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8 Perks of Having Doctor Dreams Max ICEFOAM Mattresses

8 Perks of Having Doctor Dreams Max ICEFOAM Mattresses

Do you experience frequent body aches and lower back pain? If yes, then you must change your  mattress. Bedding that is too soft or firm can negatively affect your spinal health. This may result in poor sleep quality, discomfort, muscular pain and much more. Sleep is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Suppose you face difficulty sleeping due to an unsuitable bed. In that case, it can lead to various health issues like a weak immune system, reduced concentration levels, low libido, weight gain and so on. 

This  orthopaedic mattress  is made with the latest cooling gel technology keeping in mind your body's ergonomics and India's prevalent weather conditions. They can be easily accessed online at the click of a button. You can also check out our innovative and adjustable  bread pillows, weighted blankets, Nilkamal Sleep Plus bedding and much more. Read along to learn the benefit of these foam beds. 

Top 8 Reasons To Pick Nilkamal Sleep ICEFOAM Mattress

ICEFOAM Cooling Technology

ICEFOAM is a cutting-edge foam technology that ensures maximum breathability by distributing heat and moisture evenly. It promotes airflow and cools the temperature so that you can have a good night's sleep. The top layer keeps the  bed  cool, and its memory foam adapts to your body shape so that you don't sink in while sleeping and your pressure points are relaxed. This  memory foam orthopaedic mattress  offers the perfect softness-to-support ratio and relieves lower back pain and body aches. Poor air circulation can lead to numerous health problems, including fatigue, swelling, etc. But with  Nilkamal Sleep Max, you don't have to worry about airflow and get a peaceful sleep. 

Triple-layered Mattress For Therapeutic Sleep

This  ortho mattress  is enveloped in three layers, with the topmost layer being the cool green ICEFOAM, memory foam in the middle with pure PU foam as the base. Your sleep quality will improve drastically as the optimal temperature is maintained throughout. Its 2-inch thick cooling gel technology regulates heat and gives you full-body contour so you can fall asleep naturally. This three-level temperature control system improves breathability, and its cooling sensation keeps you relaxed. 

Antimicrobial Tencel Fabric

The uppermost layer of this  foam mattress  is made of Tencel fabric with antimicrobial properties, effectively preventing dust mites, bacteria and fungus. Its premium quality and knitted stretchable material provide plush and soft-to-touch comfort. 

This ensures restful and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, making the  bedding  worth the investment. These mattress protectors offer better moisture management and are water and stain-resistant. 

Comfortable and Easy Installation

Enhance your comfort zone with our high functionality and innovative  Nilkamal Sleep  bedding. Its soft, cushioned, and breathable knitted fabric allows you to sleep peacefully for long hours. These foam beddings combine comfort with modern-day convenience. These 6-inch three-layered beds provide the right firmness and can be easily installed. They can be instantly inflated, making them ready to use. Look at the product label or the website for more information on these foam beds. You can select the bed size, height and other specifications per your preference. King size mattress  is also available online. 


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Adequate Back Support

Choosing the right bedding is essential to take care of your spinal health. Ortho beds promote muscle relaxation, making them the perfect choice for people suffering from back pain, arthritis, aches, etc. It spreads your body weight and prevents the buildup of pressure points, particularly in the neck, back and hips. These foam beddings offer maximum back support and reduce tossing and turning for undisturbed sleep. 


Firm Surface For Perfect Sleeping Position

You must maintain a good posture while you sleep, as the muscles and ligaments in your back tend to relax and recover. A  memory foam mattress  is ideal for optimum push-back and correct spinal alignment. ICEFOAM beds promote healthy blood circulation and alleviate pain. 



This  memory foam orthopaedic mattress  is designed to last for many years. These beds are made with high-quality and high-density materials such as Tencel fabric. 

Upgrade your bedding and get sound sleep, lasting around ten years. With proper care and maintenance, the bedding can even last even longer. Not only are these foam beds durable, but they can also solve your health problems like arthritis, back pain and neck pain. 


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Enhanced Sleeping Experience

Buy the  best orthopaedic mattress  and wake up feeling refreshed. This mattress is the perfect solution for your sleeping needs. Our cutting-edge technology foam bedding will eliminate allergies, stress, and disturbed sleep patterns. Your sleeping experience will be enhanced, and you can rest without getting upset. So, if you are struggling with poor-quality sleep, bring these  memory foam  beddings to your home and leverage their excellent benefits. 



Get stress-free sleep with  ICEFOAM mattress  and relieve pain naturally. Nilkamal offers a variety of products and customized solutions to deliver the happiest rest. Leverage our cutting-edge cooling technology by placing your order today. You can visit our website for more information about our products and services.

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