable than normal mattresses. The durability of orthopedic mattresses is one more reason why it’s a good investment.

Less bounce, more comfort

Unlike spring mattresses, orthopedic mattresses do not have too much bounce. Similarly, a lot of memory foam mattresses sink on one side. But orthopedic mattresses are made with multiple layers of different materials and hence absorb shock and bounce.

These mattresses are specially designed to support body parts and provide pain relief. Less bounce and sink means two people can sleep soundly without disturbance on queen or king size orthopedic mattresses. For example, the Plus Orthopedic Mattress has a layer of PU foam, which has the ability to recover from pressure quickly, making it more comfortable.

Easy to clean and maintain

Orthopedic mattresses are made with materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For example, Nilkamal Sleep orthopedic mattresses are made with anti-microbial fabric that do not collect dust mites, fungus or bacteria.

Some ways to maintain your orthopedic mattress:

  • Rotate the mattress if one side is getting used more than the other.
  • Regular cleaning and turning the mattress helps avoid mould and moisture.
  • A mattress protector can help keep dust from settling on the mattress.

Orthopedic mattresses are firm and hence easy to move, turn and rotate. This makes it easy to maintain and clean them regularly. The top layer of the mattress is made of material that is easy to clean and maintain. This is one more reason why orthopedic mattresses will stay with you for a long time.

Supports natural spine alignment

A key characteristic of orthopedic mattresses is that it provides better spine alignment. Different brands address this feature in different ways. While some mattresses are designed to be softer towards the head and the foot and firmer in the middle, some others are designed to adjust to different levels of pressure from the body. These features help support the natural spine alignment, resulting in better comfort levels.

Over to you

Now that you know the in and out of orthopedic mattresses and how it compares to other mattress types such as memory foam mattress, etc., it will be much easier for you to decide the best mattress for you. Whatever you do, make sure you explore different types of mattresses before you buy one. A good mattress is an investment and hence, it should be well-thought.

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