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7 Super Foods Igniting Sleepy Moods

7 Super Foods Igniting Sleepy Moods


Some believe sleep is just a state of mind and the food quality doesn’t affect the sleep cycle. However, the food you consume directly affects your sleeping pattern and other functions in the body. Consuming nutritious food itself is a medicine and a cure to all your health problems. Hence, read through this article to know more about some nutritional food items that will help to improve the sleeping habits.

7 Super Foods Igniting Sleepy Moods

Nutrients that Support Restful Sleep

Having a proper diet for sleep doesn’t necessarily mean eating salads and soups. There is more to this than just avoiding caffeine and aerated drinks. Choose between a fresh morning start where you feel energetic after a sound sleep or pick the mouth-watering junk food that will increase the level of fats, carbohydrates and sugar in the body, making you feel lethargic but not sleepy. I know it is difficult to avoid these yummy mighty foods. But the good news is that we are still left with a lot of healthy food that has both taste and nutrition. Especially, before bed time junk food is not recommended. Curb your midnight cravings for chips, chocolates, cold drinks etc. A good night sleep is the key to good health.

Below are the top 7 food items that you can happily have before bedtime:

  1. Bananas:

    Banana is a great source of potassium and Vitamin B6 that is necessary to make melatonin, a sleep persuading hormone. Having a glass of banana milkshake before bed can make you feel heavy, leading to sleepiness.

  2. Milk & Honey:

    High fat milk is a perfect bedtime drink, especially for kids. Instead of serving a glass of milk with sugar, replace it with a spoon of honey which is any day a better sweetener than sugar.

  3. Flavoured Yogurt:

    We all badly crave for ice-creams during bedtime, it’s like the most wanted mid-night snack. But ice creams are high in fats and sugar so here comes our saviour “Flavoured Yogurt”. I know ice-creams are irreplaceable but if you love your sleep equally, a bowl full of berry yogurt does a great job!

  4. Green Veggies:

    For those who are adopting a vegan living can happily replace milk and yogurt with any of the green veggies as they have a great dose of calcium. Because at times, the reason that people are unable to sleep appropriately is due to the deficiency of calcium.

  5. Whole Grains:

    Regular rice is full of sugar and high in carbohydrates which can hamper your sleep. If you are craving for rice at night you can simply replace any pulao, biryani or fried rice recipe with brown rice, bulgur wheat, oats or even with a popular whole grain called “Quinoa”.

  6. Fish:

    Fat is essential for our body but only when acquired from a good source. Having a nice fatty fish will not just make your dinner tasty but it will also give you a boost of vitamin B6 that will help you sleep better.

  7. Bowl full of fruits:

    Enjoying a bowl full of fruits for dessert is the best you can do. Include fruits that are rich in vitamin C and iron such as Kiwi, Cherries, Grapes, Oranges or any other fruit of your choice.

Now, you know what all to add in the next grocery list. Also, it is not always compulsory to kill your cravings; there is always an option to replace junk food cravings with something healthy. For instance, if you are craving for a dessert after dinner you can happily replace your regular pudding with chia-pudding. Coffee can always be replaced with flavoured herbal tea like passionflower tea, lemon-balm tea or even your best loved green tea and chai.
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