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5 Fascinating Sleeping Facts

5 Fascinating Sleeping Facts

We spend one third of our day sleeping which sums up to one third of our entire life drifted in our respective dreamlands. But, let’s face it! we don’t know all that much about sleep. Like if we tell you that taking more than five minutes to fall asleep might mean that you are sleep deprived, would you believe it? It’s true! Sleep… is a fascinating subject indeed.

And here are 5 fascinating facts about sleep that will make you anything but yawn:

Your Brain Remains Active Even WhenYouSleep

This definitely tops the list in debunking sleeping myths. The brain only shuts when one (um) dies. Otherwise, it recuperates with the day’s exertion and actively controls body function while you rest. Picture it to be a scenario when you put your phone on charge to pump up while it’s still running- that’s what sleep does to your brain.

We Forget Most of our Dreams

Recount all the occasions when you had a horrid or wonderful dream and forgot it the second you went to narrate it to someone with sheer excitement. No, you are not on the verge of Alzheimer's. We forget 95% of our dreams soon after we regain complete conscious! That’s because, as studies suggest, the frontal lobe of our brain that is mainly responsible for storing memories is dormant while sleeping.

Everyone Does not Need 8 hours of Sleep

You can be completing your 8 hours of sleep but if it is a disturbed one, you’d still be getting those bags and dark circles under your eyes. Moreover, some people catch up on sleep with power naps throughout the day. Your diet also plays a very important role to determine your sleep patterns.

Around 70% of People Experience Hypnic Jerks

It’s the startling feeling of suddenly plunging into the deep end just before we fall asleep. It jumps up our heartbeat, but we mostly don’t wake up and drift to sleep right after. Well these contractions are more common than you may think. They are caused mostly due to anxiety, stress or fatigue. Forget everything lingering on you head for few hours

Insomnia is not just a Mental Disorder

The infamously famous sleeping disorder for its wide prevalence amongst humans is more than a case of ‘it’s all in your head’. The lack of information we have on the causes of insomnia makes us assume that it’s just a state of mind that we can get over, but in reality, insomnia is a recognized medical condition and has serious health hazards like blood pressure, heart problems, weight gain, etc.

So, sleep over these amazing facts on Nilkamal Sleep mattress& wake up feeling more energetic and relaxed. Happy Sleeping!

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