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10 Amazing Reasons You Should Present Icefoam Mattress As a Gift This Summer

10 Amazing Reasons You Should Present Icefoam Mattress As a Gift This Summer

We all want a pleasant slumber free from warmth during the hot weather. The mattress plays a vital role in providing you with a soothing sleep according to the weather. An  Icefoam mattress  is considered the best  mattress  for hot weather. Because this mattress has the finest cold effect, its cooling mechanisms help regulate the temperature by emitting the absorbed torridity. Thus, the  mattress  keeps your body cool and refreshing throughout the night. Icefoam mattress benefits those who sweat too much in the hot weather and suffer from sleep deprivation. 

Read along to know why to choose an Icefoam mattress  gift  for your loved one.

Reasons Icefoam Can Be a Perfect Gift for a Hot Season

There are many benefits of using an Icefoam mattress in the summertime. Some essential benefits are listed below:

  • Lack of Torridity
  • The significant cooling effect of Icefoam mattress makes it one of the best mattresses in the hot weather. Since the mattress is infused with a gel, it can control the temperature. Icefoam mattress  also allows air to pass through them, which helps them remain unheated. The versatile option makes it a suitable  mattress  for any weather. Cooling mechanisms also prevent overheating by creating an efficient cooling effect. Its unique technology makes it a perfect companion during the summer season.

  • Prevents Perspiration
  • Most people sweat a lot while napping on a hot night. Too much sweat may wake you up, leading you to sleep deprivation. But, the cold effect of an Icefoam mattress allows you to sleep comfortably without any disturbances. Thus the mattress also helps you stay fresh till the morning by preventing odour from your body. Less sweating at night also saves you from allergic problems.

  •  Make You Active in the Day
  • Having better slumber at night, you will feel active throughout the day. Since the cooling features and the improved breathability of the mattress allow you to sleep comfortably, you will feel lively and active throughout the day. You will also be productive at work when you feel lively and energetic. Therefore, your productivity is also indirectly related to your mattress. Relaxing and quiet sleep at night contribute a lot to your day-to-day affairs. 

  • Durable
  • An Icefoam mattress is more durable. The high-quality material used in an Icefoam mattress makes it long-lasting. Moreover, it prevents sweating due to its cooling mechanisms and protects its fabric from damage. It helps the mattress to last longer than an ordinary  mattress. The more durability makes the mattress more reliable. 

  • Luxury Feeling
  • The Icefoam mattress is also very luxurious. Its three layers, including proprietary foam, adjustable memory foam, and PU foam, provide ultimate support. Its superior support and pressure relief option provide you with maximum comfort. It also helps to reduce neck pain and other body pains. This mattress also keeps your spine in the proper alignment. Its pressure relief option provides relief in the areas where we put a lot of pressure while snoozing. This mattress helps to mould the body according to weight. Therefore, an Icefoam mattress is considered an orthopaedic mattress. 

  • Allergy Resistant
  • An Icefoam mattress resists dust, mites, and bacteria. It makes the mattress helpful for those who have allergy problems. Since the cooling mechanisms of an Icefoam mattress prevent sweating, you are also prone to any sores. This mattress is designed with anti-microbial Tencel fabric, which helps people even with dust allergies. The fabric used in this mattress will keep you safe from dust. Thus, it helps you to snooze without any irritation caused by allergy problems.

  • Many Sizes
  • Since an Icefoam mattress is available in a wide range of sizes, you won't face difficulty choosing the appropriate size. You will find the best-suited size as per your requirement. Whether you want a king, queen, or single size, Icefoam mattress is among  Nilkamal Sleep mattress  available in various popular sizes. You can choose the mattress size according to the size of your bed. The Icefoam mattress is also available in various heights. The types of heights of this mattress are 6, 8, and 10 inches. The availability of different heights and sizes makes the mattress suitable for any bed and person. 

  • Prevents Motion Transfer
  • Icefoam mattress prevents high-motion transfer. It is helpful for couples sharing the same bed. The less motion transfer allows you to use the part of your mattress without disturbing the other person with you. The less motion transfer prevents the movement from spreading across the mattress. It helps each person share the bed without getting disturbed by the other. You won't feel the movement when your partner turns around on the bed. It will also prevent sleep deprivation caused by the movement of others. Therefore, you must buy this  mattress online  for a pleasant slumber every night. 

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  • Noise-Free Option
  • Noise-free option of the Icefoam mattress also allows you to doze off without any deprivation. You won't get any creaking sounds while moving around on your bed. In many other ordinary mattresses, the noise may wake you up in the middle of the night. But, the noise-free option of the Icefoam mattress prevents sleep deprivation. 

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Icefoam  mattresses are easy to clean and maintain. These mattresses resist stains and allow them to remove the spilling easily. Many of these mattresses come with removable covers, which allow you to wash them occasionally. Therefore it can be the best  mattress gift  for those who want a hygienic surrounding bedroom.

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    Everyone wants a soothing night's slumber in the hot weather. But, it often becomes difficult to sleep calmly due to the hot weather and lack of a proper mattress. An Icefoam mattress can provide the best sleeping experience during the hot weather. Its premium cooling mechanisms and all other advanced features make this a suitable mattress for anyone. You can visit Nilkamal Sleep to buy it online instead of wandering in a   mattress store. If you want to  buy mattress  and take the benefits of Icefoam mattress or present it as a gift to your loved one, visit  Nilkamal Sleep.

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