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memory foam mattresses

A Thorough Comparison of Doctor Dreams Mattresses

It's never simple to get a memory foam mattress. You would like the best value for your spending and a bed that meets the whole of your requirements. Comparing bedding is the simplest way to go forward. This can help you select the ideal mattresses for you in a much simpler way, particularly if you're purchasing memory foam mattresses online! We've put together a bedding analysis of a few of the greatest mattresses of Nilkamal Sleep to aid you with your bedding selection. Explore all the Nilkamal Sleep bedding, and then select the perfect mattresses for yourself! Here is a comparison of the many Nilkamal Sleep bedding to select the best mattress for you and your family. 

Max ICEFOAM™ Orthopaedic Mattress

The ideal mattresses are required for a calm bedroom. The Max ICEFOAM™ orthopedic mattress is meticulously engineered to ensure a restful night's sleep. The cooling Green ICEFOAM™ (upper surface) is a perfect fit for the Memory Foam (center layer) and Clean PU Foam (final layer). These tackle all difficulties to promote a healthy night's sleep, whether it's shifting and flipping companions, ailments, or generating a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • ICEFOAM™ Mattress: The ICEFOAM™ cooling innovation helps you fall asleep effortlessly. This is a two-inch cooling gel-infused memory mattress that helps maintain a constant body by expelling absorbed heat. Even if it's scorching outdoors, the cooling gels foam keeps the mattresses cool, allowing for longer and more pleasant sleep. Therefore no more hot nights, just clean and refreshing sleep!
  • Layered with premium Tencel fabric: The upper layers of Tencel cotton materials on the Max Mattresses regulate body temp and deliver individuals with a velvety and gentle-to-touch luxury. Moreover, mattresses are dirt and germ-resistant due to their high durability, ensuring your safety. It is a wood-based textile with a higher GSM of 300. It has a pleasant texture and is environmentally friendly, and it is also very easy to wash. The Ergonomic design is built with CNC contour trimming, which enables ventilation and compacted resistance.
  • Three-layered foam for ideal comfort: A cooling-gel-infused foamy surface, a mattress that provides complete body shape, and Perfect PU foam, which maintains the bedding to preserve and boost tension management, help compensate for the three comfort surfaces. Even if it's scorching outdoors, the cooling gels foam keeps the mattresses cool, allowing for longer and more pleasant sleep. The 'sink' in the mattress ensures a comfortable sensation. Particularly to achy regions such as the pelvis, lower spine, and knees. That is why these are called orthopedic mattress.

Plus Orthopedic Mattress

Sleep hasn't ever seemed so sweet. We present you with the most cutting-edge sleeping technology to improve your sleep patterns. The duplex layered Plus Orthopedic Mattresses combines the newest memory foam innovation with just a covering of PU Foam for increased stability at down for overall body relaxation. This is a must-have thing because of its body-molding capabilities and the reality it doesn't permit movement transfer for continuous sleep.

  • A long-lasting shape-confirming mattress: The upper surface of the Plus orthopedic mattress is a memory cushion, which conforms to the contour of the body and is maintained by 100% PU foam. By guaranteeing proper vertebrae, neckline & hip alignment, the structure conforming foams aid in a sleep state. It quickly bounces back to its shape and provides maximum support. It is so soft that it will be best suited for the people who prefer sleeping on one side as they may experience numbness on firm mattresses which can disturb their sleep.
  • Provides No partner disturbance technology: Sleep soundly with the Plus Mattress's 'Zero Companion Disruption' feature. This is a game-changer since it enables you to rest well while restricting your spouse's twisting and rolling. 
  • Heat-regulating breathable knitted fabric: Weaved textile on the upper end of the mattresses encourages circulation and helps your body to stay cool. The delicate contact of the velvety woven fabric adds to the luxury feel of the mattresses. The fabric is stretchable and quite comfy, plus it provides the mattresses with a modern flair. Check out the Striker Metal Bed + Lite Dual Comfort Mattress online at Nilkamal Sleep.

Lite Dual Comfort Mattress

The richness of this three-layered mattress will double your degree of satisfaction. This is ideal for persons who enjoy a variety of sleeping textures (gentle/smooth). Here's your chance to sleep strain free at a lower cost. 

  • Soft or firm, choose a side: To have your favorite resting environment, simply switch to the opposite end of the double-sided mattresses. The fur-like softness of the amazingly smooth foam surface contrasts with the firmness of the clean PU foam front.
  • High-density Pure PU Foam: A covering of super-duper Perfect PU Foam in the double comfort mattresses assists your neckline, vertebrae, and hips. The covering also increases the mattress's longevity, enabling it to endure a lifetime.
  • Enjoy the Cotton soft knitted fabric: This double-sided mattress permeable weave fabric makes it extremely resistant to dirt and staining, in addition to its simple design and gentle touch pleasure. If any of your family members are allergic to dust, then these mattresses can be the best choice as they will keep them away from dust.


While you need a thorough understanding of mattress principles is necessary for making an educated mattress purchase, there is no alternative to professional expertise. A mattress expert may attend to your specific convenience and affordability requirements and give personalized suggestions depending on your priorities. This is also a good way to take forth mattresses before making a long-term commitment. Testing bedding out in stores might assist you in finding out things such as whether you favor spring or cushion. However, the only strategy to confirm if a mattress is right for you and your family is to rest upon that. Search for bedding that provides flexible return conditions or a threat-free testing period, allowing you just to let your physiology make the right call to buy the perfect mattresses.

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