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Why IceFoam Orthopaedic Mattress Is a Must Have?

Why IceFoam Orthopaedic Mattress Is a Must Have?

An  orthopaedic mattress  can be considered a blessing for those who suffer from back and joint pain. Physicians also recommend this mattress to patients. But, most people are not able to identify an ortho mattress. Since there is no specific sign identifying an ortho mattress, people mistakenly buy a normal mattress to be the ortho mattress. Icefoam is a perfect ortho mattress that can help you to get the perfect sleep at night. These mattresses are designed with high-density foam, which helps to support your body. It consists of three layers, including ICEFOAM, memory foam, and PU foam. These mattresses are also suitable for keeping your spine in proper alignment. It results in reducing your body pain and the development of a good body posture. Thus you can get a relaxing and comfortable sleep with the help of Icefoam mattresses. Read the reasons to buy an  Icefoam mattress.

Reasons To Buy Icefoam Mattress

You will make the best investment if you purchase an  Icefoam mattress. Many reasons can compel you to invest in Icefoam.

  • Consists of Three Layers
  • Icefoam consists of three layers: proprietary Icefoam, adjustable memory foam, and highly supportive PU foam. Combining these three layers helps you get a peaceful sleep every night. All these layers provide the ultimate support and help to conform to your body shape, thus protecting you from various types of body pain. These layers are designed in such a way that they can keep your body in the proper alignment. 

  • Allergy Resistant
  • The anti-microbial Tencel fabric resists dust mites, fungi, and bacteria. The stretchable fabric keeps the layers safe from dust. Therefore, this mattress is also suitable for those with allergy problems. This mattress can be ideal if you are prone to dust allergies. Thus, the  Icefoam mattress  will allow you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • The state-of-the-art cooling technology of this orthopaedic mattress allows circulating the air through the layers of the mattress. Thus it helps to keep your body cool and prevent you from sweating in the middle of the night. Most people suddenly wake up at night after sweating. But the advanced cooling technology of this mattress will prevent you from waking up at night out of sweating. This cooling technology allows releasing the absorbed heat from the mattress.

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  • Body Support
  • The combination of the premium adjustable memory foam and supportive PU foam will provide the ultimate body support. It can keep your body and the spine in the proper alignment, which helps you to get relief from back and joint pain. This mattress fulfils all the essential conditions of  ortho mattresses. You can experience a superior sleeping position due to the memory and PU foam combination. The supportive and adjustable surface of the mattress can provide you with uninterrupted sleep. This three-layered mattress is designed to include all the features of an ortho mattress.

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • The soft knitted fabric of this mattress makes it comfortable and cosy. The advanced cooling gel foam prevents you from feeling too hot, absorbs the heat, and releases it into the air. Apart from providing a firm surface, the soft fabric makes you feel soft when sleeping on this mattress. Its suitable amount of firmness helps the sleeper to have a comfortable sleep. Since the  mattress and sleep  quality are interconnected, this ice foam mattress can play this role very well.

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  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Icefoam is available in various sizes and heights. You can choose the perfect mattress as per your requirement. This mattress is available in single, queen, diwan, and king sizes. You can choose it as per the size of your bed. You will also find this mattress at different heights. The types of heights of this mattress are 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

  • Get Rid of Pain
  • Icefoam contains all the qualities of  ortho mattresses  and is the best mattress for those suffering from pain. Whether you have arthritis, back pain, or stiffness in the neck, you should pick this ortho mattress. Even if you are not suffering from body pain, you can use this mattress to eliminate the risk of pain and discomfort.

    Things to Consider While Buying ICEFOAM

    You should consider certain things while buying Icefoam, which will help you pick the right size and height of the mattress.

    • Size of Bed

    You should consider the size of the bed. The bed size will allow you to pick the right mattress size. Since the  mattress  is available in different sizes, you can choose the right size by considering your bed size. If the mattress exceeds the size of the bed or becomes smaller than the bed, you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping on it. The right mattress size allows you to turn around comfortably towards any side of the bed. A misfit mattress will lessen its longevity. A misfit mattress will also reduce the beauty of your bedroom decor. Therefore, it is necessary to fit your mattress with the size of the bed if you want a comfortable sleep and perfect bedroom decor.

    • Bodyweight

    Bodyweight is also an essential factor to consider when buying a mattress. Choose the height of the mattress based on your body weight. To get adequate support from your mattress, you should select the height of the mattress as per your body weight. It may only last for a while if your body weight does not conform to your mattress. Therefore, the durability of the mattress also depends on your body weight. The right size and height of the mattress should be essential to accommodate the right body weight of a sleeper.

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    Since  mattress and sleep  are connected, you should choose the mattress carefully. Icefoam fulfils all the conditions of an ortho mattress, and you will find it perfect for relieving body pain. Its three layers provide optimum comfort and relaxation. Its advanced cooling technology allows you to sleep peacefully, even during the summer days. Because the cooling gel foam releases the trapped heat and regulates your body temperature.  To buy an Icefoam mattress, you can visit  Nilkamal Sleep.

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